Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Day 2

Today marks the 2nd day of the challenge and I'm sooo feeling good right about now (I can sooo feel the NEW shoes on my feet LOL) I mean I'm hurting right now but it's a good feeling:). It's funny how working out can change your whole attitude towards a whole lot of things seriously. Last night after getting off work I headed home to change into my gym clothes to hit up ZUMBA. Funny thing I was trying to talk mom into going with me (already knowing she can't go, due to the dr's orders staying off her feet for 3 months), I feel bad cause I KNOW how she really misses ZUMBA and just working out. Anyhoo I headed out at about 5:15 p.m. when I get a text from Sinai saying the exit was closed and she ended up in magna LOL, I was like yeah I hate traffic at this hour cause I'm stuck on the road to...and funny thing is my light in the truck is on LOW FUEL, but I couldn't have that stop me from hitting up zumba I'm doing so good so far, and I had to take the risk:O!! Anyways I MADE it thank goodness, and Sinai was actually there I have to honest with yah I was seriously nervous being off from ZUMBA for soo long, but then again having my sisters there made the CLASS soooo much FUN I LOVE it. Having my little sis stand by me pushes me harder (thanks sis your the best), and watching Sinai shaking like a salt shaker gave me and EXTRA push to shake it hard, the more you shake the more you lose is her motto:). So cheers to many more workouts to go, oh and by the way the NOT eating after 6 is WONDERFUL I'm hanging in there and so far it's not that bad, like Sinai said if you think your hungry just drink some water to see if you really are, last night I thought I was hungry sipped some water and I was good WOOHOO, can't wait to see the results THANKS SISTER'S FOR MOTIVATING ME AGAIN I'M ON A MISSION AND FOR REAL THIS TIME, NO MORE SLACKING!!


  1. Woo hoo goooooo Morena! Love you sis!!

  2. LOL at the shake it like a salt shaker...I thought it was like a polaroid picture...hahahaha! That was fun though!! Glad you are hanging in there. It's a good feeling and when you keep going -- it just becomes a habit!!! Keep it up sis!