Friday, May 15, 2009


Ok so this post I decided to write about something I've grown to LOVE. For those of you that don't know me I've been the THICK girl in my family and trying to lose weight has been a major struggle for me growing up, and to still to this day. For the past couple of years my New Year's resolution was to workout and eat right, and those years have passed, and I NEVER accomplished those goals. So just this January I decided that '09 is sooo MINE as funny as that sounds but it's true I've FINALLY found something that makes me WANT to go and workout and it's called "ZUMBA" (for those of you who don't know what it is, it's Latin aerobics, or as my instructor JULIE would say it's a DANCE PARTAY!) thanks to my sister Sinai, Silia, & my Momma I've grown to LOVE going to the gym to get my workout on, if these 3 didn't support me and encourage me to hit the gym I don't think my goal for '09 would've started. So this post is to say thanks to my loving mother and beautiful sisters for getting my back 110% thanks for supporting me pushing me, and even calling me to see if I'm coming to the gym it seriously helps me a great deal. Sooo look out I'm coming FULL force wether y'all like it or not LOL!!!


  1. Hey sis -- glad you love it!!!! You can so do it!!! Just set your mind to it and you can accomplish anything!

  2. just like ur lil saying on ur page Don't count the days Make the days COUNT!!! ALL U GIRL!!! Let me ride my lil roller coaster and get back on track LOVE YOU

  3. I'm glad you are starting, I hear ya... I start every year too.. LOL.. It was great running into you (time & place) we'll leave out.. LOL..