Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Boy has it been awhile since I've blogged my bad on my part no excuses at all. With it being the NEW YEAR and all resolutions to be made, goals to be set and me thinking to myself what can I do differently this year? I've struggled in 2009 a whole lotta "ISH" and I let it get to me. This year I plan on going with the flow and whatever happens happens, Lifes to short to dwell on the past, it's now time to look forward to BIGGER & BETTER things:)!!

Bringing in the NEW YEAR was good fun with the ones I LOVE the most Mi Familia, I haven't really spent a whole lotta time with my family but I'll tell you this when I do I NEVER want it to end...I'm sooo grateful to make it through another year, do I "REGRET" anything from 2009??......NO I don't cause I can honestly tell you I learned from it all GOOD & BAD.

Things that I "WANT" to accomplish this year will be achieving the goals I have in mind.

1. Attending ALL church meetings
2. Pay a full tith
3. Getting out of DEBT
5. Being a better person

There is plenty more that I need to accomplish this year that's just a few. I'm going to stay positive and live life to the FULLEST in 2010 cheers to the NEW year hope y'all have some goals set for this year!!


  1. Sis all those goals can be accomplished with an open mind and a drive!!! love ya!!! U can do it!!

  2. U have some great goals there :) I think u all aredy are a great person! But yeah good luck with your goals..I'm sure you'll accomplish em!!! AND nice to have you back to th

  3. oops didn't finish!! Nice to have you back in the blogging world!!! :)