Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Was I Dreaming??

Last night 8/24/09 I got off work and was pretty beat (I think my body was just shocked by the early morning workout session) I had just got done washing the dishes and went to the room and started watching tv, when I knocked out. As I was sleeping I swear I heard my baby brother Daniel talking and I just started crying, cause I just heard him talking about ALL of us what he remembered or thought about us. When I decided to sit up I realized that I WASN'T dreaming, dad was actually watching a video of when sinai and her little family came down to visit Daniel from Texas when they were living out there. I sat up and just cried and realized that families are forever and I WILL be able to see him again if I do my part. It was just a trip how I heard his voice I love and miss him sooo much, but I know he's happy and reserving our heavenly home for our return.


  1. thats crazy sis!!! I will need to look for that video I love to hear his voice!!! I miss it actually!! crazy thing is I never realized how much pain he was really in untl I watched the videos MISS U Daniel!!

  2. hey girl! i didn't know you had a blog!!! yes!!!!!! now we can be blogging buddies! i love blogs!!!!