Thursday, June 4, 2009

The Phone call

Ok so last night I get a phone call from my sister Lani (or at least that's what my caller ID showed), I pick up the phone and I say Hello a couple of times then out of no where I hear this HELLLLOOOO..really slow and I'm like, who's this?? and I hear Aunty Kalo, then I realize it's Madison, my sister Lani's youngest daughter apparently she got ahold of her cellphone and called me up, this sister of mine as well as her little ones live in cali, and is really missed by us here in UTAH it was really good to talk to my nieces and nephews and to hear them ask me if I'm coming out next week for the family reunion broke my heart cause I seriously wanna see them, but the funds is what does the talking. Anyways Lani jumps on the phone and she's like sorry sis I didn't know she called you up, I'm thinking no problemo cause seriously it's soooo good to hear her, she's been busy with schooling so I haven't had much time to talk to her, she's going to school for billing in the medical field good job sis so proud of you, she'll be graduating in Oct. Anyways, she was telling me about her little daughter graduating from pre-school and how they went to pick out a dress, and the first dress she picked was a strawberry dress, Lani kept trying to talk Madison out of getting that dress I guess the strawberries wasn't cuttin' it for her LOL, so she talked Madison into getting a pastel dress that came with a purse can't wait to see it. So then Lani wins cause the purse is what got Madison to change her mind, Griffin will also be promoting from kindergarten to the first grade this little boy is sooo dang handsome, and also Loto Lahi, he tends to hold it in when he's mad but over all is a good kid, Congratulations Griffin. Anyways Lani goes to tell me that her daughter Madison gave her a list of things she wants for her "GRADULATIONS" that's how she says it man I couldn't stop laughing LOVE to hear the kids FOB out LOL, she says mom I want a dress, shoes, and candy lei's hahaha this little girl is a hoot can't wait till she hits high school you got some major shopping LOL...anyways Lani and her family is truly missed and Just wanted her to know that we truly do LOVE YOU, and can't wait till you move back to UTAH;) hint, hint!!

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  1. Yes we do miss her indeed!! I'm so happy she is in school...freek makes me want to go back!! Love you Madison and congrats lil momma!!