Wednesday, March 31, 2010


MARCH 20, 2010

OK, OK, OK I know I'm like back tracking and writing backwards but I needed to add this into my blog so when I look back I can still remember the things I've done for 2010, and it's actually been things that I would never in my life dare to do. But with it being a new year it's time to step it up a notch right? so with that being said I had been the BIGGEST FAN of BIGGEST LOSER since Sione and Filipe Fa was on the show and maybe even before they appeared, but seeing some poly's on the show actually made me wanna be on it to or even push myself to workout and whatnot. So the more I watched the show the more I said to myself WOW that could be me you know. So back in January I had decided to inbox Sione about details as to how to get on and whatnot, he's like the coolest guy being as big as he is now and having the time to email me back was awesome. So he says try going to a live audition in your area to find that out go to the nbc site, if you find a audition in your area let me know and I'll try and get you a VIP pass to get in. I never did that until somebody had posted the date of BL being in SLC when I saw that I hit up Sione again saying hey I found and audition can you help me out? I didn't hear back from Sione for awhile so I was thinkin' oh he can't help me out so I mine as well give up right?? WRONG...I got an email the week of the auditions which was like March 18,2010 saying for me to email the producer and he'll send me the V.I.P pass through an attachment and will guarantee me to the front of a line, excited right?? NO more like saying ummm It's 2 days before the actual audition will DJ really email me back? that's where I was wrong again DJ (the producer her in SLC) did email me the VIP the next day did my heart race YES it sure did, was I NERVOUS? maybe just a little bit LOL, Dj said for Katie (a co-worker of mine) and I to come after one so we did and when we drove up to the KSL studio boy was the LINE freakin' LONG...our thoughts when we walked upto the front was Oh gosh we're gonna have some haters hatin' when we walk past them LOL, but hey we were blessed to have the opportunity to go to the front of the line. By this time my heart was hecka racing, we get to the front of the line with no problems I'd have to say the people are sooo friendly wish we actually got to stand in line longer cause talking to them was really cool and rushing the app we had to fill out was sooo not cool LOL anyways we get into the studio they took us in with groups of 20 and 10 at a bout not even fully being there my mindset LOL, I was still in shock that I was actually in the studio. Anyways they only gave us 7 mins and asked us 3 questions.

1. Name, age, Occupation
2. What food is your weakness?
3. What is the biggest reason you don't exercise?

And I answered
1. Caroline Misinale, 32, QC manager
3. I need the motivation and extra push

Well with that being said they had said we'll call back in 3-5 hours from now (so if you get a call from area code 310 make sure you answer) if you make this round but don't be discouraged if you don't get a call back, we suggest everyone go home and make a video and send it in. Katie and I felt really good about it and whatnot, got to thinkin' when it hit 10pm that I wasn't getting that call back:( yeah I was sad but at the same time happy I went out of my comfort zone to do something I would have never thought in my life of doing. When I had talked to katie the next day I said you know what when I talked to my mom she said I don't think you girls are heavy enough...I told mom hello they needa weigh me to see how much I weigh LOL, when I talked to katie I told her what mom said to me cause when I look back Katie and I were the smallest ones in our group of 10 people, yeah for once I felt skinny for that 7 mins LMBO overall I'm not going to give up on my weightloss challenge and I still want to make my video to send in cause you just never know right? if not then I'm still going to challenge myself to lose weight:)!! My overall experience for the BL audition PRICELESS!!

P.s. You never know I may be the NEXT BIGGEST LOSER;) (Dreams do come true LOL)


  1. LUCKY!!! I love BL too! Go GRAY TEAM!

  2. Wow....what an awesome experience! My little cousin went to that audition also...she didn't get a call back either! Hey it takes a lot to step out of your comfort zone and do something like great job girl!