Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Ok so last night I went to the rec for the kickboxing class, but the more I sat with mom and talked the more I was like ok mom I'll go with you to the cycling class to give it a try. The minute we walked in I was already nervous, or was it scared LMBO ok maybe a mixture of both..I walk in with mom and we see the instructor she was sooo bubbly and fun, it made me a little confident as to making the decision to stay and give it a try. Mom was soo funny when she saw there was no seats for the bikes she was like OMG I don't think I can stand and ride the bike the whole hour we just started laughing the instructor says no I need to go grab the keys to open the door for the seats LOL, thank goodness cause I was actually thinkin' the same thing (there is NO way I'm standing the whole time LOL). So the instructor helps us adjust our seats bless her heart cause I was kinda lost hahhaa, no but the class started and I was feeling good then when we were racing and making the pressure of the pedal harder I was sweatin' like a waterfall (that's a good thing right?). Then the toosh started hurting boy was I in for it, she had us standing sitting speeding and with the new shoes oh my lord help me get through the class was what I was honestly thinking LOL, above is a picture of the bikes can you see the seats can they be any harder bwahahaha...anyways I only lasted a half hour of class and boy did I feel like I was going to pass out, but I didn't thanks goodness, the other half hour I went to kickboxing and got my a** whooped more like handed to me cause I was soo tired from the cycling class, more props to mom cause she stayed the full hour. So how did I like the cycling class you ask? I actually LOVED the fact that it got my heart racing and my legs and abs burning, and my A** burning to LMBO but in the end it's not that bad, the only thing I wish they had SOFTER CUSHION seats LOL. Cause boy am I feeling the pain this morning LOL. But overall my experience with cycling was a good one. Will I try it again?? YES with more comfortable shoes!!

Monday, September 28, 2009

MY SHOES woohoo...YAY ME!!

Alrighty so it's been awhile since I've blogged about my working out and whatnot, and NO I didn't stop working out I'm still trying my hardest...I guess you can say the hardest thing for me would be the eating part...I'm slowly getting that down but at the same time trying harder to increase my workout session. And for the pass month I was challenged by my sister Sinai that if I was to hit the gym at least 4 days a week for a month she would buy me any shoes I want, and guess who WON?? woohoo YAY me for once in my life I WON something LOL thanks Sinai for the encouragement I'm sooo ready to put these shoes to work...Love yah!!

Monday, September 21, 2009



This weekend has been amazing, especially sunday being the beginning and new start with ONE VOICE, and I figured for me to. I haven't been as active as I should be, but having the opportunity with a new beginning has been a blessing. Yesturday the choir had the blessing to sing 2 musical numbers at the singles ward and if you haven't heard the choir its truly amazing not because I'm in it but seriously the spirit is just amazing, and the lives in which I've seen change from being a part of the choir is the best feeling ever. So after we had sang we headed on over to Mark & Stacy's house to make our chicken wraps for the opening of our fast, we had so much fun chillen at Mark's house this is what I missed so much about the choir was just being with them and laughing and reminsing about the good 'ol days all that came to the house was: Lupi, Mele Tangulu, Lela Utuone, Masi, Daisy, Lopa, and me it was just soo much fun. We got to the chapel at about 5:30 p.m. And we started about 6 pm and we started off with introducing ourselves and games omg sooo much fun, to break the ice then we had Anya Pasi give the spiritual thought OMG this girl is just amazing she started off the crying session, we then went around our room to express our most memorable feelings and testimony, man I had the urge to just express my feelings on how much I've been struggling and all I'm sooo THANKFUL for this group of people and of course my family and friends that have seriously helped me choose to come back and see the light. We've played a couple of games instead of practicing just so that everyone could feel comfortable around each other. We finally finished all that and went and got started eating and whatnot, then afterwards we had got together to fk ma'u our au kai and Lupi had the blessing to do that, omg her prayer was truly amazing I'm totally excited for what the Lord has in store for me I just need to work towards it. I had exchanged numbers with one of the guys in the choir he's sooo amazing I had got home and received a text from him.

