Thursday, May 28, 2009

PuRpLe wOwZeR

Ok so mom and I went to take some stuff to our good friend tohi, to help out with her nephews wedding this weekend. Mom had bought Teisa a dress and some shoes for the wedding and it's soooo CUTE anyways, we left the house with the shoes cause mom wanted to get Teisa some bigger shoes to last longer so off we went to Valley Fair Mall where she had bought them, I told mom that I was gonna stay in the van and wait for her cause I was sooo not lookin' the business, still in my gym clothes (which I didn't break a sweat in, cause I went to the Diva's photo shoot LOL), and hair in a bun look. And I wasn't about to walk around in the mall lookin' like that hahaha, I mean I didn't care right?? Well anyways while I was sitting in the van I spotted this Purple car that was lifted pretty cool aye?? well the first thing I thought about was my brother Ropes when I saw this car only cause he told me he was gonna throw on some 24's on his ride and lift it, so there you have it the LIFTED PURPLE CAR, and what do you know it's my favorite color LOL!!

P.S. I had to have mom drive by the car so I can take a picture of it:D!!!


  1. Wow...was it a show? Or did someone drive it to the mall?

  2. As far as I can tell it was a CUTE poly guy LOL!!! shoulda had got out and took a pic of him and the car but uhh...I wasn't lookin' the business LOL...and Nope no show he drove it there!

  3. Dang for real it's a poly guys? That's a tight ride and only you can have mom drive by it. lol!