Tuesday, June 30, 2009


June 29, 2009 (monday) I decided to call into work so I can watch Baby Daniel, as well as Sinai's kids since mom's in tonga, and she's normally the one that watches them. I have had sooo much fun watching these kids, what a responsibility it is but well worth it. Anyways I was making the kids lunch (mac & cheese with hot dogs) and I heard dad calling me I go to see what he wants and he said take Saia's grand daughter in to play with the kids so I said ok. This little girl I believe her name is Una comes in and literally walks into every single room of the house. OK I thinking she's a little girl so don't sweat it right. Well I ask her if she wants to eat and she's shaking her head NO, so I say ok. I call the kids to come eat, and Daniel being the first to eat say mmmm Yummy aunty Kalo I said thank you Daniel. This little boy is sooo smart because after he had eatin' he turned to me to say Thank you aunty Kalo for the food...Now that right there made my day, anyways we all go to the living room to watch t.v. when this little girl starts pushing my nephew Daniel OMG I couldn't stop laughing when I seen Sinai's daughter Ailini sooo over protective of her little brother Daniel. The little girl Una was bullying daniel and Lini was not having it, it was hillarious cause then Sinai's boys started yelling at the little girl to leave him alone mind you this little girl is 3 yrs old my nephew is 2 yrs old. Anyways I was playing around with my phone and actually caught her arguing with Baby Daniel telling Daniel Alini is her sister...freakin' hillarious...Well worth calling in and staying with the kids...Love them to death!!!


  1. Oh...that little Daniel I swear one of these days I'm going to kidnap him. Malo lil Una no more come over..ha..ha..j/p gosh I'm mean!! Love that story very cute and you aint lying watching kids is a HELL of a lot of work!! Props to all the Grandma's

  2. I was laughing when you were texting me about this little incident. Kids are so funny. Thanks for watching the monkey.

  3. LMBO I know yeah AME I was like ok no more coming over to my house UNA LOL...and Brian your very WELCOME I had sooo much fun watching him and Sinai's kids.