Hea is a invite from Uchtdorf to all women. MAY I INVITE U TO RISE TO THE GREAT POTENTIAL WITHIN YOU. BUT DON'T REACH BEYOND YOUR CAPACITY. DON'T SET GOALS BEYOND YOUR CAPACITY TO ACHIEVE, DON'T FEEL GUILTY OR DWELL ON THOUGHT OF FAILURE, DON'T COMPARE YOURSELF WITH OTHERS. DO THE BEST YOU CAN AND THE LORD WILL PROVIDE THE REST. HAVE FAITH AND CONFIDENCE IN HIM AND YOU WILL SEE MIRACLES HAPPEN IN YOUR LIFE AND THE LIVES OF YOUR LOVE ONES. THE VIRTUE OF YOUR OWN LIFE WILL BE A LIGHT TO THOSE WHO SIT IN THE DARKNESS BECAUSE YOU ARE A LIVING WITNESS OF THE FULLNESS OF THE GOSPEL. WHEREVER YOU HAVE PLANTED ON THIS BEAUTIFUL BUT OFTEN TROUBLED EARTH OF YOURS YOU CAN BE THE ONE TO SUCCOR THE WEAK, LIFT UP THE HANDS WHICH HANG DOWN AND STRENGHTHEN THE FEEBLE KNEES. MY DEAR SISTERS AS YOU LIVE YOUR DAILY LIFE WITH ALL ITS BLESSINGS AND CHALLENGES LET ME ASSURE YOU THAT THE LORD LOVES YOU HE KNOWS YOU, HE LISTENS TO YOUR PRAYERS AND HE ANSWER THOSE PRAYERS WHEREVER ON THIS WORLD YOU MAY BE. HE WANTS YOU TO SUCCEED IN THIS LIFE AND IN ETERNITY...hopes you like sorry for the too long...but it was on my home teachin lesson, and thought I'll share it with you....Thank you Howard your an amazing guy, who I can truly see honors your priesthood he then went on texting and made me realize how much I've been missing out on, While I was reading his text messages I couldn't help but cry for this is truly something I REALLY needed to hear, I actually came home from the choir and opened my scriptures and the page it flipped to was ALMA 37:32-37 when you have time read it, cause it truly helped me out indeed along with the quote Howard sent me. Love the choir, Love my family, and truly LOVE those who I have come in contact with...here's to getting back on the spiritual side:)!!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Group shot of the girls
Group shot WE ROCK
Did you say CHOCOLATE??

Last night was sooo much fun I had the opportunity to go with the Granger 8th YSA to do some service at the Utah food bank and I'm indeed grateful to be able to attend, what better thing to do then do service, Lord knows I NEEDED to do some good:). I got off work at about 5 p.m. I had texted Leslie to tell her not to leave I was on my way home to change, then I'll be meeting them at the stake center, she responded oh girl no worries I'm still at home LOL. Anyways I got to the chapel and the only car there was Evalisi and in her ride was Kakala, & Nesi, she said it was normal that they are known for starting LATE LOL, all good cause I was just excited that I was FINALLY attending a church activity sad huh, but true it's always a blessing to know your doin' some good. Well the time was going by I had hit up masi to come and join in on the activity and it was good for him as well cause he's NEVER done service there so it was good on his part to (plus I'm trying to reactivate him and myself, so I told him I was going to do that much LOL). Well about 4:45 p.m. came and we were getting ready to head out in Lee's ride it was Masi, Mone, Leslie, and I and in the Tua'one Burban was Uni (driving), Liz, and Brenda, so there was a total of 9 of us that went as we were driving we, we see the Burban come to our side and Uni saying I think we're gonna die LOL (the car that is) so we pull over to the carwash and the burban was just smoking like bad so we all go situated and decided that we were gonna park the burban at the bank across the street in glendale, and had Uni jump in our ride, and liz and brenda in Lisi ride anyways we got to the food bank and there was actually quite a few people there already doing some sorting the took us to the back where we had sorted the boxes omg sooo much fun, especially workin' with uni, lee, and uni's boyfriend (LOL this uliuli guy that followed every table she went to LOL) so NO it's not really her BF hahaha.
Uni Checking to see if the Syrup is open LOL (the lid was broken off)
Uni was our tape person, notice the bandaide on her finger LOL that's from the tape dispenser
Brenda, Lisi, Nesi, Liz checkin' to see if the cereal is good
Me and Uni always makin' time for the pictures LOL

Anyways we had so much fun, saw sooo MUCH chocolate and ended up bringing some home well Mone did anyways LOL too funny. Even the missionary worker that was there was like ok lets eat this kitkat (it ripped open LOL), we can't let good candy go to waste LOL yeah too funny cute little old man. Well the service project was done we got a good hour and a half almost, when we had got there, there was actually members of the hunter ward and west valley ward there, good company and good times, Thanks to Evalisi, Leslie, and Mone for putting this activity together pic's will be up shortly as soon as they upload them LOL. We then came back to the chapel and had sandwiches and played some volleyball OMG my knee's getting worse but I can't let volleyball pass HOIIII and trying to play on a hurt KNEE not so good so we'll see how that goes I took some IBprofen today so I can attend ZUMBA and VOLLEYBALL tonight I know mate ngaata'a huh anyways that's how my tuesday night went LOVED it and can't wait till the next upcoming activity!!
Matches obviously NOT wanting his picture taken LOL...good job Masi this is his first time at the Food Bank!!
What you know about QUALITY CHECK....
Uni & I yeah that whole box was FULL of chocolates
Beer anyone LOL "RootBeer" that is....Masi & Kala
Uni & I waiting on everyone else...hmmmm UNI what's in your mouth LOL!!
Getting ready to head back....

