Wednesday, March 31, 2010


YUMMY FOOD that brought us the good FUNDS
Demsy and the front
Maumau boiz...(cooks)
RUBY standing on her corner in WEST VALLEY LMBO
My palangi sister Marie & Baby Lina
Deisha the "little girl" in our choir:)
Monte too tall LOL

Hello my fellow BLOGGERS so it's been awhile since I've really sat down and jotted down my feeling on the happenings of my life, and trust me alot has happened and whatnot but I need to jump back on the banwagon and start up again. This past saturday (March 27, 2010) we ONE VOICE had a fundraiser (Hawaiian plate sale) to raise some money for our AZ trip and boy it's been awhile since we've traveled as a choir and what better time then to start right after general conference:). It's been awhile since I've been back with the group but let me tell you it's sooo good to be singing with them again for one it's helped me grow spiritually and 2 the people in the group and great company, and ALL the memories I've had with them are priceless down below are a couple of pic's from my phone I wish I took more but was the driver for the store runs LOL. Cheers to ONE VOICE for fundraising a great amount of mula and to the Maumau's for helping us make the yummy food!

I have to tell you a cool experience tho while ana and I was running around to stores grabbing last minute things. While we were standing in the produce area a palangi girl approached us saying: Sorry to be so Random but would any of you be interested in playing on the Utah Blitz Women's football team LOL, can you imagine my reaction to her comment LOL, while we were talking I hear UT BLITZ from a male's voice look over and the girl says meet Mike Ramos he's one of our coaches, I laughed and said hey I remember you from high school he graduated in '94 and he's like what you went to granger to I said yes sir graduated in '96...anyways she's been saying how they've been trying to recruit some poly's to the team but they haven't really had any luck and so she said that they will be at granger high football field practicing from 2-7pm. Well I decided to take the offer so after runnin' around and helping out with One Voice I decided to head on over to Granger to see what they had to offer. Believe me it was pretty trippy to see women geared up in the football gear running around and tackling heck yeah was what I was thinking full body contact I think I can hang, more like I'm so ready to lay some girl out flat LOL, then the minute I saw them conditioning I said to myself "OH MY HELL, I'M GONNA DIE" LOL but on the positive side it'd be good to get into shape, and to hit some girls at the same time bwahahaha ok don't wanna sound violent cause I'm not that kinda person but I've always wanted to play football when I was younger just didn't think my mom would approve LOL, anyways click here to read more about the Utah Blitz, so I talked to Coach Ramos about joining when I get back from the AZ he said I should be fine if I don't play this year I'll train with them and next year for sure I'll handle that field LOL, so here's to getting my A whooped and trying something different from volleyball LOL.


  1. OMG...Im so kicking myself in the butt that I did not have the negotiation skills to bribe the rest of my family to bring me a plate.....she how they treat me?? They buy plates and post on FB how delicious they are and dont EVEN bother to bring me some...AND THEN have the audacity to tell me how good it was in PERSON!!! LOL...ok off my soap box..

  2. You can do it!!! anything you put ur mind to u can do!!! love ya