Monday, September 14, 2009

Volleyball Tournament

Saturday was a crazy, tiring, yet fun day. Of course friday night after the photo shoot I came home and started cleaning, since mom and dad went to the funeral. While I was cleaning I been getting text messages from Lupi and Saane talking bout how stoked they are for the tournament the next day. Saane then calls me telling me she's been waiting for Ofo to get home so they can get to walmart and look for a red shirt for them to wear and possibly some tights well the time went by and then my phone rings...It's Saane sayin' she's coming down to spend the night cause Ofo had went out with her friends LOL, yeah she was kinda mad but aye gotta love the sisterly communications LOL. Then Lu text me sayin' I'm going to come and sleepover after the putu I was like woohoo we havin' a slumber partay. So then Saane says she's on her way and I'm like cool I'm just finishing up some cleaning and I'll be home waiting for them to come. Then I get a phone call from Lupi's phone and it was mom, calling and asking me how does she turn off the alarm on my truck LMBO, uhhh mom just push the lock and unlock button, I did but when I reverse the alarm goes off again I said mom just push the unlock button again Io that solved the problem.

Anyways Saane got to my house and we were waiting for Lu to call so we can run by and swoop her up to go to walmart. We get the phone call after we reached walmart and turn around to go pick up Lupi cause she needed a few things as well. Can you tell how excited we were for the tournament we went and grabbed big gatorade bottles, apples, oranges, strawberries, pears and nectarines what the healthy snacks aye, as well as some crackers, and our shirts and tight which by the way are sooo comfortable, we got home and started talking and reminsing laughing and then next thing you know its 3 a.m. uhhh yeah we have a tournament but yet we still talkin' so we knockout. Noelle was on her way about 6 or 7 a.m. when she calls we're still laying in bed she's all come on team LOL, so we all jumped up and got ready with our snacks and all LOL. We then headed out to pick up Masi and Tulu, then headed out to the the chapel where the tournament was. All that was on our team was: Saane, Lupi, Ofo, Sela, Masi, Tulu, Paula, and I we get there and teams are all ready warming up as we watch we're thinking this is going to be a good run of volley. And indeed it was to make a long story short we played from 9 a.m.-7 p.m. we were UNDEFEATED and headed to the championships where we played 3 games but lost to a good team Jr's team (Samoan team). Good fun, good company and sore body all worth it cause we all had soo much fun...Thank you sela for the invite being the owner of the team and jumping onto your Iloa team Love yah sis!!

We then (Saane, Ofo, Lupi, Masi, Tulu & I) were starving so we headed on over to Wendy's and grabbed a bite to eat soo much fun with these guys I owe them cookies thanks Masi and Tulu for being on our team you guys are amazing ball players and always good to be with the sisters. Boy can I tell yah being sore is worth the 9 hour playing time. I'm sooo ready to play on wednesday:)

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