Monday, September 14, 2009

Ward Hopping

So I finally decided I need to get my act together and jump up and get ready for church. I got up about 8 a.m. to see Saane and Ofo off to happy valley the weekend was just good fun, and the time I had with the RED team was even more amazing especially the fact at tryin' to reactivate myself (Thank you Lupi for the extra push). I then had jumped in the shower to get ready for the first ward to attend HUNTER ward which was at 10:45 their sacrament meeting we went to see Daniel give his talk, after Daniel spoke we had to leave to catch the Triplets primary program which was at 11:45 a.m. at the KEARNS ward It was like a mad rush LOL (the triplets did an awesome job and they looked sooo BEAUTIFUL like little angels in white). After Melenaite spoke I left with Lupi, and Masi because we needed to attend to a farewell program where One Voice was singing "Precious Lord", for Beb fuka's program boy do I miss the singing days, those where the days where my spiritual level was on the utmost high. I came home to just thinking about what I'm going to do with my life, and came to the conclusion that I NEED the GOSPEL and the spiritual level to come back to the feeling I LOVED and that was by paying my tithes, scripture study, temple sessions, and personal prayers, something in which I've been lacking. I just promised myself that I would LOVE to get that spiritual feeling back and just become the strong member that I once was. I've committed to ONE VOICE again and I'm totally excited for our fast that's coming up this sunday, Lupi and I promised Masi that we would help him with the choir since he's the president and it's seriously something I'm looking forward to, ONE VOICE will be singing Dec 13, 2009 at the Kenneth Cope fireside and what better way to express our Love for our Savior through music. Here's to getting that SPIRITUAL HIGH once again!

Volleyball Tournament

Saturday was a crazy, tiring, yet fun day. Of course friday night after the photo shoot I came home and started cleaning, since mom and dad went to the funeral. While I was cleaning I been getting text messages from Lupi and Saane talking bout how stoked they are for the tournament the next day. Saane then calls me telling me she's been waiting for Ofo to get home so they can get to walmart and look for a red shirt for them to wear and possibly some tights well the time went by and then my phone rings...It's Saane sayin' she's coming down to spend the night cause Ofo had went out with her friends LOL, yeah she was kinda mad but aye gotta love the sisterly communications LOL. Then Lu text me sayin' I'm going to come and sleepover after the putu I was like woohoo we havin' a slumber partay. So then Saane says she's on her way and I'm like cool I'm just finishing up some cleaning and I'll be home waiting for them to come. Then I get a phone call from Lupi's phone and it was mom, calling and asking me how does she turn off the alarm on my truck LMBO, uhhh mom just push the lock and unlock button, I did but when I reverse the alarm goes off again I said mom just push the unlock button again Io that solved the problem.

Anyways Saane got to my house and we were waiting for Lu to call so we can run by and swoop her up to go to walmart. We get the phone call after we reached walmart and turn around to go pick up Lupi cause she needed a few things as well. Can you tell how excited we were for the tournament we went and grabbed big gatorade bottles, apples, oranges, strawberries, pears and nectarines what the healthy snacks aye, as well as some crackers, and our shirts and tight which by the way are sooo comfortable, we got home and started talking and reminsing laughing and then next thing you know its 3 a.m. uhhh yeah we have a tournament but yet we still talkin' so we knockout. Noelle was on her way about 6 or 7 a.m. when she calls we're still laying in bed she's all come on team LOL, so we all jumped up and got ready with our snacks and all LOL. We then headed out to pick up Masi and Tulu, then headed out to the the chapel where the tournament was. All that was on our team was: Saane, Lupi, Ofo, Sela, Masi, Tulu, Paula, and I we get there and teams are all ready warming up as we watch we're thinking this is going to be a good run of volley. And indeed it was to make a long story short we played from 9 a.m.-7 p.m. we were UNDEFEATED and headed to the championships where we played 3 games but lost to a good team Jr's team (Samoan team). Good fun, good company and sore body all worth it cause we all had soo much fun...Thank you sela for the invite being the owner of the team and jumping onto your Iloa team Love yah sis!!

