Monday, August 31, 2009

Dasl*it Photography

It's the sabbath day and and I'm totally stoked to take our family pictures today I can't remember the last family picture's we took. I got up early grabbed some breakfast, and jumped in the shower had to wash my hair and straighten it for the family photo's LOL. And I decided to attend church:). I attended everything but RS only cause we were scheduled to meet at Sinai's house at 4 so I bounced to get ready in the white top and denim bottoms and touch up the make up LOL, church was good, the lessons were amazing and the new eye candy in the ward hmmmm, makes me want to attend every sunday LOL just kidding. Anyways if y'all need a family picture, or just pictures in general I suggest you book with Dasl*it Photography (Loyann Finau) she's awesome, and sooo much fun:), we had so much fun taking pictures with Loyann..I think our family can take pictures for days. I think we're going to have to take another photo with pops, and Lani and her family. Other then that it was a fun shoot and can't wait to see the rest of the family pictures. Here's just a sneak peek of some of the pictures she took...Thanks again Loyann, you better be ready to take my wedding invitation pic's, it'll be awhile my prince hasn't found me yet LOL!!

'Iongi Diva's
Gotta LOVE their boots
Pauni Family
'Iongi Family


Today had to have been a VERY productive saturday for me. I got up at 7 a.m. just to hit the gym and mainly to grab my wristband for ZUMBA, you know gotta keep my end of the deal by hitting the gym at least 4 days a week in order to win my shoes:). I got to the gym at about 7:30 a.m. and went strait to working out the arms and legs and abs OMG did it feel good I got my 5 days in woohoo sooo wish Sinai made this deal with me waaaay before LOL. Anyways ZUMBA freakin' ALMOST killed me hahaha, but in the end it was worth it. I only stayed for the hour and went home I had some plans for 3 p.m. So when I got home I asked the twins if they wanted to help me wash my truck, oh it was soo much fun, but at the same time another workout for me...which I seriously wasn't complaining I loved it:). We then headed over to vacuum my truck, and then spent another half hour touching up on the spots we missed (I know yah picky with my truck). By the time I got home I was EXAUSTED my plans for 3:00 I was hoping would change cause I was soo beat. Anyways I got the phone call from Random which I'm thankful he called, and he was bummed and so was I ( so we had to reschedule), he had a last minute family bbq for his nephew that would be returning back to NZ, and I was just beat from the workout, washing my truck, and just running around in general, and I figured ok I'll take the nephews to hollywood since I promised them that I would before they went to school, and that is one thing you NEVER do (never promise them things, cause they will remember for days LOL). They had already started school and I totally thought they would forget uhhh...I was wrong hahahaa, but I'm glad I was able to take them they had sooo much fun. One of the boys (Brydan) said to me..."Aunty Kalo I remember when you use to have ALOT of money, you use to take us out all the time". In my mind I'm thinking he's too dang cute, me alot of money wrong kalo LOL, but I seriously miss taking the nieces and nephews out. Anyways here's to having a good time with the twins...Love you guys!! The boys were able to ride the rides UNLIMITED, and after being there for a good 4 hours I think it was totally worth it. We then headed over to Denny's for a bite to eat and then home we went...boy was it a fun weekend!!
Me, Gideon, Brydan

Brydan & Gideon KRAZY KARS
Gideon is sooo READY

Brydan was up for a quick second LOL

Gideon such a PRO

Brydan tried to be cool like Gideon the minute he stood up he came back down LOL
Brydan and Gideon spinning
Brdan & Gideon waiting for KRAZY KARS
Gideon taking a quick break from skating
Brydan & Gideon showing their skates, after the picture was takin' Brydan took a fall LOL
And GIDEON finally goes down LOL
Brydan can pose for days LOL
taking another quick break Love these two
Gideon & Brydan...Told you Brydan loves to pose LOL
I think they had enough pictures LOL!!!

