Tuesday, June 30, 2009


June 29, 2009 (monday) I decided to call into work so I can watch Baby Daniel, as well as Sinai's kids since mom's in tonga, and she's normally the one that watches them. I have had sooo much fun watching these kids, what a responsibility it is but well worth it. Anyways I was making the kids lunch (mac & cheese with hot dogs) and I heard dad calling me I go to see what he wants and he said take Saia's grand daughter in to play with the kids so I said ok. This little girl I believe her name is Una comes in and literally walks into every single room of the house. OK I thinking she's a little girl so don't sweat it right. Well I ask her if she wants to eat and she's shaking her head NO, so I say ok. I call the kids to come eat, and Daniel being the first to eat say mmmm Yummy aunty Kalo I said thank you Daniel. This little boy is sooo smart because after he had eatin' he turned to me to say Thank you aunty Kalo for the food...Now that right there made my day, anyways we all go to the living room to watch t.v. when this little girl starts pushing my nephew Daniel OMG I couldn't stop laughing when I seen Sinai's daughter Ailini sooo over protective of her little brother Daniel. The little girl Una was bullying daniel and Lini was not having it, it was hillarious cause then Sinai's boys started yelling at the little girl to leave him alone mind you this little girl is 3 yrs old my nephew is 2 yrs old. Anyways I was playing around with my phone and actually caught her arguing with Baby Daniel telling Daniel Alini is her sister...freakin' hillarious...Well worth calling in and staying with the kids...Love them to death!!!


June 27, 2009 (Saturday)..Ok after the ALL day & night softball games friday I was sooo beat, and so were the kids. Ailini, Brydan, and Gideon decided to come home with me again after the games and whatnot so they watched movies until they knocked out I have NO clue what time that was because I hella knocked out already. Anyways with it being Saturday and Lini's team being out of the tournament I decided that I was going to sleep in and saturday morning do nothing but clean.That I did do...I had come to appreciate my mom more. Especially with her being in Tonga for almost 3 weeks I had takin' the responsibility in the motherly role HOIIII is it TONS of work. So I had got the kids something to eat, started a load of laundry and then started scrubbing the bathroom, kitchen and even living room, OMG did I feel like I was working out like the heck, not only was I sweating but I started to feel the burn LOL yeah tell me about it, and it doesn't help that we don't have AC in our house all there more to sit still aye hahahaha. I got the house work done, fed the kids and finished up the laundry boy did I feel like once in my life I had a productive saturday LMBO. As I sat down and watched the kids I thought to myself oh my heavens no wonder mom's tired or worn out when I get off work, being a stay at home mom is a WORK itself..So to my sister's, aunties, young mom's and especially to MY MOM LOVE YOU SOOO MUCH THANK YOU EVER SOO MUCH FOR YOUR HARD WORK.

Ok so I told the kids that their mom was going to pick them up to go to the West Fest and this was more of a reason of them helping me out around the house, so that they can go to the carnival and I'd have to say these kids do an awesome job at helping out around the house more of a reason to keep the at my house, cause they are just so helpful. Anyways Sinai came around 5 p.m. and picked us up to go enjoy the heat and the sun LOL, for real though it was HOTT, I didn't want to go cause seriously cleaning and scrubbing really took a tole on my energy LOL. Well guess what the kids made me feel bad so I decided to go and have some fun. Boy it was good to just get out and about and to run into soo many of my old co-workers and friends was a plus. Well we didn't get out of the parking lot until like midnight by then the kids were already knocked out, we got home the kids crashed and we slept in yet another day. Yeah we didn't even make it to church and you know we're gonna get it when grandma gets back LOL. But here a couple of pic's that we took, if you wanna see more just hit up my bebo page.

Me, Brydan, Lini, Gideon
Brydan & Gideon
Beautiful Sister Sinai, & I
Sinai, Gideon, Lini, Brydan
Sela, Brian & Daniel watching the fireworks
Waiting for the fireworks to start
Me, & Baby Daniel, he was actually watching the fireworks!


