Thursday, May 28, 2009


As you can see I'm just on a roll with posting blogs LOL, and you can blame my little sister SILIA for that one LMBO. She's the one that introduced me to the blogging world and what I'm gonna make use of jotting down my thoughts and feelings. Anyways so I was checking my email and one of the emails was from Tyler Perry, yeah ya'll believe it or not I'm a fan of Tyler Perry movies and it was just updates of his upcoming movies. This movie looks really good, cause honestly there is someone in the world going through these trials right now it's a reality check of who NOT to be or who you SHOULD be. The movie comes out November 6, 2009, another movie of his coming out September 11, 2009 " I can do BAD all by myself" starring Tyler Perry himself as medea. Ok enough blogging for today but checkout the movie trailer.


Ok so I'm kinda writing back wards but oh well as long as I'm blogging away right?? anyways so I get a picture message from my little brother Brian on 3/22/09 and to the right is the picture I received yeah your seeing it right it's a picture of baby Daniel with NO HAIR, yeah at least that's what I thought it was LOL, mom was trying to explain to me that they shaved his head but he has hair in the back and I'm like not really paying attention as she's telling me right, I was more tokanga kihe alu o kai falekai with sinai and the kiddo's to Pho's Green Papaya Io and you wonder why I'm so healthy huh LMBO!! anyways he's such a smart and CUTE kid I just had to post up his picture of his bald head (from the front anyways)....and below is a picture of the back of his head...Love these kiddies!!

Tada...there you have it the Backside ~*SAMURAI HAIRCUT*~!

PuRpLe wOwZeR

Ok so mom and I went to take some stuff to our good friend tohi, to help out with her nephews wedding this weekend. Mom had bought Teisa a dress and some shoes for the wedding and it's soooo CUTE anyways, we left the house with the shoes cause mom wanted to get Teisa some bigger shoes to last longer so off we went to Valley Fair Mall where she had bought them, I told mom that I was gonna stay in the van and wait for her cause I was sooo not lookin' the business, still in my gym clothes (which I didn't break a sweat in, cause I went to the Diva's photo shoot LOL), and hair in a bun look. And I wasn't about to walk around in the mall lookin' like that hahaha, I mean I didn't care right?? Well anyways while I was sitting in the van I spotted this Purple car that was lifted pretty cool aye?? well the first thing I thought about was my brother Ropes when I saw this car only cause he told me he was gonna throw on some 24's on his ride and lift it, so there you have it the LIFTED PURPLE CAR, and what do you know it's my favorite color LOL!!

P.S. I had to have mom drive by the car so I can take a picture of it:D!!!

Pose for the CAMERA now, CLICK CLICK!!!!

I had the opportunity to head on over to the rec and watch the Little Diva's POSE FOR THE CAMERA. And I'm sooo glad I did these girls are so dang cute, they can not only pose for the camera they sure as heck can catch ANYONE's attention and they don't even have to try LOL. Anyways so I stole a couple of pic's from my little sister Silia to show you how CUTE they looked in their dance outfits, I say their the CUTEST little LADY BUGS ever. Well I thought their outfits looked like LADYBUGS (don't know if that's what they were suppose to). But anyways I had so much fun watching these young girls pose for the camera, had to say their a natural...and they soooo love working with the camera.

Ok so after the pic's were takin' my intention was to stay and workout at the gym since it's just right there, and did that happen NOOOOO. And why you ask?? because my brother in law insisted that I come with them to eat, and you know how I LOVE FOOD, and FOOD LOVES ME LMBO I accepted and left the empty gym to go and stuff my face (I know sooo not good) but I did eat and do I have any REGRETS?? NOPE none at all...why?? cause I'm just going to have to work my a** off tonight at the gym LOL. It's soooo frustrating trying to lose weight and keep it off but I guess that's just how life goes and I'm going to have to accept that. As hard as it's gonna be I HAVE to be WILLING to make the sacrifices that are needed to obtain these goals, like my older and wiser sister once said to me if you fall off the wagon don't dwell on it do better from here on out...So THERE you have it I'm jumping back on the wagon and making this YEAR MINE!!!