The Dragon Ride
They LOVED this ride.
Doing the word search while waiting for our food
They're soo TIRED & FULL

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Day 2

Today marks the 2nd day of the challenge and I'm sooo feeling good right about now (I can sooo feel the NEW shoes on my feet LOL) I mean I'm hurting right now but it's a good feeling:). It's funny how working out can change your whole attitude towards a whole lot of things seriously. Last night after getting off work I headed home to change into my gym clothes to hit up ZUMBA. Funny thing I was trying to talk mom into going with me (already knowing she can't go, due to the dr's orders staying off her feet for 3 months), I feel bad cause I KNOW how she really misses ZUMBA and just working out. Anyhoo I headed out at about 5:15 p.m. when I get a text from Sinai saying the exit was closed and she ended up in magna LOL, I was like yeah I hate traffic at this hour cause I'm stuck on the road to...and funny thing is my light in the truck is on LOW FUEL, but I couldn't have that stop me from hitting up zumba I'm doing so good so far, and I had to take the risk:O!! Anyways I MADE it thank goodness, and Sinai was actually there I have to honest with yah I was seriously nervous being off from ZUMBA for soo long, but then again having my sisters there made the CLASS soooo much FUN I LOVE it. Having my little sis stand by me pushes me harder (thanks sis your the best), and watching Sinai shaking like a salt shaker gave me and EXTRA push to shake it hard, the more you shake the more you lose is her motto:). So cheers to many more workouts to go, oh and by the way the NOT eating after 6 is WONDERFUL I'm hanging in there and so far it's not that bad, like Sinai said if you think your hungry just drink some water to see if you really are, last night I thought I was hungry sipped some water and I was good WOOHOO, can't wait to see the results THANKS SISTER'S FOR MOTIVATING ME AGAIN I'M ON A MISSION AND FOR REAL THIS TIME, NO MORE SLACKING!!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

ONE MONTH 4 days a week!!

SO I had to come on through and jot down what the deal I had with Sinai was. Sinai had went to the shoe store to buy some more shoes that she liked and she sent me a pic via text message and I said hey while your at it buy me some workout shoes...Sinai responds and says lets make a deal "if you can be consistent for a month going to the gym at least four days a week I'll buy you whatever shoes you want". So in response I said HECK yeah, well yesturday (monday 8/24/09) being the first day of the challenge I set my alarm to 4:30 a.m. determined to get up and hit the gym, well my alarm went off and I jumped up got ready and hit the gym got there at about 5:05 a.m. OMG when I got on the treadmill I thought I was gonna die LOL, but when my legs started burning I seriously wanted to give up but NOPE kept thinking about my new shoes LOL. So I did my mile in 25 mins and headed downstairs workout my arms and can I just tell you when I got up this morning to hit the gym my body was in pain...but it's totally good pain so YES I made it to the gym this morning and grabbed my wristband for ZUMBA tonight oh yeah Sinai I'm fighting for my shoes LOL...Love yah sis and thanks again for my challenge.

P.s. I also committed to NOT eat after 6 p.m. and so far day one accomplished woohoo I'm soo excited, oh yeah I told Saane, Ofo, Ashley, and Lupi about this challenge Sinai gave me and Ofo challenged Saane the same thing (shoes), Ashley said she'll think of something, and Lupi is challenging herself;) sister's we can soo do this...Silia jump on with us seriously I'm having fun so far...OK chica's lets handle this!!

Was I Dreaming??

Last night 8/24/09 I got off work and was pretty beat (I think my body was just shocked by the early morning workout session) I had just got done washing the dishes and went to the room and started watching tv, when I knocked out. As I was sleeping I swear I heard my baby brother Daniel talking and I just started crying, cause I just heard him talking about ALL of us what he remembered or thought about us. When I decided to sit up I realized that I WASN'T dreaming, dad was actually watching a video of when sinai and her little family came down to visit Daniel from Texas when they were living out there. I sat up and just cried and realized that families are forever and I WILL be able to see him again if I do my part. It was just a trip how I heard his voice I love and miss him sooo much, but I know he's happy and reserving our heavenly home for our return.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Getaway to Lindon

August 22, 2009

So after the whole performances and whatnot I was just totally stoked to head out on my weekend getaway to Lindon a little small town before orem. A little bit of country and a whole lot of peace and quiet LOL. We wanted to make it a girls night out for the single ladies left in the fili fam bam but not ALL were able to make it. So it ended up just me and ashley heading out Lupi really wanted to come, but she ended up staying with her mom, to help clean up the decorations and put things away (we sure did miss her), but for sure next gathering right LU??