June 26, 2009 (Friday) I took the day off to go with Sinai and her little family to cheer on Ailini's All-Star softball game in grantsville. Man talk about an early morning rise, and wake up call for me. With mom being gone to tonga and Brydan & Gideon staying with me, I had to be the GROWN UP and have that responsibility by getting up at 4 a.m. to get ready and wake up the twins to get ready, to head on out to sinai's house to go to grantsville by 6 a.m. OMG was that a wake up call for me, I knew how hard it is to get kids up and ready but these two (twins) are amazing just one call for them to get up and get ready was all it took. I was soo tired but we did make it to Sinai's house ontime, in fact we were there and they were still getting up and getting ready woohoo...YAY ME LOL. Anyways we went to grantsville we were there pretty early and it had started to rain, yeah rain it did and we only had ONE umbrella to share amongst the 7 of us LOL yeah too funny I forgot mom's many umbrella's in her van it's ok we made it through at least I thought we did LOL. Through out the game the weather was sooo RANDOM more like A.D.D. or even Bipolar would describe it I swear it was the 4 seasons all in one day LOL no but for real literally random weather. Anyways it was sooo much fun cheering on Ailini's team they played awesome. This day was memorable for me thanks Sinai for letting me tag along. Good Job Ailini and Leia you gals played awesome.

Leia & Ailini



Brydan & Gideon @ Wendy's makin' funny faces
Ailini & I
The Pauni CLAN
Ailini backing up Leia on first base
Ailini in action...checkout the clouds
Soni, me, Nohe'a watching the game in the rain

Sinai, Gideon


Have fun in TONGA 'Iongi's & MOM

Last week thursday 6/25/09, Mom and the Silia's little family headed out to tonga, boy am I missing them right now they'll be in tonga for 3 1/2 weeks for the 'Iongi family reunion. The original plan was for me to go with them but uhhh...yeah that didn't happen my funds didn't quite get there LOL, so I'm going to have to take a trip to tonga some other time I'm really not looking into going anytime soon. If I do decide to go oversea's it'll be to NZ:D, yeah I'm going go everywhere but there for now anyway. Anyways here are a couple of pic's from when we dropped off mom and the kiddies. It was soo dang cute I went to kiss my baby girl and tell her to be safe and have a safe trip she gave me the biggest hug and biggest kiss and said "BYE MY PRINCESS", when I looked over baby girl was teary eyed love these girls as if they were my own:D, can't wait for the girls to handle their business and perform their dances in tonga and show 'em what VAINI's got for 'em LOL. Love you girls can't wait for your safe return home.






Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Last night or shall I say this morning at midnight me and Nini, and Pitasoni, He'a, Brydan, Gideon went to watch TRANSFORMERS THE FALLEN. We got home from the gym at about 7:30 p.m. And I told them you guys better take a nap before we go and they all agreed that they would, funny thing is I can hear them in the living room watching T.V. and turning up the volume when a TRANSFORMERS commercial comes on, in my mind I'm thinkin' OMG these kids are going to sleep through the movie LOL. I knocked out for a couple of hours then I can hear the kids waking me up saying it's time it's time. HOIII what in the world did I get myself into hahaha, I guess Sinai walked in with the older two Soni, & He'a after the gym these two went home to shower and get ready like they was going to see someone there LOL, anyways I decide to get up and get ready and grabbed a couple of eggrolls that mom made and drank a cup of otai I know yeah what in the world I just got done working out hahahaha, all good just gotta work it off tonight with deena (ZUMBA). So we are getting ready to head out when Brydan says to me Aunty Kalo aren't you going to change (yeah this boy says the darnest things I tell yah) I said why I'm NOT going so see anyone there (yeah right I run into ward members from my singles ward LOL) plus I want to wear sweats and a t-shirt LOL.

Anyways so we get to hollywood connections and have like front row parking this was around 10 pm purchase our tickets, I ask soni aye where's the money from your mom he's like uhhh this is my money for my grades in my mind I'm like ok your mom said she gave you money, Io so I textd sinai and she's like uhhh can you tell him I'll pay him for his grades and use the money for the movies LOL, so that I did but I had already bought the tickets right, so I tell Soni uhhh you need to go and buy your brother's and sister some snacks cause that money is for the movies he's like OH! then he felt better when I said your mom will pay you for your grades later LOL.

