Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Happy Valley TAKE ME AWAY!!

April 30, 2010

I had planned with Lupi to head out to happy valley this weekend just to getaway and check out what Provo had to offer, mainly to just relax and meditate ok maybe not meditate but just be on the Ranch where horses roam the streets with there owners LOL. Ok over exaggerating again, ok not really cause in Lindon they done built a trail for the horses and there owners to ride on LOL. But really its just relaxing out there nice and quiet, and the company is the BEST. I called up Saane to tell her that I'm headin' out and she was super excited and so was I cause work was just dragging just thinkin' about Lindon. I never heard back from Lupi she's been busy with family and whatnot so I decided to head on out the drive was horrible with the rain and all but I did get there safely, when I got in saane had dinner ready bless her heart she didn't have to but she did, she made a pasta dish with italian sausage and tomato and garlic bread oh gosh I can sooo eat that right now, we then went upstairs and just caught up with what was goin' on in our lives, guys, church, etc. I don't know what time I knocked out I know it was well over 2 a.m. cause Saane knocked out on me and I was camping on FB via PHONE the wonders of technology.
Steelers Vs. Hayward
Saturday morning was pretty hectic by far the most productive saturday overall...early morning at about 10 a.m. Saane had asked if I would like to go with her to her YW camp cooking training it was raining and cold, seriously felt like we were out camping, oh how I miss the YW's and just being around the leaders. I can tell you Dutch oven cooking, box oven cooking, and open pit cooking made me just want to cook outdoors...the food was unbelievably good no lie wish I took a picture of it so you can see I have quite a few recipies I want to try with the nieces when I watch them soon. Anyways after that about 1:30 p.m. we headed to the steelers rugby field to watch the game oh lawdy lawd was that a beautiful site ok I'll just stop there rugby is such a rough sport but at the same time it's kinda hott LOL, steelers done killed the Hayward team I only took one pic from afar then I put my phone in my pocket cause of the rain. We met up with Moti Lavaki it's been awhile since I've seen him, he's lookin' really good. We then decided that we were going to have a baking session later on that night and Saane had invited him along with John & Layne. We thought we had the schedule down go home rest for a few hours then go and shop for the ingredients..NOT..it was like this we went home sat down and then decided hey lets just get the ingredients so we can come home and sleep for 3 hours LOL, WRONG again when we got to walmart we went strait to the makeup isle what a wrong move when you get me down that isle and where the dye is good luck to getting me out of that isle LMBO I ended up buying hair dye, eyeshadow, makeup remover etc. Anyways we finally got out of the store and it was 5:30 P.m. the guys and sara was going to come over at 7. So we decide we'll just knockout and then get up and prep for the baking wrong once again we decided lets dye our hair then prep that alone was almost an hour. So by the time the guys came over I was frickin' worn the heck out but at the same time, loved it cause one I was with sister saane and mi second familia and 2 meeting new people is ALWAYS a PLUS.

John making sure the Sweetheart cookies has the heart LOL
Hmmm...thinkin' do we even dare attempt LOL
Layne rolling the choc chip cookies
Sara & John
John watching the fight while mixing the 2nd batch of sweetheart cookies....

Anyways my post is getting a bit long we started the baking made the choc chip cookies and when Layne & John, Moti, got in you best believe we put them to work. Layne came in and went strait to rolling the dough, John on the other hand was being a critique hoi only him can tell Layne he's doing it wrong so what did we do??? told John and & Moti they were gonna have to make the sweetheart cookies, and saane made the sugar cookies she did an awesome job and so did the guys minus a few minor problems but they did pull it off and those sweetheart cookies were a hit.. after baking the cookies Saane had mentioned we were gonna go to Denny's to eat cause last we ate was at the dutch oven cooking, and you best believe we was hungry...saane made it clear that reguardless what everyone else wanted to do she was gonna go and eat with or without us, so we all ended up going well not all it was Saane, Moti, & I in our ride and John & Layne in the other...we got to talking and whatnot eating and John tried to be a cool guy and not eat uhhh yeah buddy you with the wrong crowd when you do that lol, Moti ended up halfing his burger with him I gave him some of my fries and then I don't know what else we made him EAT LOL...over all the food was good and the company was great I think we didn't get home till the AM lol Happy Valley had totally converted me to visit me more often;) cause sunday there was some delicious eye candy to my eyes shut tha hahahaha...huh saane so hook it up LMBO. And coming to a loving house that counts me as one of there daughters and grand daughters is a major plus I love the General and G-pa there the best and of course can't forget Auntie Kehau & Uncle Dave & last but not least Danny, Vika, Malik for feeding us sunday night with yummy chicken, rice, salad, and my favor carrot cake. Saane thank you ever sooo much for makin' this weekend memorable Love your guts sis and see yah in a few weeks ;)!!
Cutie Malik
Choc chip cookies YUMMY
Waitin' to bake
Moti made the first batch good job!!