We then (Saane, Ofo, Lupi, Masi, Tulu & I) were starving so we headed on over to Wendy's and grabbed a bite to eat soo much fun with these guys I owe them cookies thanks Masi and Tulu for being on our team you guys are amazing ball players and always good to be with the sisters. Boy can I tell yah being sore is worth the 9 hour playing time. I'm sooo ready to play on wednesday:)

Ahquin photoz with the Misinale's

OMG this pass weekend was soo much fun Friday Brian & Sela had asked if I can come with them to their family photo shoot with Brian's friend from school (Alvin Ahquin). And of course I couldn't say NO to them, Mom had left with dad to Ame's father in law funeral (Paseni Makoni), while they were leaving, Brian and Sel pulled up to pick me up and off to wheeler farm we went. I had soo much fun, I actually took my camera along with me and snapped some shots with Daniel I'll be posting those when I get my camera LOL, I left it in Lupi's gym bag and Silia now has it I'm soo forgetful these days. Anyways here are a couple of pic's from the shoot can't wait to see the rest Love it...Thanks Brian, Sela, and of course Alvin and wifey for making it a FUN shoot!!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Utah Career College

I just got back from my appointment with Utah Career College, I know surprising aye to think I went from wanting to attend cosmetology to wanting to be placed in the medical field. With the economy being the way it is right now, and the inspiration from my older sister Lani to attend school. I decided what the heck further my education and learn more right, so I had an appointment with the college and it's really convenient being that the school is in West Jordan and close to work, and after talking with Melissa most of the classes are online, and then the classes on campus would be just one day a week, and what's even better if I can get a scholorship through my work but that I'll have to wait til october that will be totally awesome if could get that. I figured it's now or never, and right now the medical field is in need of people so here's to hoping I start winter semester if I'm lucky it might even be as early as next month...so cheers to me attempting to attend school again:)!!


So last night I decided to hit up the Women's volleyball tournament for our stake. I'd have to say that I'm sooo glad I went, not only was it FUN, but it was a totally kick butt workout with my sistahs: Sinai, Yvette, Lupi, Me, and a couple of friends Soloi and Leinata. Man this is a motivation to not only improve on the volleyball skills but also to keep me goin' to the gym so I can play better. This weekend is a volleyball tournament for Beb's farewell, almost like the in-laws with their own teams and after playing last night I can say BRING ON the GAME I'll be post pic's from there and report back how that goes until next time toodles!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Last night I had the opportunity to hit up ZUMBA for the daily workout...cool thing was when I was pulling into the gym so was Ame, Lupi and Mino. I was going to stay only a half hour so I can catch Sinai's boy court of honor, but uhhh...guess you can say I had to much fun shaking my wootang LOL. So much fun, sweaty like crazy and and felt so good after the whole workout. When I came home you best believe I was starving but I had something light and healthy (watermelon) boy did it fill me up.

Tonight I will be attending ZUMBA with Deena another WONDERFUL instructor, Sinai thinks she's going to win this challenge but she's wrong cause I'm sooo DETERMINED to win my FREE shoes, so SINAI get your wallet ready this is week 2 and I'm doin' really good:)!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Day 6

I got home at about 2:30 p.m. boy does it pay off to go into work early. I told mom that I was going to take a nap and when I get up we can go to the gym, and so she agreed I didn't know how long my nap would be but I got up at 6 pm and I could here voices outside on the front porch, it was Uncle Jayy, dad, ropes, and mom talking story, guess uncle came on by to get some help with the babysitting papers with my mom so they were chopping it up anyways I DID hit the gym and mom and I spent a good hour for me I was on the treadmill for 30 mins, then I headed downstairs and workout my arms and abs I mean gotta get rid of the LOVE handles I seriously had enough of it LOL, when I got home I thought OMG I haven't really had a meal today, besides just eating here at work. I wasn't so much hungry I mean I had a good workout and I seriously didn't want to ruin it with eating LOL, well the time went by and the hunger was starting to kick in, I downed a bottle of water to see if I was just thirsty and uhhh...that didn't help I was infact HUNGRY I didn't want to starve myself so I went in the kitchen and made me a cheese omlet ooowwweeee was it yummy, then I kinda had me 2 brownies I KNOW NOT good but today's going to be a good day I got my wristband for ZUMBA so I'll be good to go...today's workout ZUMBA, LEGS, ABS yay me!!