Monday, August 24, 2009

Getaway to Lindon

August 22, 2009

So after the whole performances and whatnot I was just totally stoked to head out on my weekend getaway to Lindon a little small town before orem. A little bit of country and a whole lot of peace and quiet LOL. We wanted to make it a girls night out for the single ladies left in the fili fam bam but not ALL were able to make it. So it ended up just me and ashley heading out Lupi really wanted to come, but she ended up staying with her mom, to help clean up the decorations and put things away (we sure did miss her), but for sure next gathering right LU??

Anyways we headed out about 9 p.m. and it was a nice drive just talking story with ashley about what? about the guys that are freakin' SLOW in this state LOL no but for real, how frustrating it is with them, but we're NOT worried we'd much rather focus on bettering ourselves before we focus on our other half. We FINALLY reached our Lindon RANCH :) and was greeted with a smile and hug from Kelissa and Noelle. Right when we walked in I knew what room I was putting my stuff in and headed right up the stairs HOI was that a LONG climb (the fact that I'm sooo out of shape), got situated and headed down to the kitchen where Kelissa was already to make the homemade pizza's oh yeah (Thanks Kelissa they were bomb). While we sat and chatted and reminised, we just basically was catching up with each other. Uncle Dave and Auntie Kehau came down to greet us and welcome us to their humble home they were headin' out to pick up some stuff. Anyways we sat there "O" had a date so she went and we told her we'd meet up with her later, after we were stuffed with the YUMMY pizza Saane got a phone call from Danny to come over and this we did.

While we were driving Saane said did I mention Danny got a house I was like woohoo yay, and when we pulled up I was like OMG sooo freakin' cute, they have a cute place and HUGE backyard I joked with danny telling him can I make reservations for my reception here LOL it's a good size backyard (more like a track field LOL). We got there watched some rugby, which made me REALLY want to go to NZ find me a REAL MAN hahaha ok, ok, I'll be nice LOL. But we were playing with Malik what a funny kid he's a cutie. Anyways "O" got to danny's place a little before 11 p.m. and we just all watched movies listened to music and just the time we got to the Ranch:) it was after 1 a.m. the goal was to stay up and talk about which guys we thought were attractive (I mean isn't that what girl's night is all about;)!) and who was the first to knockout little miss Kelissa LOL it's all good you made us bomb pizza so we'll let that slide LOL. Then next thing you know it's silent so who knows what time we all crashed.

Sunday morning I was the first out of the bunch to get up and get ready, then headed back down to the family room and check my phone (more like camp on FB) while I wait for someone to wake up. Then I look to the couch and "O" is gone I'm assuming she went upstairs, so when Saane got up ash was still knocked out saane's like lets go eat breakfast Ofo made us some pancakes and yeah we freakin' ate some bomb pancakes with yummy rasberry jam oh gosh I can still taste it LOL. We then went sat down and Ash finally woke and went to the kitchen to grab a bite to eat, we popped in a movie (Australia) and started to watch it OMG I'm soo going to buy this movie it was to cute, a little on the long side but cute. Saane had talked us into staying for their family bbq at danny's house and boy was I glad we had chicke, beef, potato salad, pasta salad, spinach salad, otai, and I made some choc chip cookies. My weekend was just wonderful fun, AWESOME company, and really relaxing...Thank you Saane, and Ofo, as well as Uncle and Auntie and Danny, Vika, Malik for being such a wonderful host can't wait to get together again, we definately need to soon. Sorry I shoulda took pic's but I didn't take my camera out:( but I did have TONS of fun...Thanks for my NEW WARDROBE saane your the BEST LOVE you all!!


  1. FUN TIMES!! Miss those lil getaways with us sisters!! Love LINDON & of course ALL the FILI MOMMA's!!