Monday, May 25, 2009


Drawn Portrait of Daniel Charleysin Misinale with our Savior
Nohe'a, Pitasoni, Spencer with Uncle Daniel

So with today being Memorial day I thought I'd write about my little brother Daniel. Man I MISS HIM SOOOOO MUCH, just looking through pic's of Daniel and his wonderful handsome smile just brings back ALL the memories of him, while he was here on this earth. What is there not to say about him?? he's the type of boy that when he wanted something he'll keep bothering you until you give in and say yes. Daniel got what he wanted, most of the time cause he was a smooth talker:D, and I'd have to say he was a ladies man to, I mean seriously who comes home with a girl when in the first grade (Daniel) LoL. Daniel was just an AMAZING kid over all. When we found out Daniel was diagnosed with osteosarcoma (a form of bone cancer). I just remember sitting in the dr's office with my mom waiting with him in the waiting room, we were looking through magazines and I just remember him seeing an article about the OLYMPICS being in SLC in 2002, and he turned to me sayin' man sis I won't be here in 2002 and I was like looking at him like whatever where do you think your gonna be?? he turns to me with a SMILE and said I'm gonna be on my mission, Daniel fought the cancer but didn't win, he returned to our father in heaven on August 19, 1999 19 days after he turned sweet 16.

I miss my talks with Daniel, he had always encouraged me in doing things I didn't think I was capable of doing, and always making me think positive when I was feeling down and out. Daniel was a fighter, a comedian, and also and AWESOME uncle to his nephews when he was still here on this earth, I'm soooo grateful for this gospel and the understanding that I have, for the plan of salvation for this I know if I live a worthy life I WILL be able to see him again. Daniel you ARE ALWAYS in our THOUGHTS, and FOREVER in our HEARTS. Your new nieces and nephews know about you and when they see pic's of you they say hey it's uncle Daniel. No worries we still keep our CHILDHOOD YEARS alive like you told us to NEVER FORGET, and that YOU WILL ALWAYS BE WATCHING, I LOVE and MISS you BABY BRO!!!



  2. Nice tribute sis! Got all teary eyed reading this. I miss and love you Daniel!

  3. i remember him from sharing primary childrens hospital with my niece Ana.. He was a great person, very loving..
    Hey I'm taking my blog private, leave a comment on my blog with your email so I can invite you in.. Love ya