Tuesday, June 30, 2009


June 26, 2009 (Friday) I took the day off to go with Sinai and her little family to cheer on Ailini's All-Star softball game in grantsville. Man talk about an early morning rise, and wake up call for me. With mom being gone to tonga and Brydan & Gideon staying with me, I had to be the GROWN UP and have that responsibility by getting up at 4 a.m. to get ready and wake up the twins to get ready, to head on out to sinai's house to go to grantsville by 6 a.m. OMG was that a wake up call for me, I knew how hard it is to get kids up and ready but these two (twins) are amazing just one call for them to get up and get ready was all it took. I was soo tired but we did make it to Sinai's house ontime, in fact we were there and they were still getting up and getting ready woohoo...YAY ME LOL. Anyways we went to grantsville we were there pretty early and it had started to rain, yeah rain it did and we only had ONE umbrella to share amongst the 7 of us LOL yeah too funny I forgot mom's many umbrella's in her van it's ok we made it through at least I thought we did LOL. Through out the game the weather was sooo RANDOM more like A.D.D. or even Bipolar would describe it I swear it was the 4 seasons all in one day LOL no but for real literally random weather. Anyways it was sooo much fun cheering on Ailini's team they played awesome. This day was memorable for me thanks Sinai for letting me tag along. Good Job Ailini and Leia you gals played awesome.

Leia & Ailini



Brydan & Gideon @ Wendy's makin' funny faces
Ailini & I
The Pauni CLAN
Ailini backing up Leia on first base
Ailini in action...checkout the clouds
Soni, me, Nohe'a watching the game in the rain

Sinai, Gideon


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