Thursday, May 28, 2009

Pose for the CAMERA now, CLICK CLICK!!!!

I had the opportunity to head on over to the rec and watch the Little Diva's POSE FOR THE CAMERA. And I'm sooo glad I did these girls are so dang cute, they can not only pose for the camera they sure as heck can catch ANYONE's attention and they don't even have to try LOL. Anyways so I stole a couple of pic's from my little sister Silia to show you how CUTE they looked in their dance outfits, I say their the CUTEST little LADY BUGS ever. Well I thought their outfits looked like LADYBUGS (don't know if that's what they were suppose to). But anyways I had so much fun watching these young girls pose for the camera, had to say their a natural...and they soooo love working with the camera.

Ok so after the pic's were takin' my intention was to stay and workout at the gym since it's just right there, and did that happen NOOOOO. And why you ask?? because my brother in law insisted that I come with them to eat, and you know how I LOVE FOOD, and FOOD LOVES ME LMBO I accepted and left the empty gym to go and stuff my face (I know sooo not good) but I did eat and do I have any REGRETS?? NOPE none at all...why?? cause I'm just going to have to work my a** off tonight at the gym LOL. It's soooo frustrating trying to lose weight and keep it off but I guess that's just how life goes and I'm going to have to accept that. As hard as it's gonna be I HAVE to be WILLING to make the sacrifices that are needed to obtain these goals, like my older and wiser sister once said to me if you fall off the wagon don't dwell on it do better from here on out...So THERE you have it I'm jumping back on the wagon and making this YEAR MINE!!!

Ruby, Morena, Melenaite headin' on over to take their DANCE pic's

Morena brushing her shoulders off LOL, Ruby don't know what she's doin', and Melenaite doing a dance pose:D!!!

I LOVE this shot of the girl's, this was done after their photo shoot was done L to R: Morena, Ruby, Melenaite

The "OLDER" and wiser one MELENAITE

The VERY petite & energetic one "PEANUT" Ruby

The "SPORTY " one MORENA (my babygirl and my Namesake)

Morena, Ruby, Melenaite

The girl's waiting outside, for their turn to take pic's...L to R: Ruby, Morena, Melenaite, in this pic you can tell Ruby is sick poor peanut was blowing her nose like no other, and sneezing like crazy, she's a TROOPER!!!



  2. Man your WELCOME anything for the DANCING DIVA's LOVE THEM TOOO MUCH!!!