Thursday, August 13, 2009

Oh to be in the YOUTH again

Oh the joy of being a SLACKER you have TONS to catch up and talk about. This pass weekend was pretty hectic I ended up taking last week friday off (8/7/09) in hopes to be of help to the Granger 8th ward with their youth conference. The theme they chose was "ANXIOUSLY ENGAGED" friday morning they had started off with service, they had all met up at the stake center to clean (and a wonderful job they did), after the cleaning we had breakfast in the pavillion in the back of the stake center said prayer and then headed on out to Lagoon at about 11 a.m, I could tell they were excited to leave already (I soo remember those days, I don't know if it was excited for the rides or to see new faces LOL;) we were all once teenagers hahaa..) anyways so my truck was nominated to load the youths food, drinks, snacks etc and boy was is FULL. All passengers in my ride was basically the YSA bunch LOL ok just 2 other (Mone, Leslie Langi). Anyways so we loaded up and headed on to Albies to pick up the chicken for the kids lunch then off to Lagoon we went. As we pull up to Lagoon, the kids are anxious and ready to start their scavenger hunt while Lee goes and pays for the tickets and I wait to unload the truck which I was seriously dreading LOL. Anyways we got lucky we got to drive and park by the pavillion seems we brought the whole house and some LOL, so we were blessed to be close to parking where the workers at lagoon drove their little trailers and loaded it and drove to our pavillon. Anyways the kids were then off and ready to handle the scavenger hunt below is a couple of pic's of the kids of the YELLOW TEAM, the leaders of this team was Meliani & Hola Mila 2 wonderful leaders who will also be wonderful addition to this game they were also playing gottcha with their team members where they had to eliminate the eachother, RED, and GREEN, anyways YELLOW team ended up winning the gottcha game cause the hitman (HOLA) knew this game well and got everyone silently LOL. We were at Lagoon till closing which was 11 p.m. the kids were sooo tired and drained I wasn't sure if they were gonna make it to the hike the next day (sat morning). But to my surprise they had ALL made it to the hike and I WAS the one SLEEPING in LOL, I was able to catch their service project at the food ban I'll attatch those photo's as well, it's sooo good to see the kids work together and just have a close knit bond with one another LOVE YOUTH CONFERENCE, after the service project we headed on over to the stk center pavillion where they had the activities committee bbqin' for the kids while they practiced their tongan dance number for the big celebration for the stk, and can't forget the games and whatnot that followed the practice, which I missed cause I went home to catch some zzzz's for the fili sister's night at ash's place later on in the evening but I'll blog about that on another page seems this ones getting to long. But I've come to realize that I sooo miss my family ward especially the youth. Thanks Granger 8th ward for letting me be a part of your conference.

Yellow team on the CLIFFHANGER
Yellow team doing the Karate kid pose infront of the Samurai
Yellow team after the scavenger hunt

Yellow again at the spider doin' the spider pose..can you tell Yellow team borrowed my camera LOL
Yellow again on and empty stage doing I'm a little tea pot
Service at the food bank, Leka, Lisi, Ani retagging the chai tea LOL
You best BELIEVE I was in on the service LOL
The boys had a system going & so did the girls
Granger 8th Youth hard at work.
Uhhh huh, they had a system going
GROUP up...and headin' to the Pavillion
Waitin' for the kids practice: Mel, Me, Lisi..and Lee was behind the camera
Dance practice, good job kids...I didn't get no pic's of them playing games but apparently they had some home run kicks from the leaders playing kickball.

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