Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The movie "UP"

This past weekend (5/29/09) I went with my Little sister Silia & her little family to the drive-ins, along with Sinai's twins Brydan & Gideon (thanks to Grandma for hooking us up with the funds LOL, mom went to Esu and Sela's wedding dance I really didn't want to get ready so I just sidebusted with silia's little family to the drive-ins, plus Brydan & Gideon didn't want to go either. What to say about this movie, man this is a MUST see it's freakin' cute RUSSEL the little scout boy is so dang cute, I would totally watch this movie over and over, better yet you can count on me buying this when it comes out on DVD. Ok so the movie after UP was EARTH, bless their soul for making this movie but it just wasn't cuttin' it for me, seriously I felt as if I was back in Science class learning about the animals and the plants LOL, you know how good that movie was it was sooo good that the kids ZONKED out and Silia, Ai, and I wanted to bizounce but uhh the drivers (Liki, Lupeni) was into the EARTH movie hahahaha I know I know betta don't go there huh LOL, anyhoo we then ended up leaving not even half way through the movie cuz it was that interesting hahaha...For those of you who haven't watched "UP" I suggest you watch it cuz RUSSEL takes the trophy, and for those of you that likes animals and plants, I guess EARTH would be the MOVIE for you, I just LOVE summer cause that's when we be hitting up the Drive ins like no other...This weekend "Night at the Museum" woohoo!!!

On our WAY to the DRIVE INs

The Kids gettin' their grub on LOL @ ruby

The FAMOUS Drive In pose LOL

Aiona, Liki, and their bunch...too dang cute!


  1. How fun need to catch this movie Jayy is so itchy to go and see it HOI!! Love you sis!!

  2. THanks sis for wanting to hang out wit us old farts lol weh WE ARENT OLD lol!!! Can not wait for Friday!!! here we come again lol