Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Happy Birthday 'Iongi DIVA's

So I tend to BLOG the next day when things happen only because at this moment I'm without a computer at home, that will hopefully change soon. So yesturday 1/5/2010 was the birthday of the 'Iongi DIVA's turning the BIG 6 years of age, boy has the time flew by where did the days go I still remember the day Silia went into the hospital to give birth I sat in her room while mom and Rubin went into the delivery room, this was the day I decided to call in just so I can see these precious little angels, and boy were they little. I was soo excited for my little sis to not only be blessed with one child but to be able to carry 3 and full term was a blessing that is as well, Silia is just a diehard period:). I got the opportunity to help out my little sis bring these little ones up, I can't say there little anymore cause they just turned six. I just find it a blessing to be a part of there lives and just want them to know how much I TRULY LOVE THEM.

After I had got off work I decided to head on over to Old Navy to get the girls some clothes, and me going into the store to shop for kids is a BAD mistake, cause sometimes I just go overboard, good on the kids bad on my wallet LOL. I actually ended up getting them each a pillow that way when they sleep on the pillow they can ALWAYS think of AUNTIE KALO, I know right sounds kinda corny but I thought kinda thought it was cute hahaha. Anyways before I hit up ZUMBA I went to wally world to grab the girls there own individual cakes and you can't have cake without ice cream, while I was there I also ordered Morena's birthday cake for saturday...Mom's planning on celebrating the girls day with a feast woohoo, gotta LOVE food LOL. So I got that ordered can't wait to see it on saturday. So after our kickbutt ZUMBA class the girls rode with me to there house to sing to them I figured we NEED to sing on the girls REAL birthday and then Saturday we can sing again LOL, so we head out there and the girls are holding there gift trying to guess what they got...Of course they guessed pillows but I told them NOPE your wrong I didn't want to spoil it for them. We get to there house and they're telling there mom that they wanted to open there gift but silia was like not yet we need to find the camera LOL. Anyways long story short the girls opened there gift and just to see the smile on there face was PRICELESS, thank you sis for letting me be a part of the girls life, and thanks Rubin for cookin' good food to cause I was starving LOL. Another goal of mines to to at least get a little something for the kids Birthdays. LOVE my Nieces & Nephews as well as my Brother's and Sister's I'd do anything for them.

The 'Iongi DIVA's

The Diva's excited to open there gift
Woohoo look at them go
Melenaite with her Penguin pillow
Ruby the "OWL"
My "MONKEY" Morena
Yes they got there own idividual cakes

Singing to Melenaite
Ruby's turn
and Last but not least my baby girl Morena

I know I look ghetto but this was after ZUMBA lol...Me and the Diva's
Kisses to the Baby girls

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Boy has it been awhile since I've blogged my bad on my part no excuses at all. With it being the NEW YEAR and all resolutions to be made, goals to be set and me thinking to myself what can I do differently this year? I've struggled in 2009 a whole lotta "ISH" and I let it get to me. This year I plan on going with the flow and whatever happens happens, Lifes to short to dwell on the past, it's now time to look forward to BIGGER & BETTER things:)!!

Bringing in the NEW YEAR was good fun with the ones I LOVE the most Mi Familia, I haven't really spent a whole lotta time with my family but I'll tell you this when I do I NEVER want it to end...I'm sooo grateful to make it through another year, do I "REGRET" anything from 2009??......NO I don't cause I can honestly tell you I learned from it all GOOD & BAD.

Things that I "WANT" to accomplish this year will be achieving the goals I have in mind.

1. Attending ALL church meetings
2. Pay a full tith
3. Getting out of DEBT
5. Being a better person

There is plenty more that I need to accomplish this year that's just a few. I'm going to stay positive and live life to the FULLEST in 2010 cheers to the NEW year hope y'all have some goals set for this year!!