Ruby, Morena, Melenaite headin' on over to take their DANCE pic's

Morena brushing her shoulders off LOL, Ruby don't know what she's doin', and Melenaite doing a dance pose:D!!!

I LOVE this shot of the girl's, this was done after their photo shoot was done L to R: Morena, Ruby, Melenaite

The "OLDER" and wiser one MELENAITE

The VERY petite & energetic one "PEANUT" Ruby

The "SPORTY " one MORENA (my babygirl and my Namesake)

Morena, Ruby, Melenaite

The girl's waiting outside, for their turn to take pic's...L to R: Ruby, Morena, Melenaite, in this pic you can tell Ruby is sick poor peanut was blowing her nose like no other, and sneezing like crazy, she's a TROOPER!!!

Monday, May 25, 2009


Drawn Portrait of Daniel Charleysin Misinale with our Savior
Nohe'a, Pitasoni, Spencer with Uncle Daniel

So with today being Memorial day I thought I'd write about my little brother Daniel. Man I MISS HIM SOOOOO MUCH, just looking through pic's of Daniel and his wonderful handsome smile just brings back ALL the memories of him, while he was here on this earth. What is there not to say about him?? he's the type of boy that when he wanted something he'll keep bothering you until you give in and say yes. Daniel got what he wanted, most of the time cause he was a smooth talker:D, and I'd have to say he was a ladies man to, I mean seriously who comes home with a girl when in the first grade (Daniel) LoL. Daniel was just an AMAZING kid over all. When we found out Daniel was diagnosed with osteosarcoma (a form of bone cancer). I just remember sitting in the dr's office with my mom waiting with him in the waiting room, we were looking through magazines and I just remember him seeing an article about the OLYMPICS being in SLC in 2002, and he turned to me sayin' man sis I won't be here in 2002 and I was like looking at him like whatever where do you think your gonna be?? he turns to me with a SMILE and said I'm gonna be on my mission, Daniel fought the cancer but didn't win, he returned to our father in heaven on August 19, 1999 19 days after he turned sweet 16.

I miss my talks with Daniel, he had always encouraged me in doing things I didn't think I was capable of doing, and always making me think positive when I was feeling down and out. Daniel was a fighter, a comedian, and also and AWESOME uncle to his nephews when he was still here on this earth, I'm soooo grateful for this gospel and the understanding that I have, for the plan of salvation for this I know if I live a worthy life I WILL be able to see him again. Daniel you ARE ALWAYS in our THOUGHTS, and FOREVER in our HEARTS. Your new nieces and nephews know about you and when they see pic's of you they say hey it's uncle Daniel. No worries we still keep our CHILDHOOD YEARS alive like you told us to NEVER FORGET, and that YOU WILL ALWAYS BE WATCHING, I LOVE and MISS you BABY BRO!!!

Pho's Green Papaya

Me, Pauni kids: Brydan, Me, Ailini, Gideon, Nohe'a (in the back), Pitasoni

So this pass friday (5/22/09) Sinai and I along with her tribe, decided we'd go out to eat at Pho's Green Papaya since we barely missed it last week after our workout session, so after our hard workout at the rec we decided we were hungry and that we should hit up the restaurant, and we got there just in time a little before 9 p.m. Wow I didn't think they're food would be as good especially cause I'm not a SOUP person but I'd have to say it filled me up, OMG they're appetizers were sooo good, thanks sinai for treating us to the yummy food.

Ok so I weighed in saturday morning and not to my surprise I gained 5 lbs OMG I was sooo PISSED LOL, but then again I said to myself SAI AUPITO for being careless about the way I ate. Mind you I woke up at 6 a.m. on a saturday morning to go and get a wristband for my ZUMBA class (I know diehard yeah), well I came back to the rec around 7:30 a.m. and walked a mile around the track then went downstairs and worked on my legs with the weights and whatnot, sinai was downstairs as well and I told her what I had did, and she said ok NO more eating after our workouts on friday night cause she had gained to. I told her yeah sis I was sooo mad that I took out my anger on the TRACK good thing aye. Anyways with that being said I'm sooo gonna drop that 5 lbs this week even if I have to kill myself working out. HOIIIII, losing weight is soooo hard and frustrating but I'm soooo gonna accomplish this!!!