Finally we get situated popcorn, drinks, and candy and I see Hola Mila he's like hey go stand in line with masi and them I'm like huh he's like they're all standing in line already, so I walk with the kids around the corner and Masi was like the 3rd person in line LOL thank goodness for him cause we were towards the front WOOHOO...anyways they don't let us in until after midnight which I didn't get, I guess that only happens in WV LOL, but yeah we watched the movie and it got out about 3 a.m. which it went by pretty quick, the kids enjoyed it and I did as well, some parts they could've did without but other then that I enjoyed it...Thanks Sinai for allowing us to go I LOVE MY NIECES & NEPHEWS!!

Optimus Prime, Brydan, Gideon, Ailini, Bumble Bee
Brydan with his poor eye, Gideon, Ailini, Diehard TRANSFORMER FANS This was some of the people waiting in line there was TONS more later on this was @ 10 pm
The KIDS waiting patiently for them to start SEATING, to them it was the LONGEST wait EVER LOL!!!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Go Naite, Go Naite, Go,go, go, go NAITE!!

Oh gosh how can I forget to post up this video..We were watching Sinai pitch to the kids on father's day (6/21/09) when silia told me to look to the right behind the tree, and we see Melenaite shaking to who knows what, gotta LOVE these kids they be doing the most random things and it's just too dang cute!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Man they grow up soo FAST!

Man I was flipping through my albums stored on my computer and came across a couple pic's of the triplets while they were still YOUNG. Man times sure flies by hella fast, I didn't see it coming that quick LOL. I still remember the day Silia got off the plane coming back home, after spending a year in Portland after she got married man, she was sooo dang diehard carrying the girls for the full 9 months man sis I TOTALLY give you props for hangin' in there ( I wanna be just like you when I have kids), you brought beautiful girls into this world and they are sooo blessed to have you in their life, and I as well am sooo BLESSED to be a part of their life. Thank you sooo much Silia for letting me be a part of their LIFE. My sister's are amazing mother's and can't wait to follow their footsteps one day. Just had to post these pic's man they were sooo cute and still are.
This is my baby girl Morena with tulips in her hair I remember when they picked these flowers they brought them to me then started screaming cause they looked inside the flower and thought it was scary, they were then afraid of the flowers LOL too funny, they then became afraid of the dogs, cats, and bugs LOL (I think that's the tokomololo in them) hahaha, but still to this day they are scared of Dogs. Anyways this post is for the little Diva's LOVE YOU GIRLS!!!

Father's Day Weekend!!

This passed weekend being Father's Day I just wanted to express my LOVE to my DAD for being the most HUMBLE, HARDWORKING, & LOVING man that he is. Growing up dad was ALWAYS working 24-8 for the things we needed in school, and he taught us kids how to work for what we wanted. My dad is the sweetest guy I know, he's very quiet, but can be very talkative at times:D. Usually when mom yells at him dad won't say anything at all, Dad Love to help those around, even if he's tired he won't complain he'll just go, go, go, and help out where he can this man is AMAZING, I LOVE this man sooo much and hope to find someone just like him, who puts his family FIRST in all that he does, and works EXTRA hard for his family...cheers to you DAD LOVE YOU SOOO MUCH, Malo ho'o ofa moe ngaue lahi ki mau tolu kou ofa lahi atu kiate koe. Happy Father's day to my Brother's, Brother in Laws for working hard for your families hope you all were spoiled this wonderful holiday. This get together was also a FHE because Mom, Silia, Lupeni and the triplets will be heading out to tonga this week thursday, sooo lucky they are, it'll be a good experience for all of them it's been over 31 yrs since mom's been back to tonga, and this will be Silia and the triplets 1st time going..can't wait to see pic's when they arrive.

