Thursday, August 13, 2009

Did you say Pedi's & Massage

Saturday 8/8/09 after all the hustle and bustle with the youth conference I was soo ready for a nap and just time to RELAX and just chill. The Fili sister's had planned a little get together at Ash's place this night with just a time to relax chill, get pedi's and massages by Crystal & Ashley who are currently goin' to school for this, what a blessing it is to have sister's in this field which by the way I'll be joing crystal soon after I get my bills situated. I almost didn't go just cause I was soo beat and tired from bein' with the youth all day, when I got a text from ashley sayin' are you ready for the girls night tonight. I then responded to ash sayin' girl I just got home from bein' with the youth for their youth conference and I'm sooo BEAT gettin' ready to take a power nap, she then responds so does that mean you NOT coming LOL, I text back in reply girl I'm comin' I'm just takin' a power nap LOL. So I get a text from my Lindon sister (Kelissa & Ofo) sayin' you ready sis for the get together and I reply the same reply I sent to ash, when they texted back you know what we'll come and pick you up LOL, guess they know me to well if I napped I would totally knockout and wake up the next day LOL...anyways they picked me up and we headed to wally world to pic up some junk food for the get together. We had soo much fun just catching up and getting pampered just wish all the other sisters made it, but all to the good there's always next's a few pic's. Thanks ladies for the wonderful time Love you muchos!!

Ashley givin' "O" a Massage
Oh yeah that's what I'm talkin' bout goooo ASH
Crystal workin' her magic on Kelissa's toes
WahLaH...purrty toes...good job Crys & Ash

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