Tuesday, April 20, 2010


So while in ARIZONA I had the opportunity to meet Sione & Filipe Fa, they happen to be at the ARIZONA SHAPE UP AMAZING GUYS I have to tell you. Not only were they down to just chat but to remember and ask me how my auditions went PRICELESS! they are sooo down to earth and just real amazing guys inside and out. Filipe is actually the YSA sunday school teacher and believe me when I tell you he's an AMAZING teacher and listening to his testimony and how strong he is just inspires me to strenghthen mines and to share it often. Filipe also helped out ONE VOICE with our fireside that sunday by sharing his testimony he's inspired many me being one of them...thanks guys for the amazing lessons and just takin' your time out to take a picture!!


  1. u look like a biggest LOSER TOO!!! lucky u

  2. I enjoyed watching these two!!! Glad they're as outstanding in real life as they were on tv. Congrats on the inches lost!