Tuesday, June 30, 2009


June 27, 2009 (Saturday)..Ok after the ALL day & night softball games friday I was sooo beat, and so were the kids. Ailini, Brydan, and Gideon decided to come home with me again after the games and whatnot so they watched movies until they knocked out I have NO clue what time that was because I hella knocked out already. Anyways with it being Saturday and Lini's team being out of the tournament I decided that I was going to sleep in and saturday morning do nothing but clean.That I did do...I had come to appreciate my mom more. Especially with her being in Tonga for almost 3 weeks I had takin' the responsibility in the motherly role HOIIII is it TONS of work. So I had got the kids something to eat, started a load of laundry and then started scrubbing the bathroom, kitchen and even living room, OMG did I feel like I was working out like the heck, not only was I sweating but I started to feel the burn LOL yeah tell me about it, and it doesn't help that we don't have AC in our house all there more to sit still aye hahahaha. I got the house work done, fed the kids and finished up the laundry boy did I feel like once in my life I had a productive saturday LMBO. As I sat down and watched the kids I thought to myself oh my heavens no wonder mom's tired or worn out when I get off work, being a stay at home mom is a WORK itself..So to my sister's, aunties, young mom's and especially to MY MOM LOVE YOU SOOO MUCH THANK YOU EVER SOO MUCH FOR YOUR HARD WORK.

Ok so I told the kids that their mom was going to pick them up to go to the West Fest and this was more of a reason of them helping me out around the house, so that they can go to the carnival and I'd have to say these kids do an awesome job at helping out around the house more of a reason to keep the at my house, cause they are just so helpful. Anyways Sinai came around 5 p.m. and picked us up to go enjoy the heat and the sun LOL, for real though it was HOTT, I didn't want to go cause seriously cleaning and scrubbing really took a tole on my energy LOL. Well guess what the kids made me feel bad so I decided to go and have some fun. Boy it was good to just get out and about and to run into soo many of my old co-workers and friends was a plus. Well we didn't get out of the parking lot until like midnight by then the kids were already knocked out, we got home the kids crashed and we slept in yet another day. Yeah we didn't even make it to church and you know we're gonna get it when grandma gets back LOL. But here a couple of pic's that we took, if you wanna see more just hit up my bebo page.

Me, Brydan, Lini, Gideon
Brydan & Gideon
Beautiful Sister Sinai, & I
Sinai, Gideon, Lini, Brydan
Sela, Brian & Daniel watching the fireworks
Waiting for the fireworks to start
Me, & Baby Daniel, he was actually watching the fireworks!

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