Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Last night or shall I say this morning at midnight me and Nini, and Pitasoni, He'a, Brydan, Gideon went to watch TRANSFORMERS THE FALLEN. We got home from the gym at about 7:30 p.m. And I told them you guys better take a nap before we go and they all agreed that they would, funny thing is I can hear them in the living room watching T.V. and turning up the volume when a TRANSFORMERS commercial comes on, in my mind I'm thinkin' OMG these kids are going to sleep through the movie LOL. I knocked out for a couple of hours then I can hear the kids waking me up saying it's time it's time. HOIII what in the world did I get myself into hahaha, I guess Sinai walked in with the older two Soni, & He'a after the gym these two went home to shower and get ready like they was going to see someone there LOL, anyways I decide to get up and get ready and grabbed a couple of eggrolls that mom made and drank a cup of otai I know yeah what in the world I just got done working out hahahaha, all good just gotta work it off tonight with deena (ZUMBA). So we are getting ready to head out when Brydan says to me Aunty Kalo aren't you going to change (yeah this boy says the darnest things I tell yah) I said why I'm NOT going so see anyone there (yeah right I run into ward members from my singles ward LOL) plus I want to wear sweats and a t-shirt LOL.

Anyways so we get to hollywood connections and have like front row parking this was around 10 pm purchase our tickets, I ask soni aye where's the money from your mom he's like uhhh this is my money for my grades in my mind I'm like ok your mom said she gave you money, Io so I textd sinai and she's like uhhh can you tell him I'll pay him for his grades and use the money for the movies LOL, so that I did but I had already bought the tickets right, so I tell Soni uhhh you need to go and buy your brother's and sister some snacks cause that money is for the movies he's like OH! then he felt better when I said your mom will pay you for your grades later LOL.

Finally we get situated popcorn, drinks, and candy and I see Hola Mila he's like hey go stand in line with masi and them I'm like huh he's like they're all standing in line already, so I walk with the kids around the corner and Masi was like the 3rd person in line LOL thank goodness for him cause we were towards the front WOOHOO...anyways they don't let us in until after midnight which I didn't get, I guess that only happens in WV LOL, but yeah we watched the movie and it got out about 3 a.m. which it went by pretty quick, the kids enjoyed it and I did as well, some parts they could've did without but other then that I enjoyed it...Thanks Sinai for allowing us to go I LOVE MY NIECES & NEPHEWS!!

Optimus Prime, Brydan, Gideon, Ailini, Bumble Bee
Brydan with his poor eye, Gideon, Ailini, Diehard TRANSFORMER FANS This was some of the people waiting in line there was TONS more later on this was @ 10 pm
The KIDS waiting patiently for them to start SEATING, to them it was the LONGEST wait EVER LOL!!!


  1. How fun!! Your the best Aunty I'm supposed to be taking Weylin today before he heads out on the camping trip...we

  2. Thanks sis! You seriously are the best aunt! Thanks for taking them. I know they enjoyed. So laughing at my two boys for getting dressed. Who knows, they probably texted their friends and told them they were going. But yeah, Soni is definitely the winner. I don't know why he thought it was for his grades when I clearly told him, use this to buy your tickets (meaning all of them) and something to eat. I still haven't talked to him about that, but will tonight. Love you tons sis!

  3. Thanks Ame, and Sinai. I hope I'm the kids FAVOR LOL!!! Love 'em tooo much.

  4. What aunty would take 5 kids to a midnight movie? NOT ME! Totally the best Aunty Morena!! We're planning to see this movie on Saturday..peeps at work tell me the first scene is a bit sleezy...YIKES!! Why they gotta do that to the TRANSFORMER movie? They know lil' kids are gonna be watchin!! So I think I'll be walkin' in to our movie about 10 minutes late...LOL!!

  5. Wow how much fun of an aunt are you.. Can you please give Lelu some pointers.. LOL.. Love it..