Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Busy, Busy, Busy Weekend..But LOVED it!!!

Saturday 5/30/09, was pretty hectic I went and weighed in and uhhh lost .4 lbs I know doesn't sound very high but I guess you can look at it as better then gaining right LOL. Anyhoo I didn't attend ZUMBA cause I was really not in the mood to go and dance, but I did go upstairs and walk a couple of laps then I headed back home cuz silia and the girls were there to have their dance practice @ 10 a.m, Silia and I were just chillen in the living room watching the food network, when mom walked in about 9:30 a.m. the phone rang and it was Nola saying she won't be able to make it to the practice cause she has a shower to go to which was fine cause mom and silia know most of their dance numbers, anyhoo when mom got off the phone she asked the kids if they had eaten and of course they said no..io what did we end up doing?? Grandma ended up takin' us to Carls Jr to grab some food as well as have the kids play for a bit, and then go back home to have dance practice way to bribe the kids aye LOL, nah but it was sooo much fun just being able to watch the kids play and just talk...Thanks mom for treating us this weekend.

The Kids enjoying the

Stuffed....and READY to HEAD HOME, for dance practice!!

Next thing on the list was to attend the wedding of Ezra and Sela Tukuafu, after eating at Carl's Jr and sitting in the hottness watching the girls dance, and walking to the neighbors garage sale to see what they had I was seriously DRAINED. It was about 1 'o clock when mom had hit me up about going to the wedding I asked the Twins (Brydan & Gideon) what they wanted to do and they said that they wanted to go swimming and again I was like ok, cause really I didn't want to get up put make up on and dress up for the wedding and knowing it was at Liberty Wells I KNEW I was gonna sweat LOL. Anyways the more and more I sat there and debated if I wanted to go or not the more, and more I felt guilty cause I did PROMISE tohi I was going to come to the wedding, yeah so you guessed it I told the twins to jump in the shower cause we're going to the wedding. They weren't to thrilled about it but they really had no choice LOL. The wedding was BEAUTIFUL, the couple was BEAUTIFUL and the food was DELICIOSO, over all wonderful wedding.

Brydan & Gideon
my weekend

Last but not least SUNDAY 5/31/09 was just fun over all, I went to church and I saw Lupi woohoo I felt as if I haven't seen her forever so it was a great treat to walk into sacrament meeting and seeing her sitting in the front row with Ana Tafisi, just leave it to me and Lupi to freakin' hug like I just came in from outta town, hahaha yeah miss this chika too much, anyhoo so Lu and Ana sang a Family is Forever and as always they represented. We hurried right after closing prayer was done and rushed on over the the South Stake singles ward because Ana was asked to sing there, and she had Lupi help her out they sang All of my Heart OMG, can I just tell you the spirit in this ward was wonderful, it was truly awesome. And to see Ashley and Ofa was an EXTRA treat as well, we then stayed for linger longer which we NEVER do but it was good to just chill and talk to people in the south stake. Anyways to end my wonderful sabbath day I came home to seeing my nieces and nephews this had to have topped my evening LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, spending time with my family.

Brydan getting ready for Daniel's TACKLE LOL...

Grandma sure does LOVE HIM!!!

Daniel PUNKING Gideon to give him the BALL LOL!!!

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  1. That was a fun weekend. Nice your pictures! And as for the weight...hang in there is. Slow and steady!