Thursday, October 29, 2009

Pumpkin Carving


So saturday morning I wake up to my mom calling me to come out and help the kids carve their pumpkins while she runs to the store to grab some things and here are some pic's of the kids having fun with there pumpkins to decorate grandmas house, which by the way gma went all out with the kids. My neices and nephews are sooo lucky to have a grandma that spoils them all with LOVE, and just being with them, mom always jokes with me saying you need to hurry find a husband so you can have kids while I'm still strong and she's right cause these kids are sooo dang lucky to have and active grandma. Here are the pic's from my saturday with the kiddies!!
Grandma checkin' out the kids work.
Melenaite and her pumpkin
Ruby and her pumpkin it almost looks just like her LOL
My baby girl and her Pumpkin...check out her pose:)
Daniel was too cute he was putting the seeds back into the girls pumpkin
Kids in action with aunty Sela
They were sooo into it
Baby Daniel he's growing so fast he loved sticking his hand in the gooeyy mess!!

Continue of the CORN MAZE

HAHAHAHA didn't know my blog was that long that I couldn't add the pic's of the fall but here they are!!

The Entrance of the Haunted Corn Maze
Thank you Sela for pushing me back down LOL....BUSTED!!!
LOL yeah no comment
Bwahahahaha @ Ash falling in the balloon walkway LOL
Ash getting up
Ruby, Sela, Ash, Me, Ann, you can sooo tell this is after check us out sweaty and dirty, well I'm dirty LMBO

Corn Maze+FILI FAMBAM=Laughter for days

Filimoe'atu FAMILY not all but some!!
Mariam, Ann, Sinai, Me, Sela, Ruby
October 23, 2009

This is the day we've ALL been waiting for to come the annual fili corn maze get together, well at least I do anyways. Last year we went with those who were able to attend, and same goes to this year it was soo good to see more come out this year just hoping that next year ALL will be able to make it. For those of you who don't know how we roll it's pretty deep LOL no but for real, we LOVE to laugh, love to clown, and can be a tad bit loud when we all together put that all together you get nothing but CRAZY ideas and stories LOL. So I've been KNOWN for being on my knees in the haunted house or the haunted corn maze anything haunted you can guarentee me on the floor I just get sooo clumsy and you'll see a few pic's that I'll be posting up.

Anyways to start off the evening we had planned to all meet up at the Lapuaho household to have chili dogs or just plain chili however you prefer, and to say prayer before we head on out to the corn maze, we'd like to make this a tradition so the kids have something to look forward to every year and so far it's been the laugh of the year every year we've gone. When we got to the corn maze everyone was all hyped and ready to go in and get the maps punched so we can hurry and hit up the Haunted corn maze part. I my group for the regular maze was Sela Kauvaka, Ana Lapuaho, Lupi and I. Funny thing was my sister Sinai called it the YSA group cause it was just us and what made this even more funnier cause instead of finding the numbers in order we were sooo finding them randomly see pics below LOL
MY GROUP in the Corn maze Ann, Me, Sela, Ruby
It was pretty funny cause we'd hear Silia and her group shout we found it and we'd go running over there sayin' ok woohoo, it was funny cause I could hear Kelly say y'all mine as well go backwards since your not going in order LMBO. It's always good fun to see the kids have fun let alone the YSA, and the ADULTS! We finally finished up the regular corn maze and we come out greeted by all those who have finished before us Phil, ash, crys and there group. And all I can hear was Ashley sayin' I was waiting for you guys so we can go to the Haunted maze cause I love to see y'alls reaction of the monsters we were like yeah yeah lets go stand in line as we were standing in line there was a group of palangi's standing there and mind you I'm minding my own business talking to Lupi when all of a sudden I see a shadow walk past me OMG is all I can think of and I started screaming as if I saw a ghost I kinda pushed some people aside to get away from the guy I can't help it it's natural I just pick up and move hahaha, well then it didn't help that the guy taking the tickets were even more uglier that I started screaming in his face I actually started to run into the tunnel when the guys like I NEED your ticket LOL, so I walk back with my eyes covered with my hands and my cousin ash askin' me where's your ticket and me sayin' it's in my pocket as ashleys trying to grab my ticket out of my pocket I'm slowly movin' through the tunnel hoping I don't come face to face with an ugly monster (you would think I would be fine knowing that it's not real) but uhhh negative everything in my book is real LOL. As we go through the maze the girls start walking faster and me with my jacked up knee is trying to keep up with them when we come to this barn looking thing I'm thinkin' in my head this can't be good, as we go through I believe they were clowns I don't know cause half the time my eyes are either closed or I'm just trying to rush through so I don't get chased by anything well the clown chases lupi one end and I'm goin' through the side hecka funny dodging the ugly lookin' clowns, anyways we come out and it's a graveyard OH MY HELL is all I'm screaming with some not so nice words LOL as the girls go through I'm like trying to catch my breath when I hear something behind me I take off running as clumsy as I am I can feel the un level floor and my feet start to lose balance and I go sliding forward like I'm sliding to home base bwahahahaa yeah with my camera in hand thinking I was going to catch lupi, or even ash fall flat on there face ummmm it gets worse the girls are ahead of me (Lupi, Ash, Ann) and Sela next to me askin morena are you ok, I'm like can y'all help me Lupi comes rushing to me I'm thinking she's coming to help me up ummmm WRONG homegirl comes to me grabs the camera out of my hands and starts snapping pics of me in the dirt to make it worse Sela was helping me up when Ash was like no SEL keep her down for the pic, and what does sela do?? she pushes me back down and you'll see her posing in the pic LOL, and this is why these guys love having me in there group cause I'm constantly on the floor no lie, and we can laugh for days after the fact...they can ALL testify I can guarentee that. Ok so you think that was the last time I fell ummmmm NO try I fell like 3 more times after that. Good thing Lupi didn't have the photo's of those this fall in particular I kinda wish she did cause I actually had some heros LOL, so we were running through the corn field I really don't remember what part it was I just remember hearing the CHAINSHAW and you best believe I'm not paying attention to NO ONE or NOTHING not even my surroundings LOL. When I saw the chainsaw guy go after Lupi I thought I was clear...WRONG another one came out of the field and went after me and Sela poor sela I felt back because I must've grabbed her and tossed her aside to I can pass and while I did that I lost my balance and fell back into the corn field landing on my back still hella screaming for help and laughing at the same time while I was down on my back I can hear people then I look up and all I can hear was Ta'ahine, Ta'ahine let us help you OH MY HELL I almost thought I was in heaven surrounded by so many guys LMBO how come I threw my hands over my faces nodding my head I'm fine I'm fine LOL, all these hands reaching out to get me up I looked and I see Lupi coming back hella rolling. We continue through the maze and reach this black balloon looking thing I'm like OMG don't tell me we have to crawl throught that when ASH was like no i think we need to walk through it well ash was the leader and all of a sudden she disappears LMBO homegirl hella fell on her back in the balloon thing cause an ugly monster looking monkey popped up infront of her LMBO hella funny at least I wasn't the only one that fell in aye, it was funny watching ash cause she was fighting with my 12 yr old nephew to make him go in the scary parts gotta LOVE IT well we finally reach the end HELLA laughing cause I'm covered in dirt and sweaty. Boy was it a memorable night we continue to the fambam to have cocoa and donuts and I can hear everyone clowning on me sayin I looked like one of the victims that survived the twin towers covered in all that dirt good times with the family love them sooo much, I told the sisters I think I'ma have to retire these haunted things and they all said NOOOO you can't LOL hope you enjoyed this blog as much as I enjoyed falling in the corn maze makin' the memories last a century LOL. LOVE MY FILI FAMBAM can't wait till the next gathering.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Pain, Pain, Pain

