Monday, June 8, 2009

Happy 67th Birthday Pops!!

Wishing DAD a Happy Birthday today, yesturday we celebrated my dad's 67th birthday. Mom decided she was gonna surprise Dad, and with this she went saturday night shopping for the food, and calling my brother's and sister's and letting them know she'll be making food. I got up pretty early (sunday morning) and not surprised at all mom had already gotten the majority of the food ready to be cooked. It was soo CUTE when I got up I can hear mom say Happy Birthday to pops and I peeked around the corner she was putting on a Lei from hawaii on him before he headed out to his meeting. Dad didn't know mom had a few tricks up her sleeve with planning his surprise B-day party with his kids, and grand kids. So he headed out to his meeting and from there stayed for church. Mom was soo into her cooking by the time she got the food cooked she looked at the time and it was already noon LOL, yeah you know what that missed church and so did I hahahaa, nah but in the end it was well worth it, Brian and Sela and they're little family wasn't able to attend due to the illness of Brian as well as baby Daniel, we were able to visit them after the majority of the family left, and we ended up bringing baby Daniel home with us...Get well bro, and baby Daniel.

Just a little about Dad. He's a caring, hardworking, and a LOVING guy I've been sooo blessed to have him as a father, and for him to work EXTREMELY hard for us kids growing up and til now. I couldn't ask for a better father because I have truly been blessed with the BEST! you would think that dad being retired he would just sit home and relax...NOPE your wrong dad still up and workin' Iate and still providing for us at home. We as his children are blessed to have him in our lives as well as the examples and teachings he's instilled in US his children as well as for his Grand Kids. Teti Malo ho'o ofa moe tokoni lahi oku ke fai ki mau tolu...Have a Happy Birthday dad and many more to come!!!

The Birthday BOY...LOVE YOU DAD!!
The YUMMY food
Dad & Some of the GRAND KIDS
Dad's B-Day Cake
Sinai, Me, Mom, Ailini
Sinai, Me, Ailini
Sinai & I the Pink Pathers LOL!!!

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  1. Awww sis please send Uncle my belated birthday wishes! Send him our love from all of us here in NZ! Much love sis xox