Monday, June 8, 2009

Another FUN FILLED weekend!!

OK so Friday 6/05/09 I went with Sinai to Gideon's Graduation. I guess we thought it was for the whole 1st grade class Ooops nope just Gideon's class I think Brydan's was really the day we went to the school:O:O which was the day we got moded LOL, anyways Sinai and I had went to his graduation it was soo dang cute, funny thing is when we got there we sat down and Sinai had called Gideon to look so she can take a picture of him he looked then looked away real quick as if he was too COOL to take pic's LOL, or even as if he didn't know us hahaha, anyways here are a couple of pic's I took of him, there are more on bebo.

Next amount of pic's are from the DRIVE IN. We made it kinda traditional to go to the Drive ins with the kids in the SUMMER. This night we went to watch Night At the Museum 2, it was pretty funny, the movie paired up with it was the X-MEN wolverine movie which we ALL basically knocked out (seems we've already watched it). Anyways I LOVE LOVE LOVE spending ALL the time I can with the nieces and nephews, and my beautiful sisters. We've actually had some interesting neighbors talk about every time we go we have issues with people LOL but overall it was a FUN FILLED NIGHT!!

Silia and Sinai..Naite and Brydan in the car
Silly kids looks like they are in a market LOL
Beautiful Silia and I
Morena Lahi and Morena Si'i
Me with the little Chika's
Gideon and I Yay he GRADUATED from the first grade.
Sinai the proud mother of the Graduate Gideon

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