So the past couple of days I've been ignoring the fact that my knee is bothering me and thinking it's ok you just gotta work it out and whatnot...well wednesday & thursday night is volleyball night right? well with my knee being in not so great shape I played those two nights as if it wasn't injured well last night totally killed me seriously just getting on my bed knee first killed me, and this morning takin' IBprofen which I NEVER do (I hate pills, I'd much rather heal naturally)...yeah that's how bad my knee hurts, but seriously with my trainer:( (sinai) I'll be lifting with her starting next week I need to strengthen the muscles around my knees so here's to having a painful injury but gonna suck it up and fight it cause I NEED TO GET IN SHAPE for ME & some other reasons;) have some major goals and hope to accomplish it!!

Other then that I've been slacking on eating what's right but still haven't gained or loss hoii can this fatt just please melt away I wanna make some faces drop Bwahaaha gotta love the theme song but that seriously is my motivation as well as being healthier...I LOVE my family and sooo thankful for there support next year is sooo my year for bigger and better things.

Thursday, October 8, 2009


Last night I was able to attend the cycling class with my sister in law Sela and my goal was to stay for the full hour. Did I last you ask? HECK TO THE YAH I lasted and I can honestly tell you that I was sooo proud of myself for doing this, Sela was such a diehard I think she's found a new LOVE hahaha I mean cause I have to tell you cycling is NOT the easiest thing to do mind you the seat isn't that big LMBO, but I've come to ignore the pain and enjoy the workout that it totally gives me. I just had to thank my sister in law for checking up on me constantly cause the day before I jacked up my knee during zumba and it literally hurt when I bent it but I was determined to finish the class. Thank you Sela for instilling that little voice in my head (Baby Daniel's voice cheering me on Go Kalo, Go Kalo)...he's such a cutie I LOVE MY FAMILY and the support they have been giving me all these years, I'm sorry it's takin' me 31 years to realize they do LOVE AND CARE for me. When I got home last night I checked my text messages and got a message from my older sister Sinai saying she posted a link on my Facebook page, she said when she heard the song she totally thought of me..I have to thank her for the song and also for pushing me to hit the gym, for the shoes and just being the wonderful older sister that she is...THANKS SIS this is NOW my new THEME song. It's just sad that guys nowadays look past the inner beauty and judge the girl on the outter beauty much love to my family because I've BEEN BLESSED with the BEST!!! I'm sooo gonna make his FACE DROP LOL no but for real...thanks family for all your encouragements and examples I LOVE YOU ALL SOOO MUCH!!