Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Hilton Getaway!!

Swimming pool we had ALL to ourselves
Our BEDS oh yeah!!
Wendy's and our DRINKS LOL
ONLY in SL do they bag with paper bags LOL...

April 2-4, 2010

For the past couple of months I've been wanting to book a room at the hotel just to kick it with the first cuddies, but no one really got back to me and I just decided to book one anyways I told Lupi about it and she was all for it so I figured what the hey lets just do this. So Friday night I went to the stake center cause ONE VOICE was singing at a baptism for Lupi's ward. Oh how I miss these performances the spirit was definitely there and the company with the ONE VOICE family is ALWAYS MEMORABLE. After we had sang they had a eating and Lupi and them was pretty much in charge of prepping and whatnot so of course I had to wait for all the stuff to get loaded and clean, thank goodness that was a fast process. I was sooo ready to just check in and just knock the heck OUT, ok not really more like just check in and just be away LOL! As silly as it sounds but getting away for a minute just to the city was amazing and spending it with the lil sistah's and catching up was a definate PLUS, things I haven't known and glad to know I LOVE ma Fili sistah's. So we finally arrive at the HILTON and it was pretty busy with it being conference weekend and all, hence the reason we booked the room to be closer to the temple, and for conference. We got settled in and the minute Lupi hit the bed homegirl was totally OUT lmbo which was all good cause our plans was to just stay indoors and just have ME time pretty much, it was funny tho cause I got endless text messages asking where you at? and are you not coming to the dance? LOL yeah pretty shocking but to tell you the truth I'm not a fan of dances hahaha. So we ended up just watching movies in our room, funny thing is when we got in we was to lazy to to drive and Lu's like wait I have an idea, next thing I know she's calling the front desk asking if the shuttle can take us to the store LMBO who does that?? (Leave it to VAINI to think of that LOL)...Lu gets off the phone and was like dang it they only take you to the airport I couldn't stop laughing thanks for trying tho LU LMBO! So we end up knocking out we keep saying lets go swimming and just end up laying there. Well Lu eventually knocked out and Ana and I was just chillen watchin' tv we almost left Lu to go swimming but we didn't we had to stay together LOL. Anyways she eventually woke up and that was about midnight to one ish hahaha, and we decided to get up and drive somewhere to eat uhhh yeah driving around (yeah we full on drove in a circle) we finally found a wendy's and a chevron for drinks...ok scary moment we reached drive thru at wendy's when we turned to drive upto where you order these freaky guys come walking around the corner we're like oh shizz not good LOL, the 2 guys walked past and this asian guy stops dead on in front of my ride I'm thinkin' holy cow are we in trouble...then I hear his homeboiz yell his name and he like snaps outta it how bout this dude hecka knocked out standing up in front of my ride and I'm hella rolling up my windows you just never know right LOL that was the only scary experience we had LOL. Got to our room ate and started watching fugitive LMBO yeah huh way to scare ourselves more hahaha.
Lupi, Me, Ana swimming in the pool we had all to ourselves LOL
Don't worry Lu I'll save you LOL
To funny...believe it or not that little round thing can make you float LOL
Ms. Ruby striking a pose before, jumping into the pool
Oh yeah got our snacks and ready for conference:)
Ruby & Ana eating the L&L

Saturday Morning got up at 7 am and sat up and was thinkin' we should go swimming before we listen to conference and ummm yes indeed we did go swimming early in the morning the plus side to it...having the pool to ourselves we was getting a little to camera happy with the self timer LOL you'll see that in the pics. After swimming we went back up to our room showered and got ready intime for the session to start oh how wonderful was this saturday for once in my life I stayed up and took notes the whole saturday....during the break before 2nd session we decided we needed to get our snacks and something to eat before we sat down to pay attention to the second session of conference. We hit up Fresh Market and Lupi treated to L&L need I say more we were totally set for the day. CONFERENCE was amazing I'm sooo grateful for our wonderful leaders for instilling the messages that I really NEEDED to hear. We wanted to go swimming again so about 10ish (P.M.) we decided to head down to the pool OH MY HEAVENS everyone and they momma's was in the pool so we just walked around Lupi ran the treadmill with her red boots GOOO VAINI right if you forget your running shoes run with what you got and that's vaini for yah;), hey it beat the poly guy that was running barefoot LOL to bad I didn't get a picture of him LOL. We then found out that they had a sauna oh yeah first time in the sauna I LOVED it time to attend one soon, meeting members from all over in the small sauna was PRICELESS, hearing how they were converted was awesome, we're planning another getaway I'm actually thinkin' of booking one for a girls night out with my siblings and my nieces it'll be fun. LOVE MY FAMILY ETERNALLY!!
Oh yeah Lupi and I can float LOL
GOSH we LOVE the self timer

Ann ready to take notes
Same with Lupi
And she's OUT lmbo...

I LOVE the Sauna
Lupi on the treadmill with her boots LOL
Yeah busted on FB LOL
Closer pic of our snacks and food oh yeah gotta Love it!!
Yup we went and sad in the lobby, got strange looks but is was FUN lol


  1. How fun!!!!! Glad you guys got away!!!!

  2. WOW! That looks so fun! What a great way to spend a weekend!

    Lovin' the pix of the food...making me hungry! lol!

  3. How fun!!! I love the pics of all that yummy food....mmmmmmm.

  4. How fun sis Wish I could have done that looks like yall had a good times without me BOOOOO bwaahaaaa!!The snacks look delish too some kind of snacks those are meals lol love you all!!!!

  5. hahahaha!!! Caught lupi slippin!!! YOU KNOW WHERE THAT GOES!!! :)