Monday, June 15, 2009

BLUE THUNDER...All-Star games

Mom and Gideon watching the game in the RAIN
Number one FANS...of BLUE THUNDER
Matching bags, helmets socks they looked sooo dang cute.
Isn't their uniform the cutest..polka dot socks, pink helmet and matching bags, slippers you name it they have it..
The ALL-STAR player...AILINI...

This past weekend mom and I went to Ailini's ALL-STAR game on friday 3/12/09 and saturday 3/13/09. Sinai was in california with her two older boys (Pitasoni & Nohe'a) visiting Lani as well as attending the Filimoe'atu family reunion. So mom and I was blessed to go and attend Ailini & Leia's all-star game, OMG can we talk about FUN, FUN, FUN, you can count on me going to the rest of the games, through the rain and all. Ailini played fantastic and so did Leia these two will be awesome when they get into high school. Sunday mom was really sick (probably from sitting in the rain on saturday). So she didn't go to church or shall I say we didn't go to church, cutest thing was watching the niece and nephews cater to grandma being sick, it truly does suck when mom is sick you can totally tell. I was achy and headache but had to get my bootay up and cook some food and clean around the house, thank goodness the kids are at the house they were totally a BIG help. Anyways enjoy the pic's and the video's plenty more to come I can guarentee you.


  1. they did play awesome!!! great job ladies!!!Go BLUE THUNDER!!!

  2. Man I love your family, and how supportive you all are to each other.. Great job Ailini on your softball game.. Love it