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ONE VOICE in MESA ARIZONA after the dance

APRIL 9-12, 2010

Oh boy where do I begin I've been totally stoked for this trip with ONE VOICE to Mesa Arizona, for it has been along time since I got to spend time with my ONE VOICE familia, and the new members in the choir. Heck I just wanted to get up and outta UTARR it was bout that time to get up and go. We left at midnight thursday night after institute and we had a total of 5 rides to leave that night the 6th ride was going to drive up the next day. In our ride was Filipe (Grandpa) the driver, MUMz (Ana Tafisi), Pongai, Tigerballz (Ruby), & my BFF (Howard). The drive was nice just relaxing and camping on my FB on the phone hahaha gotta LOVE technology, and listening to Howard and Ruby fight LOL. We was on a roll clowning and what not, we made a couple of stops here and there the drive was ridiculously crazy with tons of twists and turns like literally I was getting dizzy hahaha ok I'm over exaggerating but it really was a crazy ride. We reached Flagstaff at about 7 a.m. friday morning and Leia decided he wanted to take the lead as he was trying to pass one of the rides up the POPO clocked him bwahahaha hence the train pulling over to the gas station LOL. While we all waited the Highway Patrol came to all of the vehicles and asked for license and registration LMBO yeah everyone was worried but they had issued the drivers a warning and while they were issuing warnings the passengers of the vehicles was playing volleyball yeah you would think we'd sit still in the car NOPE always have a volleyball handy it'll kill time hahaha. Anyways we were off and more cautious now as we drove lesson learned yessireee. Anyways to make my post short we got to the FALEVAI home around 11 or noon not quite sure but they had LUNCH ready for us along with a big banner saying ARIZONA WELCOMES ONE VOICE how awesome is that. We rested for a bit Friday showered and got dressed to head on to the children's hospital to sing, what an amazing experience it was to just have the opportunity to sing there, the smile on the kids & parents faces were priceless...we then headed over to Rocky Hamilton's place where he and his ARIZONA Krew would be BBQin' for us we just chilled and played vball as some went swimming just relaxing and fun overall pretty beat but the AZ peeps wanted to chill but we on the other hand was to tired and said we'll chill tomorrow so off to sleep we went. Girls at the Falevai's and guys to Ray Mataele's house. This was the first trip I had gone on that we had to separate guys and girls we're sooo use to be all together but it was good cause I had the opportunity to meet alot of the girls that I didn't know before hence my lil roomies Vicelia, Ketura, Deisha, Mere, so glad to have met these young ladies and to get to know them more. Saturday morning we were volunteering at the SHAPE UP ARIZONA really really fun, and I also had the opportunity to meet Sione and Filipe FA who have inspired me to get up and get moving that was a big HIGHLIGHT for me, after the volunteer work we headed back to the Mesa chapel where the Falevai's had lunch for us and we had gameday boi was the AZ heat kickin' my "A" woah like seriously if i was to live there I think I'd be skinny LMBO cause I drank more then I ate...Uncle Gilbert & Auntie Luti came over to take Lupi and I out but according to rules of the choir we couldn't really go hoiii so we told Uncle that we'd hit him up. Later on that evening we had attended the DANCE they had held for us Anapou did a tauolunga and Nia did her selenas routine off the hook. Anyways that was that we had hit up uncle that we were gonna come on through to his house we meaning Me, Lupi, Vicelia, Ketura, Deisha, Masi, as we were headed there we came across some trials but before that we went to Jack in the box hella funny incident...Masi was ordering his food and he was totally outta it like he was literally tired while he was ordering i just kept hearing the guy say ok maam is there anything else and he kept sayin maam, i heard the guy the first time but didnt think masi heard anyways to make a long story short mas finally heard him say maam...MASI YELLED BACK ITS SIRRRR bwahahaha, then when we go to the window to pay i notice the guy in the window and we're slowly moving forward the guy sticks out his head and yells SIR SIR SIR bwahahaha we all busted up laughing cause masi was sooo not awake he had to reverse back to the we pulled up to wait for our food the guy in the window hella rolled his eyes and we started laughing even more. Anyways we got to unk's house and lupi and i go to change and we jump into the pool OMG talk about freezing then we hear masi and lu and i decided to get out and just change to head back home cause apparently we broke the rules LMBO as we were driving i just let it get to me and i was hecka going off saying stuff I shouldn't of said and bless masi's heart with his comforting words has calmed me down saying you know we're here for a good cause and satan will do anything to break our OV family apart with that being said I had humbled myself and thought you know your right. Everyone else went to Mo's house to chill while we came strait home after takin' the one dip in the pool, we got home and we all jumped on the futon in our room Lu, me, deisha, ketura, Vicelia fun time good laughs and good time getting to know them LOVE these lil ones. Sunday was overall AMAZING it was testimony meeting and I had been crying all night and morning just filled with the comfort and love of our savior I was prompted to stand up and share my testimony (something that I was totally surprised) but the spirit totally took over me and has humbled me alot, also being able to see family David & Nancy Bloomfield amazing, later on that night we had our fireside, man was the spirit totally there soo grateful for the LOVE of our father in heaven to guide us and to prompt us with his teachings there was sooo many inactives and non members at the fireside to hear them tell us how they have been touched is amazing I LOVE THIS GOSPEL. Unk hit us up about coming to his house and we did go YAY midnight swimming and unk & auntie feeding the choir as they jamm. I LOVE MY FAMILY, I LOVE MY OV FAMILY, and I LOVE THIS GOSPEL many more trips to come enjoy the pics as I have enjoyed sharing the gospel through music with my OV family!!
A FEW of US infront of the Falevai home with our SIGN OISHH!!
MUMz...Arizona HP, BFF HowardPicture with the POPO before we head out LOL
Killing time playing some Volleyball LOL
Striking a pose infront of the POPO ride hahaha
The reason we ALL pulled over to the GAS station LOL

Shane, Ruby, Vicelia, Me, Mere, Feni, Nai, Matches
At Uncle Gil's house: Ruby, Unk, Me, Lola
After singing at the Childrens hospital.Jazzy, Ruby, Shane, Me, Mel, Mas
ONE VOICE and the Hopital nurses
Me, Mumz, Mel, Howard
Beautiful Nancy, Me, Cuddy David, Lu
Again with the Beautiful Arizona women
Ruby and I with Nancy
With the Bloomfield kiddies
Me, David, Ruby

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