Monday, May 18, 2009

FuN FiLLeD wEeKeNd

Me & Silia takin' a break from ZUMBA
Mom, Sinai, Me, Silia

Sinai, Ali, Mom, Me, Silia

Top VIEW supporters of the ZUMBATHON

Us with our AWESOME instructors DALE & JULIE
Julie & Sinai
So this passed weekend was soooo crazy but I'd have to say it was sooo much FUN!! friday night my mom, sisters and I attended a ZUMBATHON held by our instructor JULIE and her son DALE to raise some money to send her son off on a trip for school, it was a 2 hour class of non stop dancing to latin music OMG talk bout tooo much fun, Mom was a DIEHARD she danced the whole 2 hours where as I was takin' my breaks here and there and it didn't help that my shirt smelt like shizz hahahaha we won't go there LOL. But I took a break (kinda a LONG one hahaha) to take some pic's and to catch my breath I hung in there for about an hour and 15 mins I tried to get back up and join my mom and sisters but my time on break was a little to long that when I stood up I fell back down LOL boy my legs was aching hahahaha food for thought next time you ZUMBA don't take breaks LOL. Anyways it was some good fun and well worth it, after we had accomplished the ZUMBATHON I was sooo freakin' hungry guess you can say I built up an appetite. Sinai wanted to try some Pho soup, according to her it's healthly (don't ask me what it is I just said ok lets go). So we headed to that restraunt (Mom, Sinai, Brydan, Gideon, ME) silia wanted to spend time with her family so she headed home. Anyways when we got to the restraunt it was closed just our luck right, but dude I was starving so Sinai was like what do you want to eat Kalo I was like sheesh anything. So yeah we ended up at Denny's and boy was that a good decision, we ended ordering cheese fries, and nachos we must've been too hungry cause we cleaned off that plate real quick, then Sinai was like ok now that we pigged out we need something healthy LOL so we ordered Tilapia omg sooo yummy we didn't even finish it cause we were stuffed with the appetizers. Anyways the weekend was a blast with my family...gotta LOVE it.
That wasn't the end of the weekend saturday we headed to a sweet 16 birthday party, for some more family time we had sooo much fun reminsing with the family it brought back memories. The afu family have always been there for us growing up and it was good to just kick back and talk story with them LOVE YOU TOME and family THANKS for EVERYTHING y'all have done for us growing up, and George thanks for the many ice creams, and laughs your a hoot and thanks for making us feel at home much LOVE, can't wait for the next get together.
Last day of the fun filled weekend topped it off with a WONDERFUL sabbath day, I went to church and was spiritually fed LOVE attending the singles ward, it's so good to hear the messages, totally what I needed on top of that the ward choir did an awesome job, especially being last minute. OK so after sacrament meeting I headed home to bake some cookies for "ONE VOICE", it's been awhile since I've sang with them and figured why not make them some goodies so off I went to bake some cookies, we won't say where I ran into Loyann LOL that will be a secret. Anyhoo got the cookies done, and headed to the chapel to meet up with everyone to head on out to bountiful to sing at the regional center...OMG talk about AMAZING I Love, Love, Love the choir the spirit was soooo STRONG it was the BEST...So there you have it my weekend was a BLAST.

