Tuesday, April 27, 2010



Ever since I've returned from ARIZONA I've been wanting to see my ONE VOICE familia everyday cause I was used to seeing them in the AZ, LOL yeah you would think I would be sick of seeing them everyday but NO really this is a really good and fun group to be around, not only do they bring the crazy side outta me but they also bring the SPIRITUAL side of me out something that I need and am truly blessed to be around. Alot of people think that what we do is a waste of time and whatnot, but we see it as missionary work, and for me this is something really big seems the year I was planning on going on a mission was the year we found out that my lil brother Daniel had cancer, so plans for me had changed so I can help out the parentals. And being a part of ONE VOICE is like doing missionary work. So this past sunday was spent all day with the choir and the spirit is ALWAYS AMAZING, we had been asked to do a sacrament meeting in a palangi ward and I was the last testimony and me and directions don't go very well I'm telling you this because I totally got lost looking for the chapel LOL (go figure) my navigator (Lupi) wasn't able to make it for she needed to attend her ward, so therefore by the time I got to the chapel it was time for me to bare testimony...the minute I got there Noke (soon to be Elder Tonga) was speaking and tears just came down my cheeks like I've been there the whole time, the spirit is an amazing thing and I'm soo grateful to have it a part of mine. That meeting was finished we had a break and the bishopric from that ward had sandwiches and donuts for us so we went to poplar grove and ate and took pics, following that we went to Nina Brunt's lil bro's farwell where we sang prelude and then Marvelous work how how strong was the spirit there we had a lil audience before we actually sang and the tears coming down there face was priceless. Following the farewell we then attended a homecoming of Stanley Tui'one's brother WOW the power of missionary work is just so amazing I tell yah. We left around 4 pm we had a dinner appointment with Tiare Olevau she was having a fireside for her ward she's such an amazing woman her and her hubby's goal is to convert as many souls as they can, we had the fireside and it was indeed another spiritual experience, Tiare was shocked at how strong the spirit was and to see the choir members in tears amazed her as well, as many times as we've shared our testimonies there is NEVER a dry eye I'm telling you. We finished the fireside and Tiare had came and thanked us and said that there was 3 non members in the congregation and all three of them set up an appointment to see the missionaries...I LOVE busy sundays like this not only being with the choir but strenghthening my testimony is what I LOVE THE MOST...this gospel is TRUE and I've been blessed to have it in my life, and I'm looking forward to continuing to spread his word...Next trip PORTLAND OREGON in AUGUST!!

Noke, Soon to be Elder Tonga
Chris & Malia
Gettin' there GRUB on
Eating in the SUN because they were cold
Cinderella Utuone
Tolo and Lela
with Poupou this time
These two can pose or is it just tolo LOL
Mele, nina, Jazzy, Pou
Noke, Marie

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