Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Getting back on track!!

Alrighty so last night I decided I was going to get back on track, with working out and all that fun stuff, the eating part is still a struggle especially yesturday having nothing but junk food, cookies and chips:(. Anyways I got off of work about 5:30 p.m. headed home to change for the gym, mom wasn't home (she went to take Ailini to softball practice, and get pops stuff for his eating the next day) so I told the twins they gotta go with me before gramps leaves somewhere and forgets he has the boys LOL. The boys being outspoken as they are told me they were going to stay home with grandpa, of course I had to bribe them, so I said fine then I'm leaving then I said to one of the mahanga's (twins) I was going to take you guys to Baskin Robbins (they've been begging to go on sunday LOL) but since you don't want to go I'll go by myself to the gym hahaha, I know evil huh, you can guess what happened after that...the twins ran to the backyard to tell grandpa that they were leaving with me to the gym LOL.

So get to the rec in hopes to change my draft from my checking to my savings and they said I have to bring proof HOI another thing added to the list go to the bank and get a deposit slip gosh I swear I had all my info but noooo they said I have to bring a copy saying that my account is valid, anyways I got my wristband for kickboxing sat there for a bit and texted sinai "are you coming yet?" the response from her was yes just walking through the door, 7 'o clock hits, it's time to get the workout on....OMG serioulsy I thought I was going to die, it felt as if it was my first day back at the gym, definately something I needed Leisa gave me a good workout. Class was really good I ran into my friend Manu Fiefia I haven't seen her forever, later on in the class her two sisters came in. The class finishes I didn't stay to work on the AB's cause I usually get a chalie horse when I do LOL, so I figured I got my hour in of cardio time to take the kiddies to get the ice cream. My niece (Nini) asked if she can go as well after all she had $51 dollars saved, and she wanted some ice cream, this little girl has a sweet tooth for real, but yet she's as skinny as can be. So off we went to "BR" yeah guess the coupon thing is instilled in this little girl she came with some coupons buy one get one free so yeah she got 2 cones and I bought the twins their sunday's. Y'all should be proud of me cause I DID NOT get me a thing, not even a TASTE woohoo, I'm ready to get back on track FULL FORCE.


  1. LOL @ Lini with her coupons!! Her momma taught her well!! That is too cute!! You are an AMAZING Aunty! I'm going to send this blog off to my sisters to read and learn from you....love how you are always lookin' out for your nieces and nephews...always wanting the best for them! I love your fam! BIG TIME PROPS on skippin' out on the icecream...that is my weakness!!

  2. Yeah girl I was rollin' when Lini busted out her coupon, something I NEED to start doing LOL, thanks Via I LOVE my NIECES & NEPHEWS Love, Love, Love, having them over, they actually TEACH me ALOT. Thanks for the compliments I TRY to be a GOOD aunty cause one day THESE kids will WATCH MY KIDS LOL.