Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Last night (6/16/09) was my brother in law Lupeni's 30th birthday. Silia had planned a bbq for this special day (man he's so dang spoiled by my sister:D) show's how much she truly appreciates her husband. She's been planning his birthday since last month, she's has got to be the most thoughtful person I know...Ok all my sister's are sooo thoughtful, I'm just sayin' you can tell how much she's sooo in LOVE with her hubby from when they first met, till now it's as if they're still dating. Anyways she had a bbq for him and invited the cuddies, man good times, good laughs and another good memory to remember. You can NEVER go wrong with spending time with the people you LOVE. She put together the cutest gift ever one filled with memories and pretty sure many more to come, it was a book made with pic's of their adventures so dang cute you'd have to ask her when you see her. Had sooo much fun, wish we could just spend time with families everyday. Happy Birthday bro and many more to come.

Last night I also attended the ZUMBA class before I hit up the bbq, WOW talk about a whoop a** workout seriously, it felt hott in the room we were working out in and for some odd reason to me sounded as if she sped up the music LOL, cause honestly the warm-up song got me hella sweating LOL. I told myself "NO ONE CAN WORK YOU OUT IT'S TOTALLY UPTO TO YOU TO GET THAT WORKOUT ON" and boy can I tell you I seriously WORKED MY A** off, my chest was burning it was freakin' red, my shirt was wet and my hair looked as if I just got outta the shower, can you picture that LOL yeah I was sweating that much, probably cause I knew I was going to Silia's after to eat, anyways it was an hour of a good workout. I then headed on over to Silia's to enjoy the good food, and good company, and to my amazement I didn't go overboard. Half of my plate was salad I had a piece of chicken and sausage with not even half a cup of potato salad woohoo goooo me LOL, the only thing I felt guilty eating was the yummy cake that Oto made oowee it was good, just means I have to WORK IT OFF!! so there you have it how my day went last night. Boy I can't wait to get me a laptop so I can write in my blog everyday. TONIGHT the Triplet's Dance recital woohoo!!


  1. Hi Morena! Where do you do Zumba at? I really need to work out and that sounds like fun!

  2. Thanks for coming by Kayleen, me, my mom and sister's ZUMBA at the west valley rec. They ZUMBA on Tues 6pm-7pm, wed 8pm-9pm, thurs 7-8pm, and sat morning at 9 am-10:30 am. For me personally I LOVE the Tues, wed, sat instructors they really kick butt. Come and try it out sometime, you'll LOVE it, it's a FUN workout, that's what keeps me goin' to the gym.