Monday, May 18, 2009

FuN FiLLeD wEeKeNd

Me & Silia takin' a break from ZUMBA
Mom, Sinai, Me, Silia

Sinai, Ali, Mom, Me, Silia

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Us with our AWESOME instructors DALE & JULIE
Julie & Sinai
So this passed weekend was soooo crazy but I'd have to say it was sooo much FUN!! friday night my mom, sisters and I attended a ZUMBATHON held by our instructor JULIE and her son DALE to raise some money to send her son off on a trip for school, it was a 2 hour class of non stop dancing to latin music OMG talk bout tooo much fun, Mom was a DIEHARD she danced the whole 2 hours where as I was takin' my breaks here and there and it didn't help that my shirt smelt like shizz hahahaha we won't go there LOL. But I took a break (kinda a LONG one hahaha) to take some pic's and to catch my breath I hung in there for about an hour and 15 mins I tried to get back up and join my mom and sisters but my time on break was a little to long that when I stood up I fell back down LOL boy my legs was aching hahahaha food for thought next time you ZUMBA don't take breaks LOL. Anyways it was some good fun and well worth it, after we had accomplished the ZUMBATHON I was sooo freakin' hungry guess you can say I built up an appetite. Sinai wanted to try some Pho soup, according to her it's healthly (don't ask me what it is I just said ok lets go). So we headed to that restraunt (Mom, Sinai, Brydan, Gideon, ME) silia wanted to spend time with her family so she headed home. Anyways when we got to the restraunt it was closed just our luck right, but dude I was starving so Sinai was like what do you want to eat Kalo I was like sheesh anything. So yeah we ended up at Denny's and boy was that a good decision, we ended ordering cheese fries, and nachos we must've been too hungry cause we cleaned off that plate real quick, then Sinai was like ok now that we pigged out we need something healthy LOL so we ordered Tilapia omg sooo yummy we didn't even finish it cause we were stuffed with the appetizers. Anyways the weekend was a blast with my family...gotta LOVE it.
That wasn't the end of the weekend saturday we headed to a sweet 16 birthday party, for some more family time we had sooo much fun reminsing with the family it brought back memories. The afu family have always been there for us growing up and it was good to just kick back and talk story with them LOVE YOU TOME and family THANKS for EVERYTHING y'all have done for us growing up, and George thanks for the many ice creams, and laughs your a hoot and thanks for making us feel at home much LOVE, can't wait for the next get together.
Last day of the fun filled weekend topped it off with a WONDERFUL sabbath day, I went to church and was spiritually fed LOVE attending the singles ward, it's so good to hear the messages, totally what I needed on top of that the ward choir did an awesome job, especially being last minute. OK so after sacrament meeting I headed home to bake some cookies for "ONE VOICE", it's been awhile since I've sang with them and figured why not make them some goodies so off I went to bake some cookies, we won't say where I ran into Loyann LOL that will be a secret. Anyhoo got the cookies done, and headed to the chapel to meet up with everyone to head on out to bountiful to sing at the regional center...OMG talk about AMAZING I Love, Love, Love the choir the spirit was soooo STRONG it was the BEST...So there you have it my weekend was a BLAST.

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