Friday, October 16, 2009

Pain, Pain, Pain

So the past couple of days I've been ignoring the fact that my knee is bothering me and thinking it's ok you just gotta work it out and whatnot...well wednesday & thursday night is volleyball night right? well with my knee being in not so great shape I played those two nights as if it wasn't injured well last night totally killed me seriously just getting on my bed knee first killed me, and this morning takin' IBprofen which I NEVER do (I hate pills, I'd much rather heal naturally)...yeah that's how bad my knee hurts, but seriously with my trainer:( (sinai) I'll be lifting with her starting next week I need to strengthen the muscles around my knees so here's to having a painful injury but gonna suck it up and fight it cause I NEED TO GET IN SHAPE for ME & some other reasons;) have some major goals and hope to accomplish it!!

Other then that I've been slacking on eating what's right but still haven't gained or loss hoii can this fatt just please melt away I wanna make some faces drop Bwahaaha gotta love the theme song but that seriously is my motivation as well as being healthier...I LOVE my family and sooo thankful for there support next year is sooo my year for bigger and better things.


  1. its sel..... hope your knee gets better. keep up the great work! luv yah

  2. Sis, as if you need to hear a lecture, but weight plays a big part with your knee. And then like I said, you need to strengthen your quads & hamstrings -- makes your knees work better! And I can not stress how important the eating part is -- to lose, you really need to get that down! K sis, love you muchos!