Wednesday, August 19, 2009

10 years....And missing you more each day!

Portrait of Daniel with our SAVIOR miss you baby bro!
One thing Daniel LOVED....HIS NEPHEWS!!

"I will remember you, will you remember me?" as I think of this song tears just start to fall, when I hear this song I remember Daniel automatically and the memories of our time with him will be replayed, for this is ONE song Daniel LOVED, as well as guns in the ghetto (UB40), and one of Kenny Rogers song. Ten years ago today Daniel returned to our heavenly father and has become a heavenly angel to our family, he was a blessing in our lives and in very many he came in contact with. He fought his hardest to overcome the cancer (osteosarcoma), Daniel has taught me many things, never give up, have FAITH, and to LOVE. Our family became close while Daniel was in the hopital we always looked forward to going to visit him and LOVED every minute of it, but what we LOVED the most was when Daniel was able to be at home with us. I remember the times when we went to nicklecade with him and the cousins all the joy we had with him, the sleepless nights the boys we would have with him, the list goes on and on and on, I still remember when Karl Malone called him the SMILE on DANIEL's face was PRICELESS. I even remember when Daniel would call me and tell me he would want SUBWAY and I would tell him I don't have money and he would say "come on sis just write a check", and he KNEW I would and I did I can honestly tell you NOW I WOULD write more checks if I had to for him I didn't care about the $20 bounce fee LOL. I can't imagine how hard it is for Daniel's twin my little brother Brian him being the closest to Daniel it's been extremely hard for him as well BRIAN we LOVE YOU MORE, and MORE each day stay strong and KNOW that we do LOVE YOU, and to my little sis Silia, and Older Sis Lani (who was there when Daniel passed) we Love you and know how much it's truly hard for you both. So in memory of my little brother Daniel this blogs for you. WE LOVE YOU SOOO MUCH AND MISS YOU LIKE CRAZY. I know your happy where your at now pain free and reserving a spot for us in our celetrial home, and I know in my heart your with us everyday. Love you for eternity DANIEL.



  2. What an amazing tribute to your baby bro! Hope you don't mind me peekin in! P.s. I LOVE the tat!!