Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Group shot of the girls
Group shot WE ROCK
Did you say CHOCOLATE??

Last night was sooo much fun I had the opportunity to go with the Granger 8th YSA to do some service at the Utah food bank and I'm indeed grateful to be able to attend, what better thing to do then do service, Lord knows I NEEDED to do some good:). I got off work at about 5 p.m. I had texted Leslie to tell her not to leave I was on my way home to change, then I'll be meeting them at the stake center, she responded oh girl no worries I'm still at home LOL. Anyways I got to the chapel and the only car there was Evalisi and in her ride was Kakala, & Nesi, she said it was normal that they are known for starting LATE LOL, all good cause I was just excited that I was FINALLY attending a church activity sad huh, but true it's always a blessing to know your doin' some good. Well the time was going by I had hit up masi to come and join in on the activity and it was good for him as well cause he's NEVER done service there so it was good on his part to (plus I'm trying to reactivate him and myself, so I told him I was going to do that much LOL). Well about 4:45 p.m. came and we were getting ready to head out in Lee's ride it was Masi, Mone, Leslie, and I and in the Tua'one Burban was Uni (driving), Liz, and Brenda, so there was a total of 9 of us that went as we were driving we, we see the Burban come to our side and Uni saying I think we're gonna die LOL (the car that is) so we pull over to the carwash and the burban was just smoking like bad so we all go situated and decided that we were gonna park the burban at the bank across the street in glendale, and had Uni jump in our ride, and liz and brenda in Lisi ride anyways we got to the food bank and there was actually quite a few people there already doing some sorting the took us to the back where we had sorted the boxes omg sooo much fun, especially workin' with uni, lee, and uni's boyfriend (LOL this uliuli guy that followed every table she went to LOL) so NO it's not really her BF hahaha.
Uni Checking to see if the Syrup is open LOL (the lid was broken off)
Uni was our tape person, notice the bandaide on her finger LOL that's from the tape dispenser
Brenda, Lisi, Nesi, Liz checkin' to see if the cereal is good
Me and Uni always makin' time for the pictures LOL

Anyways we had so much fun, saw sooo MUCH chocolate and ended up bringing some home well Mone did anyways LOL too funny. Even the missionary worker that was there was like ok lets eat this kitkat (it ripped open LOL), we can't let good candy go to waste LOL yeah too funny cute little old man. Well the service project was done we got a good hour and a half almost, when we had got there, there was actually members of the hunter ward and west valley ward there, good company and good times, Thanks to Evalisi, Leslie, and Mone for putting this activity together pic's will be up shortly as soon as they upload them LOL. We then came back to the chapel and had sandwiches and played some volleyball OMG my knee's getting worse but I can't let volleyball pass HOIIII and trying to play on a hurt KNEE not so good so we'll see how that goes I took some IBprofen today so I can attend ZUMBA and VOLLEYBALL tonight I know mate ngaata'a huh anyways that's how my tuesday night went LOVED it and can't wait till the next upcoming activity!!
Matches obviously NOT wanting his picture taken LOL...good job Masi this is his first time at the Food Bank!!
What you know about QUALITY CHECK....
Uni & I yeah that whole box was FULL of chocolates
Beer anyone LOL "RootBeer" that is....Masi & Kala
Uni & I waiting on everyone else...hmmmm UNI what's in your mouth LOL!!
Getting ready to head back....

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  1. OH MY GOODNESS!!! Sooooo much chocolate! How did you manage NOT to go into sugar shock??? I would've died of diabetes overload if i would've been there hahahahahahaha!!! good on you for doing service, love it!!!!