Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Weigh ins...

Sinai, Ailini, Ruby
So many DUCKS...

April 30, 2010

So I get a phone call this morning from madre asking are you still babysitting the "Triplets"?. I then reply well Sinai said she can take over and watch the girls, so I can head out to happy valley for the weekend getaway earlier instead of after midnight. Mom then replies ok that sounds good so are you going to come home from work and drop off the girls at Sinai's? No mom Sinai will come and pick me up so we can go to the Biggest Loser weigh in...oh ok then have fun in provo and be safe, end of conversation. Well Sinai came on over to pick me and the diva's up, to head on over to the 24 hour fitness in SL for the weigh in, I know another challenge for me especially after taking 2nd in the first competition I joined a guy taking the FIRST place spot, but hey it gave me the extra PUSH and motivation so I figured hey why not join this one to...I loved the fact that this competition is all ladies :). Well we got there and there wasn't that many there but then they all started coming in slowly the total that ended up coming in to weigh in was 15 friday night...more weighed in saturday night bringing the FINAL total to $950 would that be a motivation for you?? cause it sure is for me, so here's to getting healthy and hopefully keeping off the weight.

After weigh ins Sinai asked the girls if they were hungry and sure enough they all yelled out YESSSSS LOL, malo ia cause auntie Morena was hungry to, Sinai treated us to Mo Bettah Steaks frick talk bout YUMMMY totally hit the spot I told Sinai its ok cause we really start Monday well I did anyways and me spending time in Happy Valley with baking and whatnot I gotta take advantage of that before being strict for this competition. So I got the list of weigh ins and guess who's the HEAVIEST...uhhh you guessed it right I am but hey I've been heavy all my life so that doesn't surprise me it's bout time to make that change...hope I can get out of the range I'm in right now being a THICK CHICK is really hard but I ain't gonna give up...I'm gonna GIVE IT MY ALL...the ladies in the competition will give me a good run seriously they're all serious so time to get my GAME FACE ON wish me luck!!


  1. That was fun!!! The competition will be fun. Who cares if you're the heaviest. What matters is the total amount you lose!!!!