Anyways we headed out about 9 p.m. and it was a nice drive just talking story with ashley about what? about the guys that are freakin' SLOW in this state LOL no but for real, how frustrating it is with them, but we're NOT worried we'd much rather focus on bettering ourselves before we focus on our other half. We FINALLY reached our Lindon RANCH :) and was greeted with a smile and hug from Kelissa and Noelle. Right when we walked in I knew what room I was putting my stuff in and headed right up the stairs HOI was that a LONG climb (the fact that I'm sooo out of shape), got situated and headed down to the kitchen where Kelissa was already to make the homemade pizza's oh yeah (Thanks Kelissa they were bomb). While we sat and chatted and reminised, we just basically was catching up with each other. Uncle Dave and Auntie Kehau came down to greet us and welcome us to their humble home they were headin' out to pick up some stuff. Anyways we sat there "O" had a date so she went and we told her we'd meet up with her later, after we were stuffed with the YUMMY pizza Saane got a phone call from Danny to come over and this we did.

While we were driving Saane said did I mention Danny got a house I was like woohoo yay, and when we pulled up I was like OMG sooo freakin' cute, they have a cute place and HUGE backyard I joked with danny telling him can I make reservations for my reception here LOL it's a good size backyard (more like a track field LOL). We got there watched some rugby, which made me REALLY want to go to NZ find me a REAL MAN hahaha ok, ok, I'll be nice LOL. But we were playing with Malik what a funny kid he's a cutie. Anyways "O" got to danny's place a little before 11 p.m. and we just all watched movies listened to music and just the time we got to the Ranch:) it was after 1 a.m. the goal was to stay up and talk about which guys we thought were attractive (I mean isn't that what girl's night is all about;)!) and who was the first to knockout little miss Kelissa LOL it's all good you made us bomb pizza so we'll let that slide LOL. Then next thing you know it's silent so who knows what time we all crashed.

Sunday morning I was the first out of the bunch to get up and get ready, then headed back down to the family room and check my phone (more like camp on FB) while I wait for someone to wake up. Then I look to the couch and "O" is gone I'm assuming she went upstairs, so when Saane got up ash was still knocked out saane's like lets go eat breakfast Ofo made us some pancakes and yeah we freakin' ate some bomb pancakes with yummy rasberry jam oh gosh I can still taste it LOL. We then went sat down and Ash finally woke and went to the kitchen to grab a bite to eat, we popped in a movie (Australia) and started to watch it OMG I'm soo going to buy this movie it was to cute, a little on the long side but cute. Saane had talked us into staying for their family bbq at danny's house and boy was I glad we had chicke, beef, potato salad, pasta salad, spinach salad, otai, and I made some choc chip cookies. My weekend was just wonderful fun, AWESOME company, and really relaxing...Thank you Saane, and Ofo, as well as Uncle and Auntie and Danny, Vika, Malik for being such a wonderful host can't wait to get together again, we definately need to soon. Sorry I shoulda took pic's but I didn't take my camera out:( but I did have TONS of fun...Thanks for my NEW WARDROBE saane your the BEST LOVE you all!!

Tongan Celebration

August 22, 2009

Oh gosh Saturday was a SLOW morning for me I was awake pretty early but I just laid in bed staring at the ceiling, when I heard mom walk into the room to ask me if I'm planning on going to the youth performances at the Expo center in sandy. I replied with YES I'll go and she's like ok well then you need to get up and get ready LOL. I do so we all are ready even Ropes was down to go and watch Sinai's boys perform. We left about 11 a.m. and it started at 1 p.m. I know what a long wait but it actually went by really quick if you ask me. Anyways below are some clips of the performances as well as pic's that we took...ALL the wards did an AWESOME job. Well done Tongan North Stake!

