Friday, August 14, 2009


Yesturday (8/13/09) coming into work at 6 a.m. was the best feeling ever thanks to my little sister Silia for allowing me to catch a ride with her to work while she dropped off the diva's soo early in the morning. Work was pretty good doing something different is ALWAYS a good thing. My co-worker Merridy came in for a quick sec then headed back over to the hospital to be with her mom, she hasn't been doing to well so I was able to take over her job for the past couple of days and honestly the more I have to do the faster time goes by. Anyways I was finishing up the last couple of waybills before heading home, when I decided to text Sinai and see how Raging Waters was and had told her that I might come and sidebust on their youth conference activity. Sinai then responded that she had a ticket for me if I wanted to come let her know for sure so I told her ok standbye I'll let you know when I get home.

So I get home and sit in my room thinkin' OMG it's freakin' HOTT LOL, so I texted Sinai and said ok sis I've thought about it and I'm sooo coming LOL, I then sit and ponder more and I'm thinkin' I'm going to hit up Leslie and see if she wants to go. So I text her and she's telling me to standbye that she's trying to get a hold of her mom to see if she'll be home to watch the nieces and nephews so she can come. Well Les was still waiting and I decided that I was just gonna go ahead and if she does come she'll hit me up. Well I get to Raging Waters and Sinai's at the gate to greet me with my ticket woohoo it's been soo long since I've been to Raging Waters and I'm thinkin' hmmmm what slide will I go on...My first instinct was the little old white slide cause I soo wasn't in the mood to hike up to the slide LOL yeah lazy I'm sooo outta shape I probably woulda held up the line hahahaa. Anyways Leslie Lapuaho came to me and said lets go and slide and I told her hold on let me think about it, we walked around and I told her wait I wanna go and get wet first so we went to this pool area and just chilled in there for a bit then went back to the pavillion cause I was sooo hungry LOL. As we were eating Lee Langi came and I was soo happy she came in to grab the tickets for her and her brother. So when lee came we went to find a slide to go down.

To make this long story short I know I'm making you wonder about the title I chose, I said ok I would Love to go on a slide I just don't wanna hike up there LOL, so I see this slide just across the pavillion we were at and it only had one set of stairs to climb and I said lets go on that one. My niece Leslie was like the shotgun? I said yeah that one I'll climb those stairs and she's like ok, we climb the stairs I then ask how deep is the water? she says 9 ft uhhh what's wrong aunty I said I don't know how to swim and they both DARED me to go I was then thinking to myself well I gotta overcome my fear, then I tell both of them I'll go if you both go first LOL, my niece says okay we'll go first and then we'll wait for you to come down why did I believe her LOL. Leslie and Leslie (my niece), go down and Lee was sayin' she didn't know how to swim.....yeah right, I look and she's full on swimming does that make me nervous HELL yeah it does. But I couldn't chicken out cause they DARED me to go and I told them I will if they'd go down first. So there I go shooting down the slide and screaming my guts out but before I can take a breath I went strait down into the water OMG, talk bout panic mode I started to struggle in the water getting paranoid that I can't feel surface underneath my feet the more I struggled the more I went down, I was then thinking Kalo what the HELL were you thinking I started running out of breath thinkin' again are they going to notice I'm not coming back up I opened my eyes looking around me and still see nothing I then stopped struggling and rested my arms to my side and put my head up I opened my eyes again and start to see it's getting bright I then can hear both Leslie's say where did she go she shoulda came up already...all of a sudden I POP up and went gasping for air literally gasping and trying to catch my breath and try to act like I didn't almost drown..Leslie then asks Morena are you ok I said I just swallowed tons of water and told 'em uhhh that's my one slide I'm done LOL, but overall I did do it and when I do go back to Raging Waters Shotgun will be the first slide I'll go on, cause maybe I'll know how to swim once I go back again LOL, who knows when that will be I think I'm fine with staying in the 5 ft water. I then went home showered washed my hair and waited for Silia to pick up her girls and Brian to pick up his son, the kids LOVE grandma she is sooo good to them, and just watching her with the grandkids is priceless, I KNOW MY SISTERS and BROTHERS Love how active she is with the kids. Love my family, Love my Life, and Love the DARES LOL!!

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  1. OMG....woo hoo MORENA!! Girl I give you props because I would've slapped Leslie if she would've dared me!! I too can NOT that I know is a BIG step to get up there and take it!! How fun...wish we got to go but freeking WORK....if Jayy had his wish he would've been all up in there!! As for Grandma Lupy YES she is the BEST very her!!