Weigh ins...

Sinai, Ailini, Ruby
So many DUCKS...

April 30, 2010

So I get a phone call this morning from madre asking are you still babysitting the "Triplets"?. I then reply well Sinai said she can take over and watch the girls, so I can head out to happy valley for the weekend getaway earlier instead of after midnight. Mom then replies ok that sounds good so are you going to come home from work and drop off the girls at Sinai's? No mom Sinai will come and pick me up so we can go to the Biggest Loser weigh in...oh ok then have fun in provo and be safe, end of conversation. Well Sinai came on over to pick me and the diva's up, to head on over to the 24 hour fitness in SL for the weigh in, I know another challenge for me especially after taking 2nd in the first competition I joined a guy taking the FIRST place spot, but hey it gave me the extra PUSH and motivation so I figured hey why not join this one to...I loved the fact that this competition is all ladies :). Well we got there and there wasn't that many there but then they all started coming in slowly the total that ended up coming in to weigh in was 15 friday night...more weighed in saturday night bringing the FINAL total to $950 would that be a motivation for you?? cause it sure is for me, so here's to getting healthy and hopefully keeping off the weight.

After weigh ins Sinai asked the girls if they were hungry and sure enough they all yelled out YESSSSS LOL, malo ia cause auntie Morena was hungry to, Sinai treated us to Mo Bettah Steaks frick talk bout YUMMMY totally hit the spot I told Sinai its ok cause we really start Monday well I did anyways and me spending time in Happy Valley with baking and whatnot I gotta take advantage of that before being strict for this competition. So I got the list of weigh ins and guess who's the HEAVIEST...uhhh you guessed it right I am but hey I've been heavy all my life so that doesn't surprise me it's bout time to make that change...hope I can get out of the range I'm in right now being a THICK CHICK is really hard but I ain't gonna give up...I'm gonna GIVE IT MY ALL...the ladies in the competition will give me a good run seriously they're all serious so time to get my GAME FACE ON wish me luck!!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Beautiful MADRE


Just had to post up the picture of my mom in her beautiful formal she wore the night I went to happy valley. For those of you who don't know my mom, she's the realest of the real seriously if she don't like you she will seriously tell you...sometimes I wish I was like that but then again not really but sometimes I am too real and I don't even know it LOL, but she and my sisters have been a big motivation to me in wanting to lose weight and eat healthy I LOVE my momma even though at times I give her a headache but she still loves me unconditionally thanks mom for setting me strait Love you too much!



Ever since I've returned from ARIZONA I've been wanting to see my ONE VOICE familia everyday cause I was used to seeing them in the AZ, LOL yeah you would think I would be sick of seeing them everyday but NO really this is a really good and fun group to be around, not only do they bring the crazy side outta me but they also bring the SPIRITUAL side of me out something that I need and am truly blessed to be around. Alot of people think that what we do is a waste of time and whatnot, but we see it as missionary work, and for me this is something really big seems the year I was planning on going on a mission was the year we found out that my lil brother Daniel had cancer, so plans for me had changed so I can help out the parentals. And being a part of ONE VOICE is like doing missionary work. So this past sunday was spent all day with the choir and the spirit is ALWAYS AMAZING, we had been asked to do a sacrament meeting in a palangi ward and I was the last testimony and me and directions don't go very well I'm telling you this because I totally got lost looking for the chapel LOL (go figure) my navigator (Lupi) wasn't able to make it for she needed to attend her ward, so therefore by the time I got to the chapel it was time for me to bare testimony...the minute I got there Noke (soon to be Elder Tonga) was speaking and tears just came down my cheeks like I've been there the whole time, the spirit is an amazing thing and I'm soo grateful to have it a part of mine. That meeting was finished we had a break and the bishopric from that ward had sandwiches and donuts for us so we went to poplar grove and ate and took pics, following that we went to Nina Brunt's lil bro's farwell where we sang prelude and then Marvelous work how how strong was the spirit there we had a lil audience before we actually sang and the tears coming down there face was priceless. Following the farewell we then attended a homecoming of Stanley Tui'one's brother WOW the power of missionary work is just so amazing I tell yah. We left around 4 pm we had a dinner appointment with Tiare Olevau she was having a fireside for her ward she's such an amazing woman her and her hubby's goal is to convert as many souls as they can, we had the fireside and it was indeed another spiritual experience, Tiare was shocked at how strong the spirit was and to see the choir members in tears amazed her as well, as many times as we've shared our testimonies there is NEVER a dry eye I'm telling you. We finished the fireside and Tiare had came and thanked us and said that there was 3 non members in the congregation and all three of them set up an appointment to see the missionaries...I LOVE busy sundays like this not only being with the choir but strenghthening my testimony is what I LOVE THE MOST...this gospel is TRUE and I've been blessed to have it in my life, and I'm looking forward to continuing to spread his word...Next trip PORTLAND OREGON in AUGUST!!