Morena, Me & Ruby
Uncle Ropes, Morena, Ruby
2 Morena's

Me, Morena, Ruby, Melenaite

Thursday, August 20, 2009


Boy did I get my butt whooped last night, this was totally an eye opener and motivation for me to get of the lazy horse and jump on the moving wagon with getting my workouts in. I got a text from my SIL the other day asking if I wanted to play in a tournament her cousin Pola is hosting and without any hestitation I said YES, she then asked do you have any suggestions as to who we should call to play. I said yes sure how about Lupi, Saane, and Ofo, then she said ok it's co-ed do you know of any guys that would like to come and play and again I said yes so I hit up Masi and told him to ask his brother Tulu if he wants in to. And the response from masi was YES, she then says you think we got a good team I said of course we do we have fun playing and we LOVE the competition you know, then she said her cousin Pola said you better have a good team cause the other teams that will be playing are really good. Sela was kinda worried and I told her girl let them talk it's all about how you play on the court LOL. Whatever happened to just playing good 'ol volleyball LOL. Anyways I then get a text from Lupi telling me to come play at her ward so I hit up Saane and Ofo, and Ashley to come and play it'd be fun to get together like the old times. Well Saane and ofo came up, and it seriously started late but in the end it was good fun, we had some good games runnin' and to tell you the truth if we play smart we'll be fine, masi came and played to he's awesome. And I have to say I LOVE watching NOELLE play ball she's sooo graceful:). Anyways I say it was an eye opener cause me drinking all that soda and eating all that junk food made me literally outta breath I mean I'm not in the best shape but volleyball is a sport I totally LOVE, and to be that out of breath yeah something is wrong here's to hoping I get my BUTT in gear and get in shape for the tournament Sept 12, 2009...Wish US LUCK!!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

10 years....And missing you more each day!

Portrait of Daniel with our SAVIOR miss you baby bro!
One thing Daniel LOVED....HIS NEPHEWS!!

"I will remember you, will you remember me?" as I think of this song tears just start to fall, when I hear this song I remember Daniel automatically and the memories of our time with him will be replayed, for this is ONE song Daniel LOVED, as well as guns in the ghetto (UB40), and one of Kenny Rogers song. Ten years ago today Daniel returned to our heavenly father and has become a heavenly angel to our family, he was a blessing in our lives and in very many he came in contact with. He fought his hardest to overcome the cancer (osteosarcoma), Daniel has taught me many things, never give up, have FAITH, and to LOVE. Our family became close while Daniel was in the hopital we always looked forward to going to visit him and LOVED every minute of it, but what we LOVED the most was when Daniel was able to be at home with us. I remember the times when we went to nicklecade with him and the cousins all the joy we had with him, the sleepless nights the boys we would have with him, the list goes on and on and on, I still remember when Karl Malone called him the SMILE on DANIEL's face was PRICELESS. I even remember when Daniel would call me and tell me he would want SUBWAY and I would tell him I don't have money and he would say "come on sis just write a check", and he KNEW I would and I did I can honestly tell you NOW I WOULD write more checks if I had to for him I didn't care about the $20 bounce fee LOL. I can't imagine how hard it is for Daniel's twin my little brother Brian him being the closest to Daniel it's been extremely hard for him as well BRIAN we LOVE YOU MORE, and MORE each day stay strong and KNOW that we do LOVE YOU, and to my little sis Silia, and Older Sis Lani (who was there when Daniel passed) we Love you and know how much it's truly hard for you both. So in memory of my little brother Daniel this blogs for you. WE LOVE YOU SOOO MUCH AND MISS YOU LIKE CRAZY. I know your happy where your at now pain free and reserving a spot for us in our celetrial home, and I know in my heart your with us everyday. Love you for eternity DANIEL.