Friday, May 15, 2009


Ok so this post I decided to write about something I've grown to LOVE. For those of you that don't know me I've been the THICK girl in my family and trying to lose weight has been a major struggle for me growing up, and to still to this day. For the past couple of years my New Year's resolution was to workout and eat right, and those years have passed, and I NEVER accomplished those goals. So just this January I decided that '09 is sooo MINE as funny as that sounds but it's true I've FINALLY found something that makes me WANT to go and workout and it's called "ZUMBA" (for those of you who don't know what it is, it's Latin aerobics, or as my instructor JULIE would say it's a DANCE PARTAY!) thanks to my sister Sinai, Silia, & my Momma I've grown to LOVE going to the gym to get my workout on, if these 3 didn't support me and encourage me to hit the gym I don't think my goal for '09 would've started. So this post is to say thanks to my loving mother and beautiful sisters for getting my back 110% thanks for supporting me pushing me, and even calling me to see if I'm coming to the gym it seriously helps me a great deal. Sooo look out I'm coming FULL force wether y'all like it or not LOL!!!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Happy Birthday AILINI

Beautiful PRINCESS
Ailini & I

She's growing soo fast Happy Birthday Lini

Today is AILINI MELEFA PAUNI's birthday the big 9 years. Wow does time fly by this little girl is such a sweetheart, and she honestly puts up with roughness of her brothers, and sometimes even the younger kids (Naite, Ruby, Morena, & Daniel), guess you can say Ailini's a softy and you know she gets that from her momma LOL. She is an awesome older sister to the "TRIPLETS", and the girls in cali as well as her siblings and baby Daniel (she LOVES this little boy so much and no wonder she's Daniels favor LOL). I love watching her with the triplets cause boy does she play the older sister role (and sometimes she puts up with them talahu'i to her), she's not only the only girl in her family but she's the oldest niece in our family I KNOW the younger kids look upto her...Lini hope you have a wonderful day today I LOVE YOU too much!!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

HaPpY hApPy BiRtHdAy...BaBy DaNiEl

Baby Daniel NOW he's growing sooo fast LOVE YOU CHUBBY!!!

He's such a CUTIE
Daniel his younger years
Just had to come on through and wish BABY DANIEL a Happy Birthday. Daniel since you were born you have brightened up our lives with your chubby cheeks and cute smile. Daniel is my little brother Brian's son (he's named after his twin). Boy does time fly, your growing up soo fast, I miss coming home from work having you greet me at the door with open arms saying HI AUNTY TALO, and you running into my room to jump on my bed or even barging through and knocking down all my picture frames LOL!! maybe I should move back to your house again to have those greetings once again. Daniel your going to be a great athlete as well as a WONDERFUL older brother WOW...your not going to be the baby no's wishing you ALL the happiness from here on out Daniel...Love you always!!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

MoThErS dAy WeEkEnD....

Just had to thank my baby girl Morena for the first entry in my BLOG seems I have NO clue as to what in the world I'm doing, so thank you Morena and Silia for hooking up my page and for the kind words.

Ok so MY official entry will be about Mother's Day weekend 5/8/09-5/10/09. Silia had ask me a couple of weeks before if I could watch her three diva's so her and her hubby can go to Wendover for their annivesary (or as the girls were telling everyone their honeymoon LOL). And I happily agreed to watch them. So as I sat at work I kept on thinking about all the things we can do while their parents were gone, and with it being mother's day on sunday I decided that we'd make something for Silia and Grandma for Mother's day. So in my mind I'm thinkin' ghetto but fun LOL. So I decided to go and get some pic frames from Michael's and have the girls decorate them. Then I was like well what better thing to do then take the girls to Wally's world and dress them up and take pic's of them and get it printed while we were there, and here are the pic's that I ended up taking it was sooo much fun spending time with the girls hope they enjoyed it as well...Thanks Silia and Lupeni for allowing me to stay with the divas or should I say trust me with the girls...Love them soo much!!

So this was the pose they wanted to do with the umbrella's must be a Tokomololo thing LOL.
The girls painting their picture frames for their mom and also for grandma.

This pose they decided to add purses

Ruby, Melenaite, Morena

Morena Kalialani 'Iongi

Ruby Ann 'Iongi
Melenaite Fiona 'Iongi

Stunnin' is a habit just like me...Ruby, Melenaite, Morena

Aunty can we eat some now LOL!!
Strawberries ANYONE???