Monday, June 22, 2009

Man they grow up soo FAST!

Man I was flipping through my albums stored on my computer and came across a couple pic's of the triplets while they were still YOUNG. Man times sure flies by hella fast, I didn't see it coming that quick LOL. I still remember the day Silia got off the plane coming back home, after spending a year in Portland after she got married man, she was sooo dang diehard carrying the girls for the full 9 months man sis I TOTALLY give you props for hangin' in there ( I wanna be just like you when I have kids), you brought beautiful girls into this world and they are sooo blessed to have you in their life, and I as well am sooo BLESSED to be a part of their life. Thank you sooo much Silia for letting me be a part of their LIFE. My sister's are amazing mother's and can't wait to follow their footsteps one day. Just had to post these pic's man they were sooo cute and still are.
This is my baby girl Morena with tulips in her hair I remember when they picked these flowers they brought them to me then started screaming cause they looked inside the flower and thought it was scary, they were then afraid of the flowers LOL too funny, they then became afraid of the dogs, cats, and bugs LOL (I think that's the tokomololo in them) hahaha, but still to this day they are scared of Dogs. Anyways this post is for the little Diva's LOVE YOU GIRLS!!!


  1. how cute!! I miss those days!!!minimal talking lol less drama lol!! NOW another story! Yes u will be an amazin momma sis!!! thanks for all u do!!!

  2. Too cute... I remember when i found out she was having triplets I was amazed and they are soo cute!! I love these girls. Silia has done an amazing job with them. I Agree with Kalo... Silia is diehard. Fabulous example