This pass weekend was just a whole lot of fun loving family time, we got together again for Father's day good food, good laughs, and wonderful entertainments from the kids. Down below is a couple of Video's I captured while the kids was dancing if you watch closely in the back you can see Ailini tumble too funny well for us anyways, for her not so funny (6212009.038), anyways we had sooo much fun, and another memory to cherish. Saturday morning was a day of being pampered, my sister in law sela invited me, silia, and mom to a mary kay party to get our free facial, man talk about LOVE, LOVE, LOVE their product and just bein with mom, and my sister's was a blast thank you Sela for thinking of us we LOVE you sooo much. I'll post pic's as soon as silia posts them up tooo much fun this weekend, this is the only pic that I have from the Mary Kay partay to my left Daniel with his big 'ol SMILE, he LOVED looking at himself in the mirror! plenty more pic's to come.

Sela & Baby Daniel waiting to do our facial
Mom & Silia ready for the facial...
Trying to keep Daniel busy LOL
Even Baby Daniel was ready for the facial LOL
yeah that's how I feel with no Make up LOL!!
Dad with his Grand daughters
Silia, Sinai, Ailini, Morena, Melenaite, Me, Ruby, Mom posin' for the camera

Thursday, June 18, 2009

My Teddy Bear!!!

I mentioned in the post last night that I was going to attend the triplets dance recital 06/17/09, which I did do, and it was the cutest thing ever. Especially to see that Melenaite the thicker one of the bunch wasn't as shy as she usually is funny thing is she a totally different person on the stage. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these girls to death and am sooo very thankful that I can say I helped raise these little diva's when they were fresh outta the oven:D!!! Here's a video clip along with a couple of pic's from their recital, silia has more pic's so you might want to check out her blog, please excuse my videoing seems I sat right behind the teachers so you can see their hands flying all over the place LOL!! Silia also mentioned this was going to be the last of their dancing because it's getting expensive for the three of them, but she might have either the 2 older ones continue to dance or just ruby, my baby girl MORENA is a sporty girl so I'll be hookin' up my little diva with the sports part:D!! anyways it's always good to show support to the kids cause it really does boost up their self esteem and helps them overcome their fear of performing in front of people, which I'm pretty sad these three will be doing dance numbers in tonga next week for the 'Iongi reunion and I'm sad I won't be there to cheer them on, but GRANDMA will take tons of pic's sis...anyways hope you enjoy their dance as much as I did Love you DIVA's!!!

Morena, and Gideon waiting for the dancer's to begin
Grandma, Ruby, Gideon
Ruby, Morena, Leslie
Gideon & Grandma

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Last night (6/16/09) was my brother in law Lupeni's 30th birthday. Silia had planned a bbq for this special day (man he's so dang spoiled by my sister:D) show's how much she truly appreciates her husband. She's been planning his birthday since last month, she's has got to be the most thoughtful person I know...Ok all my sister's are sooo thoughtful, I'm just sayin' you can tell how much she's sooo in LOVE with her hubby from when they first met, till now it's as if they're still dating. Anyways she had a bbq for him and invited the cuddies, man good times, good laughs and another good memory to remember. You can NEVER go wrong with spending time with the people you LOVE. She put together the cutest gift ever one filled with memories and pretty sure many more to come, it was a book made with pic's of their adventures so dang cute you'd have to ask her when you see her. Had sooo much fun, wish we could just spend time with families everyday. Happy Birthday bro and many more to come.

Last night I also attended the ZUMBA class before I hit up the bbq, WOW talk about a whoop a** workout seriously, it felt hott in the room we were working out in and for some odd reason to me sounded as if she sped up the music LOL, cause honestly the warm-up song got me hella sweating LOL. I told myself "NO ONE CAN WORK YOU OUT IT'S TOTALLY UPTO TO YOU TO GET THAT WORKOUT ON" and boy can I tell you I seriously WORKED MY A** off, my chest was burning it was freakin' red, my shirt was wet and my hair looked as if I just got outta the shower, can you picture that LOL yeah I was sweating that much, probably cause I knew I was going to Silia's after to eat, anyways it was an hour of a good workout. I then headed on over to Silia's to enjoy the good food, and good company, and to my amazement I didn't go overboard. Half of my plate was salad I had a piece of chicken and sausage with not even half a cup of potato salad woohoo goooo me LOL, the only thing I felt guilty eating was the yummy cake that Oto made oowee it was good, just means I have to WORK IT OFF!! so there you have it how my day went last night. Boy I can't wait to get me a laptop so I can write in my blog everyday. TONIGHT the Triplet's Dance recital woohoo!!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Getting back on track!!

