Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Spiritually Fed

My spiritual level hasn't been all that great, but the fact that I have a loving heavenly father to help me come back and never gives up on me is just the best feeling ever. I've moved my records to the singles ward for quite some time but since the move I haven't been as active as I should be. This past sunday I finally had the blessing and the opportunity to attend ALL meetings of the singles ward thanks to my sister's (Lupi & Ashley) for the extra push and encouragement to stay, and partake of his goodness. I know alot of the YSA's have looked down on the SL2nd ward, but to tell you the truth if they would just give the ward just one try they would absolutely LOVE IT. I've never felt the spirit so strong throughout the meetings I LOVE the feeling and hope that the YSA that are still attending the family ward comes and partake of the goodness in which I've been receiving I'm sooo thankful for this gospel and the understanding that I have, I'm FAAARRRR from perfect, but I'm willing to strive to be a better person. I LOVE my Savior and I'm grateful for his atonement for this I am able to repent of my wrong, need I say more the church is true and HE LIVES!! I wish sunday can be everyday.

Disney on Ice

Still no clue what the surprise is
Waiting patiently

I've been slacking on blogging about the happenings in my life, I guess you can say I'm a busy woman LMBO (or at least I think I am LOL). Anyways last week saturday I was able to attend disney on ice with my little sister and the diva's (Melenaite, Ruby, Morena, Ailini), and Aiona (Liki) her daughter Sioana, and niece Beeps. Can I just tell you that I've been waiting ALL week to attend this hence the fact that this would be my first time at the Energy Solutions building and attending disney on ice. So therefore I was like a little kid in a candy store all excited for the show.

The cute thing about this whole "SURPRISE"<<<<-------according to my nieces (something my lil sister Silia does for her girls, she doesn't tell them where they're going until they get there)and that's something I plan on doing with my kids when that day comes. Anyways Silia and the fun bus came on over and swooped up Ailini and I and off we went to the energy solutions building. So we get there and we go inside to pick up our tickets, we had an hour to kill I believe so the girls start running around then we tell 'em to sit down, next thing you know you hear the girls singing down by the banks of the hanky panky so dang cute, cause by this time the beautiful little girls have caught the attention of the workers and people that were waiting to, I KNOW the other kids wanted to join LOL. Well the time came, to scan our tickets to go in the girls getting a little more antsy as the guy scans our ticket he say's who's ticket is this they can't go in, I hear a quick response "Peanut" (Ruby) says oh that's not my ticket LOL it was too funny and cute at the same time cause I can sense the excitement yet they still have no clue why we're there. So we climb to flight of stairs (which with a bad knee is sooo not good LOL), and the minute you walk in it's disney princess EVERYWHERE, I couldn't help to laugh when I hear the little voice of "Peanut" say to my sister "MOM ARE WE IN DISNEYLAND" such a cute little remark and I hear No peanut you'll see, talk bout souvenir's galore LOL, and the prices were outrages LOL just wish I had the funds to get the girls a few little things but it's all good they understand (I hope). Well we finally make our way to our seats and WOW is all I can say seeing the castle on the ice was to dang cute, but what was even cuter was hearing the girls scream their little guts out when tinker bell came out on the ice, such a wonderful show. I think this totally needs to be a traditional event...Thanks Silia for letting me sidebust with you and the diva's Love your guts until next time!! P.s. Can't forget the laughs with Aiona freakin' crack up!!
7 Dwarfs

Beautiful Silia and Ruby
Morena Lahi & Morena Leka
Me & my Diva's
again with Ailini
Silia with the Diva's (dunno what's up the Lini LOL)

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

**Witch Hunt**

First witch we chasing a mouse under the witch's dress
Witch in the boat
Looking at the witch in the boat...and the DUCKS
Melenaite, Ailini, Ruby, Me, Morena si'i
Writing down where we found the witches

The girls favorite witch in the witchy-poo outhouse reading the paper LOL
The girls with the witch hula-hooping
To dang cute a Witch slammed into the building


So I decided thursday night that I would go with Silia and the diva's to go on a Witch Hunt at Gardener Village. And so I sent out a text message to one of my co-workers (Merridy) to please tell the boss that I will be using PTO for FRIDAY (Oct 30, 2009), I mean I thought I deserved the break to and Lord KNOWS I sooo needed it, especially with the knee problems and whatnot. Anyways so come early morning friday I kinda slept in til 8 a.m, only cause mom came into the room to ask me if I'm going to work, I was quick to respond NO I'm going on a witch hunt with silia and the girls and I'm gonna take Lini with me LOL. With that being said I jumped up and jumped into the shower and got ready, funny thing is sinai's twin boys (Brydan & Gideon) was excited until I said to them sorry boys this is only a girls adventure and all I can here is AWWWW that's not fair. Well I didn't quite fall for that so I said boiz maybe next year for now it's just a girls day!! Anyways we (Lini & I) headed on over to meet up Silia and her triplets at her house and head on over to find the witches. Man all I have to say is my little sister is such an AMAZING mother especially finding little things to do with her girl's to keep 'em close I LOVE how she is with her girls, never seems to surprise me with the little activities she has with them, and I'm soo glad she invited me and Lini to go with them on this witch hunt (I wanna be just like her, when I have kids:)!!). Anyways the minute we got there it was FREEZING but that didn't stop us, this being my first time there I FELL in LOVE with the place such a CUTE place. We had found all the witches and when we were done we headed on over to the bakery for our $.25 cookies along with a donut, muffin top and other goodies LOL!! We then headed over to Chili's afterwards for some real food especially the paradise pie:)...this day was sooo worth taking it off, Thanks little sis for allowing me to join you and my beautiful nieces ON THIS WITCH hunt can't wait til the next hunt, this time we'll bring the boiz!!

Silia's turn with the girl's and the finished list
"WILL CAST SPELLS FOR CHOCOLATE" Love it, Me and My beautiful little sis!!
Me and my babygirl (Namesake Morena)
YAY we're done...and ready for our cookies:)!!