Monday, August 31, 2009


Today had to have been a VERY productive saturday for me. I got up at 7 a.m. just to hit the gym and mainly to grab my wristband for ZUMBA, you know gotta keep my end of the deal by hitting the gym at least 4 days a week in order to win my shoes:). I got to the gym at about 7:30 a.m. and went strait to working out the arms and legs and abs OMG did it feel good I got my 5 days in woohoo sooo wish Sinai made this deal with me waaaay before LOL. Anyways ZUMBA freakin' ALMOST killed me hahaha, but in the end it was worth it. I only stayed for the hour and went home I had some plans for 3 p.m. So when I got home I asked the twins if they wanted to help me wash my truck, oh it was soo much fun, but at the same time another workout for me...which I seriously wasn't complaining I loved it:). We then headed over to vacuum my truck, and then spent another half hour touching up on the spots we missed (I know yah picky with my truck). By the time I got home I was EXAUSTED my plans for 3:00 I was hoping would change cause I was soo beat. Anyways I got the phone call from Random which I'm thankful he called, and he was bummed and so was I ( so we had to reschedule), he had a last minute family bbq for his nephew that would be returning back to NZ, and I was just beat from the workout, washing my truck, and just running around in general, and I figured ok I'll take the nephews to hollywood since I promised them that I would before they went to school, and that is one thing you NEVER do (never promise them things, cause they will remember for days LOL). They had already started school and I totally thought they would forget uhhh...I was wrong hahahaa, but I'm glad I was able to take them they had sooo much fun. One of the boys (Brydan) said to me..."Aunty Kalo I remember when you use to have ALOT of money, you use to take us out all the time". In my mind I'm thinking he's too dang cute, me alot of money wrong kalo LOL, but I seriously miss taking the nieces and nephews out. Anyways here's to having a good time with the twins...Love you guys!! The boys were able to ride the rides UNLIMITED, and after being there for a good 4 hours I think it was totally worth it. We then headed over to Denny's for a bite to eat and then home we went...boy was it a fun weekend!!
Me, Gideon, Brydan

Brydan & Gideon KRAZY KARS
Gideon is sooo READY

Brydan was up for a quick second LOL

Gideon such a PRO

Brydan tried to be cool like Gideon the minute he stood up he came back down LOL
Brydan and Gideon spinning
Brdan & Gideon waiting for KRAZY KARS
Gideon taking a quick break from skating
Brydan & Gideon showing their skates, after the picture was takin' Brydan took a fall LOL
And GIDEON finally goes down LOL
Brydan can pose for days LOL
taking another quick break Love these two
Gideon & Brydan...Told you Brydan loves to pose LOL
I think they had enough pictures LOL!!!

The Dragon Ride
They LOVED this ride.
Doing the word search while waiting for our food
They're soo TIRED & FULL

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  1. how fun!!! I would have to say the neices and nephews are so lucky to have u!!! ur the best!! ur doin great sis!!! 3 more weeks and new shoes here u come!!! =)

    ps if the boys only knew that u and unko ropes took the cake for the most falls roller skating lol