Alrighty so last night I decided I was going to get back on track, with working out and all that fun stuff, the eating part is still a struggle especially yesturday having nothing but junk food, cookies and chips:(. Anyways I got off of work about 5:30 p.m. headed home to change for the gym, mom wasn't home (she went to take Ailini to softball practice, and get pops stuff for his eating the next day) so I told the twins they gotta go with me before gramps leaves somewhere and forgets he has the boys LOL. The boys being outspoken as they are told me they were going to stay home with grandpa, of course I had to bribe them, so I said fine then I'm leaving then I said to one of the mahanga's (twins) I was going to take you guys to Baskin Robbins (they've been begging to go on sunday LOL) but since you don't want to go I'll go by myself to the gym hahaha, I know evil huh, you can guess what happened after that...the twins ran to the backyard to tell grandpa that they were leaving with me to the gym LOL.

So get to the rec in hopes to change my draft from my checking to my savings and they said I have to bring proof HOI another thing added to the list go to the bank and get a deposit slip gosh I swear I had all my info but noooo they said I have to bring a copy saying that my account is valid, anyways I got my wristband for kickboxing sat there for a bit and texted sinai "are you coming yet?" the response from her was yes just walking through the door, 7 'o clock hits, it's time to get the workout on....OMG serioulsy I thought I was going to die, it felt as if it was my first day back at the gym, definately something I needed Leisa gave me a good workout. Class was really good I ran into my friend Manu Fiefia I haven't seen her forever, later on in the class her two sisters came in. The class finishes I didn't stay to work on the AB's cause I usually get a chalie horse when I do LOL, so I figured I got my hour in of cardio time to take the kiddies to get the ice cream. My niece (Nini) asked if she can go as well after all she had $51 dollars saved, and she wanted some ice cream, this little girl has a sweet tooth for real, but yet she's as skinny as can be. So off we went to "BR" yeah guess the coupon thing is instilled in this little girl she came with some coupons buy one get one free so yeah she got 2 cones and I bought the twins their sunday's. Y'all should be proud of me cause I DID NOT get me a thing, not even a TASTE woohoo, I'm ready to get back on track FULL FORCE.


its photo tag, here are the rules:

1. Choose the 4th folder where you store your pictures on you computer

2. Select the 4th picture in the folder

3. Explain the picture

4. Tag 4 people to do the same now!!

I tag: Leslie, Mariam, Brian, Maryanne

Believe it or not this happens to be the 4rth picture in my fourth album who woulda thought LOL. This little boy Daniel is the "HEART" of our family he's Brian's oldest son and carries the name of our little brother Daniel (R.I.P). This picture was takin' conference weekend April 2009, can't get enough of this little boy, everytime he see's the camera he just poses, I think he was mad at me with this picture LOL..Love you baby Daniel.

Monday, June 15, 2009

BLUE THUNDER...All-Star games

Mom and Gideon watching the game in the RAIN
Number one FANS...of BLUE THUNDER
Matching bags, helmets socks they looked sooo dang cute.
Isn't their uniform the cutest..polka dot socks, pink helmet and matching bags, slippers you name it they have it..
The ALL-STAR player...AILINI...

This past weekend mom and I went to Ailini's ALL-STAR game on friday 3/12/09 and saturday 3/13/09. Sinai was in california with her two older boys (Pitasoni & Nohe'a) visiting Lani as well as attending the Filimoe'atu family reunion. So mom and I was blessed to go and attend Ailini & Leia's all-star game, OMG can we talk about FUN, FUN, FUN, you can count on me going to the rest of the games, through the rain and all. Ailini played fantastic and so did Leia these two will be awesome when they get into high school. Sunday mom was really sick (probably from sitting in the rain on saturday). So she didn't go to church or shall I say we didn't go to church, cutest thing was watching the niece and nephews cater to grandma being sick, it truly does suck when mom is sick you can totally tell. I was achy and headache but had to get my bootay up and cook some food and clean around the house, thank goodness the kids are at the house they were totally a BIG help. Anyways enjoy the pic's and the video's plenty more to come I can guarentee you.