Monday, August 17, 2009

Cookies for DAYS!!

Ok so this past weekend (8/8-8/9/2009) has been a VERY productive weekend. On Saturday morning the YSA for Granger 8th ward had a farewell BBQ for Elder Alo Moli and I was requested by Lisi to make some cookies, I also got a text from Fatai Tavo requesting that I bake some cookies for her bridal shower the same saturday, and with NO hesitation I agreed to make cookies for both of the events not thinkin' it would be to overwhelming which it wasn't I felt honored and blessed that they requested the order LOL. Anyways I ran to the store to grab the ingredients and started my baking I got done about 1 p.m. and I ran over to the stk center to drop off the cookies for Fatai, then afterwards headed on over to the BBQ, when I got there, there was quite a few YSA's there which was a good thing cause the ward reps are fairly new to the YSA program, and they are doing an awesome job with the activities and what not. We played volleyball, kickball, and I missed the water games it's sooo much fun being with the family ward I've been tempted to transfer my records back but it's on standbye right now, only cause I really need to give the YA ward a chance (and by this I mean I need to attend the ward, as well as the activities). Anyways the bbq ended about 4 p.m. I went home and just chilled. Then I remembered sinai's youth was going to have a fireside in her backyard and I wanted to see if she needed help or if she wanted me to bake some cookies, while I was still in the baking mood LOL. She then says ok I'll bring the cookie ingredients over so I sat there and waited, she called said she was on her way this was bout 9 p.m, she said she would drop it off before heading to work and she did indeed and when I looked I was like uhhhh did you want me to bake all this? she's like if you can IO I started baking saturday night I ended up baking 20 dozens from 9pm-1am and I figured I need to go to sleep and finish up the rest in the morning uhhh...woke up in the morning and started mixing some of the dough and still didn't finish LOL, went to church cause I wanted to attend Elder Alo Moli's farewell, omg his testimony NOW is amazing can't wait till he returns with honor, Alo reminds me sooo much of my baby brother Daniel the whole time he sang, and spoke I couldn't hold back the tears much Love to Elder Moli and may the Lord continue to bless him.

Church ended at 2pm and I headed home to finish up my baking, this time me and Gideon decided we would track how many cookies we were making, by marking it down each time the batch of cookies were done cooking and this system worked when we had finished 4:30pm, Brian had text askin' what we were doing and I mentioned to him that I was finishing up my baking and he then asked if I could drop some off for baby Daniel (which I KNEW it was for him LOL). So Gideon and I headed out to Brian's to drop off some cookies then head on over to Sinai's house for her fireside. Ok so are you ready for the total amount of cookies I made?? I had made over 500 cookies not counting the ones from Fatai's shower, and the YSA Bbq and I can tell you now I'm sooo COOKIE'd out if that's even a word...but OVERALL my WEEKEND was VERY PRODUCTIVE and helpful. Thanks guys for requesting the cookies:)


  1. Can there be a pix of your cookies please.. lol.. So I can admire them from a distance.. lol

  2. OMG that's one thing I DIDN'T do Loyann was take a pic time for sure I'll take pic's LOL