Thursday, June 18, 2009

My Teddy Bear!!!

I mentioned in the post last night that I was going to attend the triplets dance recital 06/17/09, which I did do, and it was the cutest thing ever. Especially to see that Melenaite the thicker one of the bunch wasn't as shy as she usually is funny thing is she a totally different person on the stage. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these girls to death and am sooo very thankful that I can say I helped raise these little diva's when they were fresh outta the oven:D!!! Here's a video clip along with a couple of pic's from their recital, silia has more pic's so you might want to check out her blog, please excuse my videoing seems I sat right behind the teachers so you can see their hands flying all over the place LOL!! Silia also mentioned this was going to be the last of their dancing because it's getting expensive for the three of them, but she might have either the 2 older ones continue to dance or just ruby, my baby girl MORENA is a sporty girl so I'll be hookin' up my little diva with the sports part:D!! anyways it's always good to show support to the kids cause it really does boost up their self esteem and helps them overcome their fear of performing in front of people, which I'm pretty sad these three will be doing dance numbers in tonga next week for the 'Iongi reunion and I'm sad I won't be there to cheer them on, but GRANDMA will take tons of pic's sis...anyways hope you enjoy their dance as much as I did Love you DIVA's!!!

Morena, and Gideon waiting for the dancer's to begin
Grandma, Ruby, Gideon
Ruby, Morena, Leslie
Gideon & Grandma

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  1. thanks so much sis for the support the girls are so lucky to have u as an aunty