Noke, Soon to be Elder Tonga
Chris & Malia
Gettin' there GRUB on
Eating in the SUN because they were cold
Cinderella Utuone
Tolo and Lela
with Poupou this time
These two can pose or is it just tolo LOL
Mele, nina, Jazzy, Pou
Noke, Marie


April 24, 2010

This was another EXCITING event, getting together with the first cousins (GIRLS ONLY)dinner. So our older sister Sipola texted us all about getting together at olive garden for dinner so we can catch up and whatnot seems it's been awhile since we've all actually been together. This was something we were ALL stoked about after being in Lindon for the graduation and then thinking that we're going to be together the following day was just to good to be true LOL. Our family is really close and to hear others say how lucky and blessed we are to be this close is just well said cause that we are a CLOSE KNIT FAMILY. We all may have our differences, but we get over it real quick and when it comes to getting together and laughing you better believe those around us want to join in on our laughs. Funny thing is I think the LOUD TALKING just runs deep in the FILI blood cause that we was doing and the laughs were just to dang LOUD LMBO sorry OLIVE GARDEN but hey we definitely gave y'all some good business so bettah don't LOL, maybe next time y'all can put us in our own ROOM hahhaaha. It was just good company, good food, and great memories. After we had got done eating believe me when we say we was the LAST ones in the building cause we seriously were..we had taken a picture in front of the Olive garden, then we headed out to visit uncle Jay's girls man I'm still trippen over the lil girls I use to babysit are now mothers how amazing is that, we went over and I think we woke up all the kids cause they was screaming I wish I took a pic but my camera was in my truck most definitely next time...I have been BLESSED with the BEST family...Love you fili sistah's til next month we will see y'all at the next fale kai LOL!!!


Thursday, April 22, 2010


Ilaisa'ane Kelissa Filimoe'atu CLASS of 2010 BYU

April 23, 2010

I got a phone call from cuzzin' Saane about her graduating from BYU, and her saying she really didn't tell anyone but called me to let me know. At first I was thinkin' to go or not to go, seems the tags on my ride was expired and I didn't want to drive out by myself, so more thinking went into it. Madre called me at work kinda heated cause she heard from someone else instead of from me or the graduate and I said to her Mom she doesn't want to fk-hela anyone that's why she didnt' call you, she called me and told me about it I just forgot to tell you LOL weh ma bad on that one, she calmed down and was like oh ok as long as she called you I'm fine with that. So I went to the gym on thursday I believe and met up with Lupi and mentioned to her that I was planning on going to happy valley for the graduation and she was totally down to go with me to Happy Valley and off we went the drive was kinda crappy just cause of the rain but when we got there it was all fine and dandy. We got there and was greeted by auntie Kehau at the door the girls were getting ready we had got there in time to head out with them to the marriot center. This class was a pretty big graduating class 6,000 graduates so they had broke it up into sections, Saane's group was only the second part..Anyways it's always good to be in happy valley with family...that's my mini vaca is the filimoe'atu home. We came back after the Grad to the house for some yummy grub...Lupi and I met some really cool people, and just chopped it up here are a few pic's of the graduation so enjoy...CONGRATS SIS on your accomplishments!! We'll be in happy valley again...Love your guts!