Monday, September 21, 2009



This weekend has been amazing, especially sunday being the beginning and new start with ONE VOICE, and I figured for me to. I haven't been as active as I should be, but having the opportunity with a new beginning has been a blessing. Yesturday the choir had the blessing to sing 2 musical numbers at the singles ward and if you haven't heard the choir its truly amazing not because I'm in it but seriously the spirit is just amazing, and the lives in which I've seen change from being a part of the choir is the best feeling ever. So after we had sang we headed on over to Mark & Stacy's house to make our chicken wraps for the opening of our fast, we had so much fun chillen at Mark's house this is what I missed so much about the choir was just being with them and laughing and reminsing about the good 'ol days all that came to the house was: Lupi, Mele Tangulu, Lela Utuone, Masi, Daisy, Lopa, and me it was just soo much fun. We got to the chapel at about 5:30 p.m. And we started about 6 pm and we started off with introducing ourselves and games omg sooo much fun, to break the ice then we had Anya Pasi give the spiritual thought OMG this girl is just amazing she started off the crying session, we then went around our room to express our most memorable feelings and testimony, man I had the urge to just express my feelings on how much I've been struggling and all I'm sooo THANKFUL for this group of people and of course my family and friends that have seriously helped me choose to come back and see the light. We've played a couple of games instead of practicing just so that everyone could feel comfortable around each other. We finally finished all that and went and got started eating and whatnot, then afterwards we had got together to fk ma'u our au kai and Lupi had the blessing to do that, omg her prayer was truly amazing I'm totally excited for what the Lord has in store for me I just need to work towards it. I had exchanged numbers with one of the guys in the choir he's sooo amazing I had got home and received a text from him.

Hea is a invite from Uchtdorf to all women. MAY I INVITE U TO RISE TO THE GREAT POTENTIAL WITHIN YOU. BUT DON'T REACH BEYOND YOUR CAPACITY. DON'T SET GOALS BEYOND YOUR CAPACITY TO ACHIEVE, DON'T FEEL GUILTY OR DWELL ON THOUGHT OF FAILURE, DON'T COMPARE YOURSELF WITH OTHERS. DO THE BEST YOU CAN AND THE LORD WILL PROVIDE THE REST. HAVE FAITH AND CONFIDENCE IN HIM AND YOU WILL SEE MIRACLES HAPPEN IN YOUR LIFE AND THE LIVES OF YOUR LOVE ONES. THE VIRTUE OF YOUR OWN LIFE WILL BE A LIGHT TO THOSE WHO SIT IN THE DARKNESS BECAUSE YOU ARE A LIVING WITNESS OF THE FULLNESS OF THE GOSPEL. WHEREVER YOU HAVE PLANTED ON THIS BEAUTIFUL BUT OFTEN TROUBLED EARTH OF YOURS YOU CAN BE THE ONE TO SUCCOR THE WEAK, LIFT UP THE HANDS WHICH HANG DOWN AND STRENGHTHEN THE FEEBLE KNEES. MY DEAR SISTERS AS YOU LIVE YOUR DAILY LIFE WITH ALL ITS BLESSINGS AND CHALLENGES LET ME ASSURE YOU THAT THE LORD LOVES YOU HE KNOWS YOU, HE LISTENS TO YOUR PRAYERS AND HE ANSWER THOSE PRAYERS WHEREVER ON THIS WORLD YOU MAY BE. HE WANTS YOU TO SUCCEED IN THIS LIFE AND IN ETERNITY...hopes you like sorry for the too long...but it was on my home teachin lesson, and thought I'll share it with you....Thank you Howard your an amazing guy, who I can truly see honors your priesthood he then went on texting and made me realize how much I've been missing out on, While I was reading his text messages I couldn't help but cry for this is truly something I REALLY needed to hear, I actually came home from the choir and opened my scriptures and the page it flipped to was ALMA 37:32-37 when you have time read it, cause it truly helped me out indeed along with the quote Howard sent me. Love the choir, Love my family, and truly LOVE those who I have come in contact's to getting back on the spiritual side:)!!


  1. I freaking Love your guts Kalo. Thank you soo much for that.

  2. Good job sis! keep it up and let us know if you ever need anything.