Monday, July 13, 2009

Judge me NOT!!!

So this passed weekend has been crazy yet again, trying to get the last minute cleaning done before mom comes home from tonga. Have to admit I was sooo excited to see my mom, Sister, and her diva's 2 weeks was tooo long for me LOL. But anyways, my title is what it is because on Friday (7/10/09) I went to Ultimate tattoo shop and got a TATT, yeah y'all heard correct I did get me a tattoo, but it's nothing bad, but it is something sentimental to me (you may think otherwise, but that's your opinion), for those of you wondering what my mom did or said, it was nothing bad I LOVE MY MOM, all she said was your old enough to make your own decisions...and that right there people is enough said. Next month Aug 19 marks my baby brother's 10 year anniversary of his passing, and I thought of doing this in memory of him. It's funny that once people hear or see that you did this or did that they are QUICK TO JUDGE, and YES I told my mom, sisters, brothers that I was going to do this but they all probably didn't think I would....Well they believed me when I sent them the picture:D!! But I just find it funny that there are people out there that will say the funnest things (as if I'm a bad person), and in my mind I'm thinking well this is me, and this one tatt DOESN'T make me a bad person or it won't change who I am you know what I mean?? I just found it hillarious that people will look at me different because of this one tatt, but for real I DON'T care what they think as long as it has meaning to me that's all that matters...Anyways the story behind this symbol was actually mentioned to me by my little BIG brother ropes, he told me that one day he and Daniel went to a chinese restraunt to eat and when they were done of course they give you a fortune cookie, well when Lopeti opened his fortune cookie in the cookie was this symbol and underneath it said "LITTLE BROTHER" Lopeti still carries this fortune paper, after Daniel's Burial Ropes went and got this tatted on his arm, he recently told me this and that's another reason of why I WANTED to get this.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Crazzzyyyy WEEK...

OMG it's just been a crazy week since mom and Silia and her little family went to tonga. I've been cleaning, doing laundry, cooking you name it I was playin' the momma of the house, and to think I be takin' alot for granted when my mom is home. Just had to post how much fun it's been with Sinai's younger 3 that have been with me since the beginning of the summer, OMG how much fun and energy these 3 have, and not only that they can sure make a mess LOL and they can ALSO clean the place in secs LOL.

I seriously thought that when mom went to tonga I'd be off runnnin' around partyin' like a rockstar LMBO no but really like hangin' out with friends and whatnot. But I've actually been home playing the motherly roll to my niece (nini) and nephews (Brydan & Gideon) they have been soo much fun and also helpful around the house, it made babysitting a whole lot easier. I joked with Sinai the other day telling her man when the kids go back to school it's going to be hard for me to let them come back to your house I LOVE these kids dearly and am soo grateful my sisters and even brother trusts me to take care of them...I ALWAYS tell them, I don't care about you guys but I'll do ANYTHING for the kids LOL. And my sisters and brothers know that they lucky I'm single to be able to still take the kiddies out to a movie or just somewhere to eat.

Anyways this week with mom being in Tonga has seriously taught me to have patience and more Love for these kids who I consider my own. I've also had the blessing to attend Tohi's dads funeral and what a beautiful service, like Sinai mentioned while we were chatting with Tohi wedenesday night you can tell how a person was by the attendance of their funeral, and I'd have to say Sonasi was a wonderful and LOVING man, he raised wonderful children who I know my family looks upto Love you pouha family. Mom comes home saturday and I'm seriously excited to see her, I seriously MISS her.

OVERALL I had sooo much fun chillen' with my sister Sinai I don't even remember when the last time I really got to hang out with her. She's sooo wonderful, and she does sooo much for her kids I LOVE it and hope that one day I'll be able to follow her examples, so this 2 weeks that mom's been in tonga I can honestly say it has brought me and Sinai closer..I KNOW I've gotten on her nerves cause I haven't been in a good mood lately LOL so sorry sis I know I can be mean but thanks for seriously putting up with me and making sure Dad and I was ok while mom was out having the time of her life in tonga:D. And thanks again for pushing me to stay active with the workouts your the best. So until then I LOVE MY FAMILY!!