Friday, September 11, 2009

Utah Career College

I just got back from my appointment with Utah Career College, I know surprising aye to think I went from wanting to attend cosmetology to wanting to be placed in the medical field. With the economy being the way it is right now, and the inspiration from my older sister Lani to attend school. I decided what the heck further my education and learn more right, so I had an appointment with the college and it's really convenient being that the school is in West Jordan and close to work, and after talking with Melissa most of the classes are online, and then the classes on campus would be just one day a week, and what's even better if I can get a scholorship through my work but that I'll have to wait til october that will be totally awesome if could get that. I figured it's now or never, and right now the medical field is in need of people so here's to hoping I start winter semester if I'm lucky it might even be as early as next cheers to me attempting to attend school again:)!!

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